Mysterious Roommate

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‘Her vitals are dropping. We need to perform another surgery. The brain is not res.....’


I can smell disinfectant from the surroundings. The white color walls, a monitor showing a zig-zag line with some numbers at the corner, something stuck on me which follows a dropper at the end and a boy outside the room, standing; watching me.

Wearing black color clothes, which everyone wears at someone’s funeral, looking sad. Pale skin, red hair with lilies in his hands. I was not able to see him. He left the lily’s on the door and disappeared.

From that day, every morning there were lilies on my door. It was the only cheerful thing that happened to me since I woke up. Holding those flowers always made me feel different. They felt unique than usual lilies. Then I started to change my houses and the lily’s also started to disappear from my door. The lilies gave me confidence and a reason to live and find out that small boy. I can still remember, his sad face and red hair with pale skin.

When I used to go to flower shops to buy lilies, they didn’t have the same unique experience. I hope that I had a choice not to move again and again but because of my curse, I need to change houses.

I don’t know why but I think that HE is the one who always sends me flowers with a card in written motivational messages. The messages always gave me an idea for my new song. Because of that small boy, I am a known songwriter.

Slowly his memories also started to disappear. As I grew up, I had deadlines to submit my songs, I have to earn a living to find the identity of that boy and thank him for flowers and giving me motivation and confidence to live my life with this curse. But I don’t know whether I can again meet him or not. I wish that our fate can make us cross paths again.


’That man looks a bit familiar. That red hair and pale skin, they are oddly familiar. Where have I seen him? I guess the red hair is in the trend that is the reason he looks like an idol or something.′

WHILE AZRAIL....‘Thank god she didn’t find it out. I need to be more careful. It is not the perfect time to tell her that.’

‘She needs to know her identity. She is the one. It is because of her.’

“Hi everyone! Today I will give you more energy so stand in a line.“, I commanded the staff of my café ′Malkavian′.

I run a café where all the staff members are the victims of VBT-01. It is easy for me to give everyone the power to suppress their hunger when they are all in one place. It is also an advantage for them as they can earn money at the same time.

After giving everyone the energy, I sat down at the table And ordered myself a coffee. A white color shirt was lingering around me.

“Stop it! You are making me dizzy.“, I said.

A person appeared in the white shirt, that’s my friend Allen, who died a few months back because of me. I still feel pity for him and his family. I gave too much of my energy to my staff and he was around me at that time, I unconsciously sucked his blood.

But he never feels bad because I can still see him. He knew about my virus but was willing to become my friend. I tried to push him away from me but he always said that I have cool powers so he is willing to befriend me. I also warned him that if he is by my side then there are chances for him to die early. But he was never afraid of death only after he died I knew that he had third-stage blood cancer and only had few months.

“What do you want now? Do you again want to haunt one of my costumer for fun then listen it is the closing time so go play with your ghost mates. Don’t disturb my staff they cannot see you.“, I said while drinking my hot coffee.

“Hey! I am dead now. Please act a little soft towards me.“, he said in his mocking tone while floating in the air.

I bowed down and said, “Okay, Your MAJESTY! What can I do for you?”

“That’s my boy! Answer a few questions for me.“, he said after taking a seat in front with his legs fold.

“Shoot!“, I said.

“Did you find her??”

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