Mysterious Roommate

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We came across an old and empty warehouse. The warehouse gave a familiar vibe. Is this the same warehouse where Azrail was locked? Or am I wrong?

We decided to go in together. When we were about to enter the warehouse, we heard a loud thud from inside and a scream from a woman.

Who is it? It cannot be Sara! Then who?

This is the first thing that crossed my mind.

“It’s your aunt,” Azrail said and smirked.

I still don’t know why he smiled at the end. I ignored it for the moment and was only worried about my aunt.

When I was going to rush inside he stopped me. “But... My aunt!” I said worriedly.

“If they have your aunt they must have planned it.”

He is right. I should not panic and think calmly. Many spirits were moving here and there but did not dare to enter the warehouse. There must be a reason for it.

Azrail told me that he will make himself the bait and I should sneak from the back and first save my aunt.

We agreed to follow his plan and save her first. My aunt is now everything, she is the only one who supports me and believes in me and I cannot afford to lose her after Allen.

He opened and door and transmitted me the messages. He said, “I can only see your aunt at the end. She is blindfolded and is tied with a rocking chair. I am moving towards him...”

“Azrail! What next? Are you there? Is everything alright?” I transmitted the messages as his messages stopped in the middle. I cannot wait any longer and I cannot afford to lose three people precious to me on the same day! I decide to proceed from the back as we planned.

The door was locked, so I tried to open it from my powers and it worked. I slowly opened the door and took a peek inside. The situation was the same, I could only see my aunt and no one else but she was in the center and not on the end.

I decided to move in slow and at a steady pace. While moving I heard footsteps approaching me from the back. I didn’t look back and waited for the right moment. The footsteps became more clear and felt more close and when they were right behind, I turned back and saw Sean standing behind me with an iron rod in his hand. The iron rod had some blood on it which explains the whole scenario.

I tried to dodge the first hit and ran towards my aunt to untie her but I still got hit and fainted on the spot.

“Get up! Hey!”

Who is it?


Azrail, is that you?

I tried to open my eyes and saw a shadow standing in front of me. My head was still in pain because of that hit.

“Is she dead?”

I heard a man’s voice. The voice is the same as Sean’s.

“Nah, she won’t die.”

A woman? But why is the voice so familiar.

I tried hard to open my eyes and see the faces of those people but they blindfolded me as soon as I opened my eyes. I could feel that they are taking me somewhere and I am tied with someone else.

" Azrail, is that you?” I whispered.

There was no answer. I shook a bit and tried to wake him up and repeated my question.

This time he coughed a bit and asked, “Are you fine?”

“Yes.” we were whispering to each other.

“My aunt...”

“Don’t worry about her. She will be fine.” he consoled me.

“There is one woman and Sean. I heard them talking to each other.” I informed him.

“I think they didn’t use your aunt as bait but...” he was about to say something and we heard the door opening and heard footsteps. The footsteps felt like a woman because of the tapping sound of the heel.

“So, you guys are awake!” the woman said.

“What do you want, Marisa?” Azrail said.

Wait! Marisa!

“You punk, I am twice your age.” the woman said.

Marisa is my...

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