Mysterious Roommate

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“Kara! I have decided something. Promise me that you will grant it to me no matter what and will not ask any further questions and argue with me to change my decision.....”

I saw that coming. I know that he will tell me to give Azrail his remaining life energy to save him and find that bastard who made our situation like this but I cannot accept it because if I will then he will disappear and there are low chances for him to be reborn.

“Kara! Promise me, please!”

I think I don’t have any other choice but I don, t want to lose him. If I will grant him his wish then he will disappear!

He knows it for sure because a spirit knows the basics and sometimes more than basic. I need to think of something!

" Kara, time is running out!”

“Okay fine! I promise.”

I have to! It is my duty as the stone barer even if it is against my wish!

“Okay, then my wish is to give my remaining life energy to Azrail. Enough to save his life!”

I can feel my eyes are filled with warm water. This is not the first time I feel this way. Although I don’t remember the last time cried. It must be on the day my parents died. The vision becomes blurred because of the so-called tears. I can cr not this moment when it is the probably the last time I am seeing Allen.

Why is my head so quiet now? Why is it not saying anything?

Is there no way I can save him?

Anything I can do to at least let him have a new life?

I surely don’t dare to say ‘wish granted’.

Azrail needs me so does Allen. It is the toughest choice from the time I can remember.

This stone now has the power 9f both and I wish I knew more about them.

“Kara! Hurry!”

“Wish... Granted!” I didn’t want to.

The stone started to shine again. The magical golden aura appeared but this time even the magical aura cannot make me happy. The pain of losing someone, I know it well.

From my childhood, I first lost my parents mysteriously then I had to go away from everyone and now I am losing a precious friend.

A life for a life! Now I can understand this statement.

After encountering this new world I was happy to have friends but now I am losing everything again.

‘You are cursed!’ ′ That girl is cursed stay away!′ ‘Freak!’

These all voices started to be heard.

Not now! With these voices, I cannot concentrate.

Allen was smiling but I was filled with tears.

His smile was the most painful!

I wish I can see him as a human and meet him. That is my only wish!

I have never received love but with them, I have a family but this is also shattering into pieces.

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