Mysterious Roommate

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I pushed him and tried to run into my room. When I turned towards the stairs, he appeared in front of me, as he teleported. He caught me and told me, “Stand where you are and do not move!”

As he commanded, I didn’t move an inch. He touched my stone in the necklace, and a light appeared and healed his half-burnt face. I was terrified, clenching my fist with nervousness. It doesn’t make any sense. He walked past me and sat on the dining table and continued to have his breakfast.

I sat in the dining and started to wonder about the power that this stone posses. While I was in the middle of my thoughts, Azrail said, “I told you, the powers of the stone are beyond your imagination.” Now I was more curious about the stone hanging around my neck.

So, I decided to interrogate the stone.

“Why is this stone with me and why can I not remove it?”

“It is because this stone is attached with you. I suspect that this stone is the source of your powers.”

His words were out of my level of understanding.

“English please!”, I replied.

“To keep it simple, if you take it off you will die, same as me if I use too much of my powers then the stone will no longer support me and I will again become that cold-blooded vampire-like when I was a kid.“, he explained after gulping the food in his mouth.

“But why is this necklace providing me the power to live?“, I continued asking.

“You might have died long back but you consumed this stone when you were about to die, so if you will take it off now then the powers of the stone inside you will soon disappear.”

“But why can I not see your stone? You said that I consumed it but I have never seen this stone ever in my lifetime.”

“This the second stone I was talking about the one gifted to my grandpa’s savior. You must be his granddaughter so that is why you have this stone. There must be a time when you were about to die and you were suddenly well with some powers.”

“Powers! Ha! I would say curse!!!”

“That stone’s job is to protect you from everything that can make you feel uneasy. It is not a curse. For me, I have finally found my second part, I mean the stones second part. If I am near the stone then my powers increase. That is the reason when I was at my lowest point of powers, it would automatically be charged in seconds because you had the stone in you, and when you entered my room you completed your first task as the bearer that is the reason the stone is visible. As for me, I don’t know my tasks, so you cannot see the stone. ”

His explanation seemed true, so to test it I started to think about all the things which make me feel uneasy or uncomfortable. The black aura of my curse ‘powers’ appeared but it suddenly changed into that magical colored aura, which I had seen earlier in his room and the same aura was visible from him. I calmed myself after seeing everything from my eyes. He seemed more energetic now than before.

“Well.... should I say ’Thank You for giving me some more powers?” he asked.

“No, it’s okay I was just testing that what you said was true or not?”

“Do you always need proof? First, you half-burnt my face, and now..... But thank God that this time it was something that benefited me.” he answered frankly.

He turned the serious atmosphere into normal by only saying one line. ′Why is Azrail so good at teasing people?′ I said to myself.

“I was not teasing you, I was only stating the facts.” he said.

‘Did he heard it but how? I said it to myself. Is there something that he...’

While thinking someone knocked on the door breaking my thoughts. I was wondering who would come so early in the morning.

Azrail went to open the door and...

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