Mysterious Roommate

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Marisa is my...

“Yes, my sweetie! It’s me,” she said and removed my blindfold. It was a dark room just like the room where Azrail was trapped before.

“Aunt... You...” I stammered. I don’t know what to say. The person I trusted the most is the one who tried to hurt me!

“Oh, my dear! It will be over soon. I just want something from you.” she said playfully.

“What do you want!” Asrail said coldly.

“Oh! Look at that attitude. You little shit, did you think that explosion was because of some failures or loose wires?”

Wait! I cannot take it... I don’t know what to say. I have many questions but I don’t know how to confront her.

“No! I did it on purpose to get it.”

“What... What do you want?” I said and tears started to flow from my eyes.

“Oh! Look at you, hon. I just want that itsy-bitsy shiny thingy that both of you have.” she said and wiped off my tears.

She means the stones!

“Why do you want them?” I asked.

“Hon, you thought I was florist? No! I was a scientist working with your mom and dad and his grandpa but that old man removed me from the project because I had more great ideas.”

“Great idea! Sure, you mean ideas which might have taken my life!” Azrail said. He was still blindfolded.

“But it didn’t!” she said.

“You think you two can defeat us? We are more powerful than you!” I said.

“Oh! You thought we are two?” she laughed at me and kept laughing like a psycho.

“Sean, bring them in,” she said and kept laughing.

Sean bought a team of scientists and many armed men. She is ready for it but she doesn’t know anything about us.

“You ready?” I transmitted to Azrail.

“I am!” he answered.


“Wait! I will call everyone from the café to help us and they will come after an hour. We have to stall them till that time.” he said.

“But why for an hour?” I asked.

“Because their effect is almost going to end. So I will use myself as bait and go to distract them....”


Azrail sent a single through his powers and all the staff members from the café surrounded the warehouse. We both untied each other with the help of a ghost.

My aunt or Marisa stopped laughing as soon as she realized the situation.

" You... You both!” she shouted and was lost in her words.

Everyone started to enter the warehouse and attacked the armed men and scientists. Only Sara didn’t come because of Sean. I, as promised to Sara protected Sean without letting him know.

Marisa was pissed off and saw her plan falling. The warehouse was a hassle. The vampire staff took almost everyone.

“Okay! I will complete it now!” Marisa shouted and shot Azrail to make the stone appear and take it from him and me. As soon as she shot him, two of the Vampires jumped on her. She struggled for life but in the end, her blood was sucked by them. Everyone from their side was dead except for a scientist and Sean.

I calmed everyone down and went to check up on Azrail. He was shot in his chest. My tears won’t stop flowing. He was bleeding too much. We don’t have much time.

“There is only one way.” the scientist guy said.

“How?” I asked.

“Give him your energy. His energy was already low and he has already used all of his energy. A life for a life.” He said and was taken away.

That’s right. Allen did the same thing.

So this is it.

I started to focus my energy to transfer and then Sara appeared.

" Take my energy! Please.“She said. Her eyes were filled.

" No, I have to do it! “I said and continued to focus.

’m a few moments I gave all of my energy to him.

My stone started to fade and Azrail stone had two colors now.

" I don’t have much time. ” I said.

Sara hugged me tightly.

" You were like my sister! “She said and started to cry.

I patted her back and looked back at Azrail.

" Thank you! “I whispered in his ears and turned into foams and disappeared.

Looking back, I don’t regret my choice.

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