Mysterious Roommate

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After words (Kara)

I always wanted to have a fantasy like life. Some uos and downs with happy ending. I got one but I forgot one thing that every story doesn not end with a happy ending.
He was the one who gave me beautiful story, some unforgettable moments.
In the last moments of my life, I remembered our childhood. You promised to protect me.
I wanted to do the same thing for you and made my choice. I don't regret it. I will never.
We saved many people and gave them a new life.
Our story is like the story of the little mermaid
She came to land to find her love. She found one and lived those days with joy and happiness but she always knew that one day she has to disappear. At the end, to save her love she turned into foam just like me.
You were my family and I hope I can find you in my next life and confess you my feelings.
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