Mysterious Roommate

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“Your mom also liked these kinds of things. A normal plane house” she said while she remembers the old times.

“Aunt, I want to tell you something!”

I think I need to tell her about the stone and the mess we are dealing with. She has always supported me even when I had that curse.

“Go ahead! I also have to tell you something! Very Important!”

‘Very Important’ I guess my things can wait. What if she gives me a clue about all these things or is going to finally tell me about my parents.

“You go first! My things can wait.” I said.

“You sure?”


“Okay then! I guess you already have the idea that I am going to talk to you about your parents. They..... They didn’t die from an accident”

Did she just say ’not from an accident?

“Yes! We lied to you. You suffered from amnesia so we made up the story because we were worried about you but who knew that your mother gave you the stone and saved your life!”

“Wait! You know about the stone?”

“Uhm...Yes! I do! Our father saved someone’s life and we got the stone as a gift. The stone posses life energy so you must be dying and your mom saved you. You know the stone?”

I took the cloth off my neck and showed her the stone.

It again started to glow but still had a red color.

“That’s not the stone.....It’s different!” She was shocked when she saw the stone.

“That’s what I wanted to tell you!” The stone was still shining.

“Why is it shining and has red color?”

“There are two stones and this is one of them. Both of the stones are connected and are the energy source for other.”

“Wait! There are two of them!”


“So who has the another?”

“Follow me”

She followed me upstairs to Azrail’s room.

Now she has to tell everything to me and Azrail and I guess we can know about the Hat Man.

She was shocked to see Azrail in that condition.

“What happened to Azrail?”

“He... Wait! I never told you his name!”

Did she know him?

“You know him?” I asked.

“Yes! He was part of the experiment... I mean the project!”


What is going on?

It has become more complicated!

“What project?”

We went back into the living room and I again covered the stone with the cloth.

“Your mother and father were a scientist and the person they saved was working on a project about a virus. Your parents were interested in the project so they joined him. The person they saved was Azrail’s grandfather. You and Azrail were left under my care. You both used to play together all day. One day you both sneaked in the lab and Azaril mistakenly took a shot of the virus. It was still developing but when Azrail injected it in him the Virus was complete but he was very dangerous so they separated you from him. His thirst increased so they gave him the red color stone to suppress it but it caused an explosion your parents and his grandfather died on the spot. We found your body in the lab but you were still breathing and Azrail was missing. WE bought you back and Admitted you to the hospital and you woke up after two years and suffered from amnesia and didn’t remember a thing from the past.”

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