Mysterious Roommate

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He knows about him but how? Who is he? Why my curse does not work on him? There were a lot of questions in my mind and only he was the one who can answer all these for me.

“Who Eleven?“, but was still scared to admit it.

“Come on! Don’t play the guessing game with me. That necklace, where did you get it from?“, he questioned frankly.

“Giftshop!!“, I replied.

“Do you know the meaning of that stone in the necklace? Even if you free Eleven it will still be around your neck. It contains the power those are far beyond your imagination.“, he said.

Now is the time when I need to show courage and get all the answers.

“Well then, to tell you the truth I went into your room a week ago. Some strange noises were coming from your room when you were not at home; so I decided to go in and check. That is the place from where I got this necklace. As for Eleven, it has stayed with me for three years. When I turned eighteen, I can see the spirits of the dead animal. Now my part is completed, it’s your turn to explain yourself!“, I explained myself confidently.

“Okay then! Let me start by introducing myself; Azrael Milers, I’m twenty-two. I can also see spirits but there is a reason for it. When I was nine, I suffered from VBT-01; it’s an unknown virus. It makes the body go through several unexpected changes. It makes your skin pale and grows thirst for blood; in conclusion, it makes you a vampire. After that, I started to suck the blood of animals and sometimes the people around me, to the extend that they may die. My parents were afraid of losing me, so they used our family treasure to cure me. We had two ancient stones which are said to cure any kind of disease. But one of the stones was gifted by my grandfather, to his savior. So, it only cured my thirst for blood and after two years it gave me the ability to see ghosts.”

He continued explaining, the only odd thing was his timing. The time I went in comma and his VBT-01 are in the same year, even in the year which I woke up and his ability is also in the same year.

He continued, “So, now I am a vampire, who has no desire to drink blood. In the last two years, I found people who suffered from the same virus. So, I give them some of my power to suppress their thirst. The stone is very powerful, but providing a part of my energy to many at the same time will hurt me the most, so, I give them power which lasts a month, and exactly after a month, they have to come back to me. So, if you have any questions, you can ask!”

At first, I did not believe in his explanation, so, to check I did something stupid. I drew off the curtains and let the sunlight in. As soon as the sunlight touched his bare skin, it started to burn, I then believed it and again let the curtains down.

“This will take a little more time to heal! Come here, close to me.“, he said.

I thought that he is going to punish me so; I did not dare to move. He stood up and started to walk towards me, he came close and pressed me against the wall when tried to walk away. His hand slowly reaching towards my face, his burnt face looked scary and his hand coming close made my heart flutter. I tightly closed my eyes.

I have never experienced anything like this. I never cared about these things because my curse will be triggered when my heartbeat increases but it does not affect him. I could feel his hand slowly approaching me.

I was as scared as a young mouse met the cat for the first time. Till now, I always felt like I was the cat but in front of him I the young mouse.

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