Mysterious Roommate

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After words (Azrail)

I always wanted to protect you. Though my childhood memories are incomplete my body never forgot the feeling. The feeling to be with you, to protect you, and to see you smile.

I once remembered our promise. I am sorry that I was not able to fulfill it. You once told me when we were kids that you want a prince and have a fantasy-like life. I tried to become your prince and give you what you wanted the most but I knew that I am not a prince and might not be able to make it right.

After meeting you again, I always remembered our moments together and cherished them but who knew it will end so soon.

I did give you a fantasy but it was not similar to Cinderella or Snow White but was like the story you hated the most. The mermaid finally turned into foam.

Even I hated that story but now I understand the real meaning of it.

If we truly love someone, we can give up everything for them.

I never told you that ’I love you but you knew all long and I ft that you feel the same as me.

I hope that we can meet each other in our next life and I can fulfill your dream of fantasy with a happy ending.

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