Mysterious Roommate

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“I think I have but I need to make sure.“, I replied.

“Tell me when you find her I want to pay her a visit and introduce myself.“, he said proudly.

“Yes! Your MAJESTY.”

Later when I went back home I heard someone running upstairs and slamming the door. I went up to take a look. One of the ghosts standing outside told me that the Bearer have come and accomplished her first mission. She granted a spirit the wish and then ran away.

I have locked some of the powers in my room, so if my roommate is the Bearer then the stone must be visible on her. I need to confirm if I am correct or wrong.

The next day I stayed and made breakfast for her. She came down wearing her casual clothes, golden color long hair, honeycomb eyes, and a skinny body with a necklace around her neck.

She came and sat in front of me. I needed to make sure that the stone is still with her and she had completed her first task. A yellow color stone was visible around her neck. I was sure now that because of her I was more powerful and was able to give more powers.

I have been searching for her but since she started to change houses it was difficult to follow the powers of the stone. The lily was the source through which I was able to track her from time to time.

Then I started to show up every day in front of her so that I can tell her the truth. I started with preparing breakfast for her and then lunch.

After a week she sat in front of me and complained to me about breaking off the rules and she is feeling uncomfortable with it.

Now is the time when I need to tell her everything but I need to choose my words wisely. I think it might be okay if I not tell her about the flowers or otherwise she might look at me like I am a stalker.

When I told her about VBT-01 she was startled and then she turned up the curtains. ‘Why is she trying to mess with me!!’, I thought to myself.

I calmed myself down, and stated the facts, “It will take more time to heal..”

But I know a method by which it can be healed instantly. If I touch the second stone, then it will heal every injury on me.

I stood up and started to walk towards her. She looked a bit scared and tried to run away, I caught her hand and made her stand against the wall.

But she pushed me and tried to go into her room. I have many powers because of the stone so I teleported with the help of my powers. It takes a lot of energy but if I will touch the stone then I can regain them faster.

After curing myself I again sat on the table and suddenly someone knocked on the door. It was too early but I guess I know who is at the door.

I went towards the door and...

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