Mysterious Roommate

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He went towards the door and locked it. I was shocked. I went there and he commanded me not to open the door. Since he entered my life everything seems messed up and he is the only one who knows more about my so-called ′powers’. So, I decided to listen to him and trust him. I know that it is too early for me to trust him but I don’t know, I have a feeling that I know him for a long time and after knowing his identity I feel more comfortable around him. I guess this is because I have found someone like me and know that I am not alone who is suffering from pains in life.

He said loudly, “Come on! A mere door is preventing YOU from entering a peasants’ house.!!“. It seemed like he was teasing someone. Then I noticed that he was holding my hand the whole time. But when did he grabbed it? Why didn’t I notice it?? He is so mysterious or I am not fully awake...

I told Azrail to let go of my hand. He replied that this thing will only take a while so I should co-operate with him. I asked, “Who is on the door? “. He shushed me.

Then to my surprise, something was floating outside the window. I told Azrail that something is outside. It looked like a white shirt. He let my hand go and said to the floating shirt, “Okay! Time’s up.....! Show over. ”

“Fine but be polite and introduce me!!! “, a man appeared from the floating white shirt. He looked the same age as us. I was wondering that life is not only cruel to me but to everyone, he died at a young age and is still cheerful.

“This is my friend Allen, he knew about my virus when he was alive.”

“But how did he died?? ”

" Uhm! That’s a long story... “, he replied sadly.

" He sucked my blood..!!“, Allen said.

He told me the whole story about him and Azrail. Their friendship is still normal even after Azrail accidentally killed him. I have never had a friend like Allen so I don’t know what it feels like to have a true friend.

" You missed the important point, you didn’t tell her about your cancer!!!“, Azrail said.

" Oh! I forgot about it. I was going to die even if he didn’t suck my blood but I feel good that I can still talk to him and now I have someone who can fulfill my wish but I won’t tell my wish now. When it’s the right time I will tell you.“, Allen said with a sense of warmness.

" But why are you telling this to me? “, I wondered.

" This is one of your powers...!!“, Azrail exclaimed.

Allen was floating here and there and then said.,” Wow! Now you live in a normal house. A pretty good furnished house which has colors other than black and white. And a TV, seriously a TV. You never had a TV, you know what Kara he didn’t know anything when I first met him. He used to lock himself inside and never talk to others. Only once........

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