Mysterious Roommate

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He left a note on the fridge saying that he will come back late at night. I saw it as a good chance to enter his room. When I reached his door, the spirits were standing in a queue as if they were waiting for this moment. I reached my hand to the doorknob and turned it to the right to open the door. The spirits were standing behind me staring while I open the door. I could feel that the atmosphere was filled with the strange feeling of hope. I opened the door and saw nothing but only darkness filled the room.

The moment I entered the room, the mist of darkness started to become denser. The room was as cold as death. My curse started to make my body warmer like, it was protecting me from the cold. I turned back to see the spirits as before, they were not able to enter the room. They were all still standing in a perfect queue like they were waiting for their turn. I could see that there were six of them in total and increasing. I tried to find the switch but couldn’t.

I walked further into the room and reached near the window. I could feel the soft cotton fabric of the curtains. As I walked in alignment with the wall, I bumped into a table. The table felt like it was made of steel, long and cold, perfect to lay down. Alongside the table, there were some tools but because of the mist, nothing was clear. Walking in his room felt like I was walking with my eyes closed.

While walking around I didn’t bump into bed. I called Eleven, as I was not able to see clearly. When I called his name, the spirits paved the way for him. Now he was able to enter his room. Since I moved into this new house he always wanted to go inside his room. As he walked in, I heard the voice of a child, I was not able to predict the direction of the sound as the voice was echoing in that empty room.

The child’s voice told me that he wishes to leave when I want him to leave me. I was terrified with the voice so I shouted, “SHOW YOURSELF.”

An unidentified light started to appear, that came from Eleven. the voice politely asked me, ”Can you see me now?" The voice of the child was the inner voice of Eleven. It died as a puppy so his inner voice is still a child.

I was shaken, was not able to think clearly. I was trying to pull myself back together, but the more I think about Eleven, the more unrealistic it felt. How can I hear his inner voice in my mysterious roommate’s room?

It was the first time that I felt scared in front of Eleven. The light from him made his surroundings clear. But even by his light, only black color was visible. The color of the walls in his room was black so does the color of curtains. That is the reason when I entered the room it was filled with dark mist.

I asked Eleven that how was he able to speak?

Eleven explained, “I always wanted to enter this room because the people standing outside told me that he has answers to my questions. But I don’t know the reason, why you can enter this room or hear my voice.”

Eleven itself sounded confused. He was also trying to figure it out. I continued, “What do you mean by your wish?”

“The one first in the line told me to tell my wish to you and then you will grant my wish”, he continued.

“Uhm! Okay. Wish.... granted!” I told in a low but audible voice. As I completed my sentence the black aura of the curse started to turn into blue and yellow flame and formed a unique necklace around my neck. Then the flames of my aura started to calm down and there was again darkness in the room. Everything happened in a blink of an eye but the aura formed was mesmerizing.

In my lifetime, I have always injured people around me but it was the first time that someone wished something from me. While thinking about the past and the mysterious aura I forgot the time, it was almost the time for him to come back.

I picked up Eleven and rushed out of his room, panicking, and entered my room, locking myself inside. I was not able to sleep for the whole night, thinking about last night and the necklace around my neck.

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