The Secret Twilight

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You’ll be happy to know that at the time I originally wrote this my team was down the hall doing their exams. But I’m afraid that was the only good news I had. The three of us champions that remained were cheered into the stadium by thousands of fans. The whole school must have turned up for us. The Rosewoods were out in full swing too, drowning out the cries of our school. It was wild, I was thankful for the shield that covered the field as the Rosewoods were throwing all sorts of things into the middle. I wasn’t too sure who everyone was cheering for as I could hear my name from both sides. The announcer silenced the crowd or at least attempted to, but the Rosewoods were having none of it. When the referee cast a silencer charm, three holes appeared with ladders reaching down to the bottom. I knew that I had to go down, but the hole held the smell of Tartarus, and I totally didn’t want to face that again. I looked around to Nicolas and Roberto, and he had a face of disgust, whereas Nicolas might have been disgusted, but he was used to the smell. I wouldn’t want to hear about where he spent his hunting missions.

Anyway, the announcer told us this was the task of the unknown. We were to journey down and somehow find a way out, but what would happen in between was the real secret. The first two to escape would then fight it out, Powers and swords to the max. The question was, did I want to escape? I knew everyone was rooting for me to escape, and it looked like the Rosewoods would be happy either way. I already knew that Nicolas would survive, he’s too strong not to. But the question was who should face him? I thought back to what I could remember of Roberto’s earlier trials. I couldn’t remember any specifics, but my memories of the Rosewoods, in general, showed that they were a formidable force. The fact that he had got this far and the tasks I had seen him do, I knew he was powerful and had weapons skills, but was he smart and logical? Also, what was his fear? I never got the chance to see any of the other champions’ fear test, and I had a feeling that this might be the deciding factor.

Before I went down, Kat, who was behind me, stepped up to prepare my armour. My sword was placed on my waist in its sheath. At that moment it was shrunk down to dagger size, unlike the rest of the competition where it had always been full length. I decided to carry it this way, as it was lighter. The less weight, the better, but its magical abilities were disguised by the full-length sheath. My arrows were all refreshed and placed, alongside my bow, in a watertight quiver. The only problem was that day, they looked different. For a couple of years now, I had been using a standard shop bought a kit, the same as almost everyone else. However, that morning Kat was placing a new quiver on my back, which made me wonder what tricks lay inside. She gave me a cheeky little smile, hinting that I should look forward to using them. She then placed my wand on the opposite side to my sword, and I was ready for battle. I felt like a proper warrior, my own custom-made weapons, all specially designed for a Queen. But I was still unsure about my next move, would I choose to win, or would I let the Roberto take my place in the final? The whistle blew, and Kat, Nidia and Jason surrounded me in last minute hugs. I took one last look at my team; the girls and my family standing in the stands and went forward into the pit.

It was dark, darker than the maze and dare I say, darker than night. As soon as the pit closed over, I was plunged into absolute darkness. My Mer senses were not working, either that or there was no heat or movement to detect. I drew my wand and created some light, but it was quickly extinguished. Something was blocking any light from coming through. I opened my mind and listened, I placed my hand on the ground and felt the earth. For the first time in ten years, I felt nothing. Not the ground, not the minds of the living, not even the air. The fear hit me, panic set in, I couldn’t breathe. I may not have had a fear in the Box of Fears, but that was all fake. This was a reality. My worst fears were only revealed when the threat was real. I was struggling, wishing I could give up at that very moment. But I had to go forward, I took a deep breath, in and out. I drew my sword alongside my wand and went ahead slowly.

The first thing I hit was water, a massive wall of it, blocking any possible way forward. With my sword, I swept it from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. It was through this or admit defeat. I knew right then that this was the work of Tiberius, he knew exactly how to expose me. I wasn’t allowed to wear my charm, and it was just my luck that there was something magical holding the water in place. But I had to dive in, I only had seconds to maintain the strength of not transforming, surely that was enough to control my transformation. It had to be enough. Then I had to remember to look like I’m holding my breath. Otherwise, my natural ability to breathe underwater would also send up red flags.

So, I put my wand back in my belt and kept my sword out for guidance as the water was still dark. I pretended to prepare my breath like I had seen many freedivers do. I had no idea how long this tunnel of water would last, and if it wasn’t for my ability to breathe underwater, this could kill someone. I dove right in, concentrating very hard on my Power spot. It was an unnatural contradiction of my body, how to get wet, yet not transform. Yet, I could not take my mind off the task. I was thankful for being able to breathe, as holding my breath and concentrating on not transforming would take the strength I did not have. By indication of my sword, I noticed the tunnel twist and get narrower, until it was the width of a pipe. I kept swiping my sword right, left and back again, there seemed to be no end to this. I was soon crawling on my belly, struggling to keep up the façade of seeming normal. My quiver was almost touching the roof, and I was reaching a point that I believed the strongest breather would have released their final breath. Then the water sank, and I took a massive breath of clear air in, just to ensure the people watching on the hidden cameras were convinced I’d been holding my breath all that time. I waited for the water to clear before taking out my wand and drying my clothes and the pipe around me. For I was freezing and would also rather not turn into a Mer after so long resisting the urge.

Finally finding the end to the tunnel, I contemplated on how to get out. My sword told me that I was near the ceiling, but over two metres from the ground. There was no way I was jumping without knowing what was below. First, I tried wand light, but again it was swallowed by the darkness. My pyrpertho ability could really have helped here. So, then I felt around the magical pouch on my weapons belt, willing it to give me a stone, which I then dropped out the pipe. The landing was almost instant and sounded solid. There was dry ground less than ten metres below. So, I turned my body around onto my back and pulled myself out of the pipe, dangled off the edge and jumped.

The landing was softer than I imagined, almost as if I’d landed on some grass. For that was indeed what happed as the tunnel finally lit up around me. I could see the pipe where I had just come from, and the ceiling just above that. The ground was grass, and the lights came from large industrial light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I had just gone through a strength and endurance test, alongside the fear that I couldn’t see what danger was approaching, so there was no telling what was coming next. I walked forward kinda knowing what was coming up, as I saw the tunnel widen to a small arena. It wasn’t as big as the arena above, but big enough to house a few maluma, scorpioids and a gryphon. This was it, get ready for a huge action scene in reality. So, I pulled out my headphones that were specially designed to stay in during battle and stuck on Mary’s epic playlist.

This was totally different from my royal test; I couldn’t use my pyrpertho, and half my Powers were not allowed. So, I took out my bow and selected an arrow. I just charged straight in there, firing arrows at any enemy coming at me. At that moment I wasn’t concerned with killing the maluma, that would come later, right then it was to get on the back of the gryphon. I needed height, and since I couldn’t fly myself, I had to get something else to do it for me. The maluma were easy to shoot down (temporarily), they’re quite dumb and are between a clumsy troll and a berserker Viking. They smell like that too. It’s easy to fight them one-on-one, maybe even two, but taking down a whole herd and remembering to kill them all at the same time is the impossible part. The scorpioids were what I was apprehensive about. One prick from that stinger and I’d be paralysed for hours, then I’d get eaten. To be honest, they don’t really do anything more than a standard scorpion, apart from the fact they stand at about seven feet tall. Damn, I hate those pincers. I might have specialised against them during training, but you never get used to the sheer size of them. I dived under one, shot it in the stomach where the armour’s week and at the same time avoided the pincers of another. I then found myself face-to-face with the beak of the gryphon.

It was clear that, like the other creatures in the room, it wanted to kill me. But I had something I was counting on to change its mind, my telepathy. Technically, person-to-person telepathy differs from person-to-animal telepathy. Still, what’s the point of registering a Power if I don’t have it or use it. I may never have tried to communicate with animals up until that point, but I was willing to learn. I looked it straight in the eye, a look that made it hesitate. I looked beyond its eye, ignoring the carnage that was going on behind me. Feeling and learning its mind, I reached out my hand and touched its neck. There weren’t thoughts as such, more like an understanding. Sensing an attack behind me, I jumped on its back and willed it to protect me. It stomped and attacked the scorpioid that had crept up behind me. The scorpioid took a stance on its hind legs, and as it did, I fired an arrow at its chest. I must have selected a special arrow because this one caused the scorpioid to explode. Awesome!

With only three scorpioids left, I quickly disposed of them one by one, riding the gryphon like a horse. But there was still a dozen of maluma to defeat. I looked around for an exit, there was none, unless you counted the pipe I entered through. There was, however, a vertical crack in the wall at the opposite end to the pipeline, which I expected would open once they were satisfied I had completed the task.

The maluma surrounded my new gryphon steed, there was no way I could fire and load my arrows in time. I took my quiver off my back and strapped it to my belt. I examined seven different types of arrows: standard, bronze, fire, explosive, stunner, curve, and splitter. I picked the splitter, willed the gryphon to fly and set the arrow to six. I only had to fire two of these perfectly, and I would be out. My weapon aiming Power might have been better. Still, all I had was telekinesis and inexperience of controlling multiple objects in different directions. By steering the gryphon away from the heard, I took aim and fired. My aim worked for four of the arrows, the other two ended up stabbing two maluma twice. But I had already thought about this, my second arrow had an eight split on it, and my third had a four. My third arrow was never needed, as all eight hit the maluma within the time limit. I landed the gryphon, slipping off its back, arrow in hand in case any decided to come back.

As the doors opened, I quickly gathered up my arrows, unplugged my headphones and thanked God I never had to kill my new gryphon friend. It knocked its beak friendlily on my shoulder before flying off through the exit before me. The rest of the course was relatively simple, a standard obstacle course, leading up a winding hill towards the stadium. Except it wasn’t standard, nothing ever is in Cantainia. Try completing an obstacle course while trying to dodge fireballs. It reminds me of a TV show where people got hit by random objects for fun while completing an obstacle course above a swimming pool.

As I reached the end, the walls turned transparent, and I saw Nicolas just behind me on the other side. Roberto was nowhere to be seen. I was winning, but did I want to win? I stopped just as I was reaching the door, and Nicolas stopped too. He gave me a look, and, at that moment, we looked like we shared the same thought. I had done enough, I had proven that I was powerful, I didn’t need to win for people to see that. We smiled at each other as I let him walk through the door first. I had to follow him, I suspected Roberto had already passed through, there was no need for me to face Nicolas just yet. I would get my chance eventually.

I emerged out my hole, to Nicolas offering me a hand, but the look on his face was grim. As I emerged, I saw it, over in the corner, the dead body of Roberto and Kiera crying over him. The whole crowd was in shock. Two deaths were very rare and so near the end and from the same school as well. And they were no ordinary deaths, they were rebels. For all I know, they could be deliberate. Tiberius could have found out and set traps to kill them on purpose. He could have killed me with those maluma if it wasn’t for my new quiver of arrows. But due to the strict standardisation of weapons, someone must have approved them before I was given them.

As I was comforting Kiera, Tiberius stood up alongside the announcer and ref, who had joined him in his box. Ultimately, he had the final say. Would I have to fight Nicolas or not? I wasn’t surprised when he said we would, but I was surprised I hadn’t been disqualified yet. I must have broken a dozen rules since I got here. What with using unregistered Powers, using a split arrow, making alliances with rebels, conversing with Nicolas between rounds, actively preventing a Council kid… I made that last one up, but I’m sure it’s still a case for consideration. But then maybe he was getting us to fight cause then I would be killed. With the kind of skill and determination I had shown so far, he knew I’d be hard to back down. Indeed, he made some very random uninterpretable signs to Nicolas who seemed to understand with a stern look upon his face. I knew right then it was either get killed by winning or get killed by losing.

I wiped away my tears and turned my thoughts into anger. I signalled over to my team and got them in a huddle. “Right let’s do this,” I said. “It’s pretty obvious what’s happened here, and we can’t let them get away with it.”

“When do you want me to launch?” asked Nidia.

“As soon as the bubble’s gone,” indicating to the shield that separated the field from the audience. “Stay close and make sure no one gets hit. If anyone must leave, make sure the rest can follow quickly if need be.”

“What if the worst happens?” asked Kat, “I really don’t like the look of their faces.”

“Remember Rachel’s prophecy, things are heating up too much here. It’s bound to happen soon,” said Jason.

“You’re right, but let’s hope it’s not today,” I replied.

“Whatever happens, keep to the plan, and look after A… Sarah. Sorry.” I almost forgot to use Ari’s cover name, but they knew what I meant. We all hugged it out. I don’t know what I would do without my family, cause that’s what they all were, each and every one of them, from my siblings to Debs and Kat, to Jason and Rachel, even Charlie, Starlight, Poppy, Laura, and Mary. All of them had become my family, and I am seriously considering knocking down that wall next year and putting us all in one big room. Us guys need to stick together.

So, Kat restocked my weapons, Jason checked me over for wounds and repaired my armour, while Nidia made sure I drank a smoothie before I went onto the field. Over on the other side of the arena, Kayson and Kaer were doing the same with Nicolas. I wondered what happened to his original team, maybe this was the team he really wanted. Behind me, the Rosewoods were slowly allowing Roberto’s body to be moved, and one by one, all five of their remaining champions came and wished me luck. One of them even patted her chest, then pointed to mine. I opened my mind to her, allowing her to think one word, Innanma. She knew I was Queen, and she knew how dangerous uttering my name would be, but within my secure connection, she was safe. My team then left, along with Kaer and Kayson, who was sure to give me one last look before closing the door.

That was it, all that was left on the field now was the ref, Nicolas, and me. I tapped my hand on my sword, signalling it to take full form and awaited the “ok” from the announcer.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he shouted across the field. “This is what it has come to when fifty becomes two. This is the ultimate challenge, between Alaїs Smith, who has come so far, despite challengers trying to force her out, and Nicolas Canta, the Governor-to-be from generations of Championship winners. Who will be crowned champion? It all comes down to this, this the final round. Champions, there will be no killing and try to keep maiming to a minimal. There are no other rules on how you conduct this match. The champion who lasts the longest will be crowned the WINNER!!!”

The whole crowd erupted, but I could tell there was tension in the air. Many didn’t like the fact the competition was continuing after so much death. I wasn’t going to concede easily, so Nicolas would have to play it dirty. The announcer counted us in, I placed my hands near my weapons belt, so did Nicolas. It looked like a western shoot out. Upon the “go” all hell broke loose, and I was down on my back before the announcer’s echo had faded.

I wasn’t expecting it, I was engulfed in a cloud of white smoke and pinned to the ground by some telekinetic force. But I was quick to fight against it, using my own telekinesis. But the white smoke was still there. I wondered if it was a variation of that smoke I saw Nicolas rise up in at my coronation. Indeed, I looked up and saw him just about to throw a fireball at me. I dropped to the ground and rolled to avoid it. But I was quickly back on my feet, my wand drawn. I know I have my own brand of fire Powers, but I still couldn’t show it. Darn these unregistered Power rules. I conjured up a whip and roped it around his waist, dragging him down. There was no way he was holding a height advantage against me, especially when I could easily do the same. But unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to. As he hit the ground, I slammed my fists against the ground, forming cracks all around him and glueing his feet to the ground. He tried to step forward, but the ground was now against him. All he could do was drag more ground up with him as he walked. But then he did something I wasn’t counting on, he went full werewolf on me, releasing his feet from my grassy traps. Not fair. Not many Powers or spells work against a werewolf, their fur acts as some sort of shield. But I had my elemental Power. I made the ground shake and move around him. I didn’t know what to do, I had to get him out of his werewolf form. Only the smell of an aconitum flower can prevent and turn back a werewolf involuntarily. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never come across the stuff in nature. I don’t even know where to begin to find the stuff. If I want something, I’ll go to the shop and trust the product is labelled correctly. Then I remembered my magic pouch, I knew where to find some, the potions closet at school on the plant shelf. I reached in and pulled out a vile containing Essence of Aconitum. I unstopped it and charged at Nicolas, threw it in his face and jumped over his body as he collapsed to the ground. It was a stupid move; anything could have happened. I was just relying on the fact I had read a book correctly. I turned around seeing Nicolas, now not a werewolf, struggling to get up from the ground. The aconitum would keep him from transforming for a couple of hours. This was the time to give me the upper hand. I put away my wand, dropped the vile and charged at him with my sword.

He blocked my swipe, technically I knew he would, and I was counting on that. Being a werewolf, depending on the concentration of the aconitum, his Powers might be down for a few minutes as well, so he was heavily reliant on his sword. I swiped, he blocked, and we did so for quite a few minutes. He even gave me a nasty cut along my arm. A scar that I vow never to heal as a reminder of the events that occurred that day. Until he undercut me and threw me to the ground. My sword was thrown across the field. But before it came to a proper stop, Nicolas summoned it with his telekinesis. I had made a mistake, I had won so many sword fights, I forgot to think about his Powers. Avalonia is not an even fighting ground, people do not use just one weapon. Every person is themselves a weapon. If it wasn’t for my own Powers, I would have been defeated at that moment. But I couldn’t let him beat me. This was the boy who had masterminded the hunting down many of my people. I was not going to let him win so easily. I was so angry and frustrated with myself and him that I unleashed a massive explosion. Later the refs would dismiss this as telekinesis, but I know it was a form of my pyrpertho Power. To everyone in the audience, it just looked like a force wave, but to me, I could see the slight glimmer of light trying to breakthrough. But my determination to keep my royal status a secret, disguised even my Powers. My necklace was just showing off here. Unfortunately, it didn’t faze Nicolas much, but it did allow me to get my sword back. Just goes to show that prior success can make your biggest mistakes, but prior mistakes can prevent your biggest successes.

We went back to sword sparing, this time I knew to keep my Powers going against him. I never let my guard down once, and I had to keep switching from defensive to offensive. We came at a binding, our swords pushing against each other’s, and he whispered to me “Remember what you are trying to prove.” His famous note coming right back at me to haunt me. Right then, I had several flashbacks all happening at once, of all the times he had said those words. I don’t know if it was him or me that caused them, it certainly felt like him. I realised then that every time he had said those words, he was always telling me to be careful of his father’s wrath. He never wanted me to be a victim of his father’s royal killing spree. I then asked myself, what have I already proved? I had already proved I was smart, skilful, and a formidable force. To have lasted this long against the Governor-to-be is a challenge above all others. I might have already proved to Nicolas that I could beat him if we were on more even terms without all this no non-registered Power rubbish. But I could never prove to Tiberius that I was Queen. I had got so caught up in myself over this small chance to show myself to the rebels that I’d forgotten the real danger. I’m too young, too inexperienced to go up against a thousand-year-old warrior. I had to stop at that moment, I had to stop trying to win. I had to concede to his wishes, for now. One day I will get him back, but that day is not just now.

So, I backed down, trying to keep my game up, but signal to Nicolas that I was trying to lose. My defence was no longer as strong, and my attack was no longer as quick. But we were still even. He was getting tired, the Aconitum had really done him in. But I couldn’t back down anymore, I couldn’t let the audience see I was letting him win. Eventually, he got the message, giving it one last blow. He knocked my sword upwards, succeeding in his disarmament move. Caught it within his hand and next thing I knew, he had both swords at my neck.

The ref declared it over, and a small cry erupted from the crowd. Nicolas carefully removed the swords from my neck, and handed me back mine, pointing down, by the hilt. He then took my other hand and thrust both of our hands up to the crowd. I couldn’t believe it, he was acknowledging my skill, acknowledging the fact that we were an even match. The crowd were then silenced into the anthem as the Governor stood and walked down towards the stadium. Nicolas then lowered my arm.

“Nice sword,” he said. “Could have served you well in a real fight. I like the balance, who made it?”

“It was a gift, custom made,” I said, not wanting to give too much away. “I’m sorry about the aconitum, I just didn’t know what else to do.”

“I thought you had me after that,” he replied, softly so that no one else could hear. “You do know you could have won, but you let me win. Why?”

“I’ve finally decided to listen to you. All that stuff about proving myself: I realise now it was only because people held little confidence in me. As a result, I’ve never been allowed to excel properly in life. But I now know I have proven myself. I’ve proved that you, Mr I’m-so-perfect, have an equal, so either you recruit my skills, or you learn to watch your back.”

We were interrupted that moment as the anthem ended and the Governor entered the stadium with a young girl behind him, he then invited us both forward. I had no idea who this girl was, but that wasn’t exactly on my mind at that moment. A noise above me confirmed that the shield above us was being lifted. I knew that any second now, the rebels would send in their attack. I was able to get a clear signal to Nidia. Just enough to hear everything was ready. Instinctively I put my hand near my wand, prepared to pull it out. I didn’t want to reveal myself, but I did want to protect myself. Standing on the platform, that had just been magically made to appear, the Governor shook our hands and then rose to address the crowd. He made a grand speech about what brilliant games it had been. But Tiberius made no mention of the deaths that had taken place, and I was as if I was the only girl in the Championships. He began wittering off the names of every male Champion, completely missing out Roberto and the other Rosewood that had died. Not one female was mentioned. This, of course, did not go down well with the Rosewoods and the few Arianna girls that had come in my support. They were in outcry! Half of the whole stadium just exploded in anger.

Then, right in the middle, Ari burst out of the crowd in full dragon form. She charged right at us, fire blazing. This caused Tiberius to place a shield around himself and only himself. The girl dropped herself behind the podium, but at the same moment, Nicolas did something I never expected, he protected me. He threw himself in front of me, using his body as a shield, knowing that he was fireproof. Luckily, Ari only shot one blast at that moment, choosing to turn around and hover just behind the stadium. Peering out from behind Nicolas, I could see Debs upon her back. A sensible choice. Debs looks slightly like me from a distance, and Ari could get her out of danger. Leaving Nidia and Kat to get the rest. A banner made of flames then shot up from the crowds: “The Dead Will Be Remembered. Stand with Us. The Queen Still Lives!” Ari then went in for another charge. Tiberius, obviously more prepared this time, then shot something at her. Something red, something deadly.

It was if the whole thing went in slow motion. I saw the red Power rip away from Tiberius’ body and hurtle towards my Drakon. Just as it was about to hit her, she teleported, leaving behind a massive cloud of smoke. But the red Power just kept ongoing. It hit the roof of the stadium, just above where I knew the bulk of my closest fans to be. I heard the explosion, and it hit the slate, shortly followed by two teleportation pops. I knew that some people had made it out of the way. I heard the screams as the crowd parted. Then the roof came crashing down in the split. Some shields went up, and people with telekinesis protected those around them.

I could not believe my eyes. Tiberius was smiling. Nicolas finally drew away from his protection, to reveal his shirtless back where Ari’s fire had caught him. It had sung right through his armour. I knew right then how deadly Ari was. I looked to Tiberius, wishing that smirk would just wipe off his face. But it was stuck, stuck like glue. I tore myself away, to look at the carnage above. A team had already started the repair job. But the noises above told me it wasn’t right. Just then, Kat and Rachel teleported next to me. Their faces told me something I never wanted to know. They got me to the front line of the crowd. I could see the repair team gradually getting towards the middle. Where I saw my worst fear. I saw Rachel’s prophecy come true. On the ground, I saw Starlight and Charlie, one of which had protected the other. They were both alive. But something wasn’t quite right.

Both were crying with their arms around each other. Their faces and whatever were in front of them was shielded from my view. I then saw Poppy, also in tears, run in from the other side, flinging herself over the ground in front of the girls. A piercing scream ripped through the crowd. I turned to see Laura, who had just pushed herself through the crowd to my side. She came into my side, not wishing to go forward and see what we all now knew to be in the centre of the blast. I looked to Rachel, her face said it all. She knew this day would come. She knew that Nidia and Kat wouldn’t be able to save everyone.

I finally picked up the courage to approach my friends. I walked, half dragging Laura beside me. Charlie and Starlight stood up and parted ways, standing either side of Laura and me. Poppy finally pulled herself together and stood up to let me see. To see the still warm dead body of Mary. With a piece of slate stabbed right to the heart. Her eyes stared straight into mine, unseeing. My eyes welled up with tears, as they do even now, writing this down. I collapsed to the ground beside her where I was joined by the entire Twilight gang, all eleven of us crying over our dead comrade, killed by the Governor himself. The crowd was in anger around us. Some in silence, others shouting and pounding their fists.

I pulled myself away from my family and stood at the front of the stands, hands pressed against the barrier. I stared straight into the eyes of the Governor, not as Queen, but as a friend who had just lost her sister. For that was we had become over the past year. We had become a family. And as the crowd rallied in anger around me, it was in that moment, I knew the rebellion had begun. Just as Rachel had predicted: a death very close to us, the death of our dear Mary would begin the revolt against the Governor. The Governor, who at that moment still had a smile upon his face.

In that small moment, the crowd was united. And I didn’t have to do anything. I was their leader as they all assembled behind me. The rebellion had begun, and it had started in the spirit of one person. That person was little Mary Comtois, and, in her name, we will end the tyranny of Tiberius Darius Canta. Rest in Peace Mary, and may Olympus be always by our side.

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