Mysterious Roommate

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Did she say EXPLOSION?

What the heck is happening? Where did Azrail disappear to? I knew him but forgot about him? So, it means that he must remember me.

“I thought that your mother took the stone from Azrail and gave it to you but instead she gave you the one they got from his grandfather!” She continued.

Her voice became low word by word. It must have been painful for her to lose her brother and sister-in-law and then support me. Her eyes, filled with tears but she held them back.

The connection between me and Azrail was long back broken but why is he back? Did he find a way to cure him?

“Aunt, what happened then?”

“We searched for him but were not able to find him. We thought he died and closed the case because there was nobody.” She said.

“We were worried. You were not waking up but one day we got a call from the hospital with the good news. We were so happy and immediately went to the hospital to see you. Then I guess I saw something. I didn’t want to believe it at first but I am sure that I saw Azrail that day. ”

A boy around my age, in the hospital. It won’t be that boy I saw.

" Aunt, was he wearing a black suit and holding flowers? ”

" How do you know about that? ” she wondered and look at me with big eyes.

So, I did woke up because of the power of the stone. While talking to her, Azrail came out of the room, dressed up.

“Azrail, why are you here? Go back and rest.” I held his hand and insisted on him going back.

“I am fine now.” He said.

“If I am close to you then I can heal faster.” He continued.

I helped him to sit on the couch beside me. The atmosphere felt a bit awkward.

“This is my aunt.”

“I know. Long time no see.” he was looking to her in her eyes. The atmosphere became tense and full of silence.

The call on my phone broke the silence. It was Sara.

“Azrail, we need to go to the café,” I said after talking to Sara.

“Okay! I will change my clothes.”

After this Azrail went to his room and my aunt left. We decided to go in his car.

While we were in the car, he asked, “Did you noticed?”

“Look back” he continued.

I looked back and there was a car following us since we left. Azrail speeded up to reach early.

“Why did Sara call?” he asked.

" She said there is an emergency and to come now. ” I said.

After we reached the café she was already waiting for us in the office.

She was looking at us and was scared. I can see it in her eyes.

" It’s Sean! I am... Sorry. ” she said and kneeled.

We were both confused.

" Sean is the Hat Man.” she continued.

“When I was going through his stuff I saw, the hat and cloak.” she was almost in tears. She stood up and kept on apologizing.

“It’s okay! It is not you but your brother.” I said and tried to comfort her.

She handed us a letter.

“This is the address where he is now,” she said.

We decided to leave immediately.

“And another thing don’t push yourself too much. It’s not your fault.” I said and left with Azrail.

It was a warehouse. An old and empty one. It kind of looks familiar.

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