Mysterious Roommate

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Allen disappeared!

The golden dust of pure soul was left. The stone was still shiny and the red color started to slowly disappear.

Is the stone recovering itself in him again?

What if he asks me about Allen? I am sure he will be sad just like me. He was the only friend we had. Our first friend!

Azrail’s pulse turned back to normal. He will be healed once the stone goes back into his body.

Does this mean if his stone is with me and he wakes up then I am in danger?

I remember he told me that this stone suppresses his hunger but if this is with me then he is now like everyone else?

I cannot let this happen! I hope he doesn’t wake up.

Someone knocked at the door and the stone stopped shinning.

Who could it be? No one comes here. This is the first time someone has knocked at the door. The only ghost is the ones who knock but they can come inside the house without permission.

I went to check and saw through the hole. It is my aunt!

How did she find out my address?

She cannot see Azrail!

What if the stone starts glowing again? I have to do something.

I cannot remove the stone. I locked Azrail’s room and opened the door for my aunt.

“Aunt! Why are you here?” I asked with a bit of hesitation.

“Are you not happy to see me after a long time!” She replied.

“I am......Come in.”

I escorted her to the couch and offered her water.

“Why did you left your old place?” She asked and placed the glass filled with water on the side table.

“It.... was not comfortable,” I replied. I don’t know how to tell her about my situation. She does know that I have a weird curse. She was the only one who supported me. She was the one who found me a place with fewer people in the neighborhood but the alley was so dark and terrifying that I can easily hurt people.

She is a confident and kind woman in her mid-forties. If you don’t know her age you will be amazed to see a beautiful woman with black long straight hair, a perfectly fair face, and beautiful honey eyes.

She was a singer and now she gives classes to new trainees in entertainment companies. The jobs that I received were all from her recommendations.

I cannot let her know that I live with a man which now shirtless lying on the bed.

She scanned the house and me.

“A normal cozy house! You sure like your mother’s taste.”

Wait she mentioned my mom!

Since that accident, this is the first time she has mentioned my mom. I don’t know anything about my parents. What do they look like and what were their jobs, nothing!

I guess now she thinks I am ready to know about them. I want to know more about my parents.


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