Mysterious Roommate

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The next day, he was waiting for me at the dining table. It was my first having breakfast with someone after I woke up from coma. He had already laid two plates on the table. The aroma of pancakes and coffee filled the room. I rushed to the table quietly and sat opposite him.

He was staring at me the whole time. His green eyes scanning me, holding a knife in one hand and fork another. I was in my normal morning attire because usually I prefer to eat alone. His look was becoming scary like he was ready to pick a fight with me. I mustered up my courage and asked him, “Do you have something to say?”

He was still sitting silently. I finished my breakfast as fast as I could. He hasn’t said a word since I moved into this new house. Even, it was my first time to see him this close. As soon as I finished my breakfast, I cleaned the dishes and the table of my side. He still hasn’t started eating. I asked him, “Do you need me to heat it for you?”

He was still staring at me and after a second he nodded. It was the first time he responded to me.

While taking his plate, he caught my hand. His hand was too cold than the normal body temperature. My heart started beating rapidly, I was afraid that it would trigger my curse. Thankfully now I know to control it a bit.

“Let go of my hand!“, I exclaimed.

He pulled me closer to him, his eyes were too beautiful for an average person. When he pulled me close, I muttered to myself, ′Too close!’. With these looks, he can become a great actor or a model.

“You think too loud.“, he said.

He let my hand go and went back to his room. I was still standing there not moving an inch with the plate in my hand. His voice was as sweet as honey, perfect material for inspiration. I packed the pancakes and placed them in the fridge and left a note informing him about the pancakes and left the house to take a walk.

The cold morning breeze felt different today. It had a feeling that satisfied me. It made me think that there are things that can be possible if we try. I don’t know why all these thoughts were there in my mind but I was happy to have breakfast with someone after a long time.

Now, this was an everyday event, he would wait for me at the dining table with an exotic breakfast and stare at me while I have my breakfast. After a week he started to prepare lunch for me and even told me that he is going out, not with the notes but with his mouth.

He started to become more strange than ever. I liked it at first, when he was unapproachable and hardly seen but now it’s too much. He was himself not following his condition. But I was too coward to ask him directly, so I decided to leave him a note.

I wrote to him:

‘Hi! I have not introduced myself properly to you. My name is Kara Martin and I am twenty-one. I wanted to tell you that, you have been acting weird for the past few days. it’s going to be almost two months since we started to live together, by together I don’t mean that together. Well, you told me in that comment that you don’t want to be bothered by your roommate and I replied that my condition is the same but now you are not following it. If you have something to say then speak up, it’s not like I will sue you if you speak to me but you staring at me is bothering me. So, if you have something to say please say to me tomorrow morning.’

At night, I left the note on the fridge like usual and went back to my waiting for the next morning that could make me see a new side of this world full of mysteries. Well, it’s just my wild thinking but I am eagerly waiting for the next morning, I am sure that he will read the note but not sure if he will speak to me or not...

The next morning, I woke up an hour early and this time, I waited for him at the dining table. At the usual time, he showed up, sat at the same place, in the usual black outfit, the air conditioner at twenty, the same exotic breakfast but the only thing different was his question; which struck me like lightning.

"Where is Eleven?"

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