Weapon 86

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"Is there a reason why you have chosen my unit for this particular mission, Colonel?" Thomas asked. "Do I need a reason?" "No, sir, I..." Thomas trailed off and a still silence fell between them before he spoke up again. "You're troubled, sir... I can sense it. There's something about this mission that you're not telling me." Kyden turned around, his steely grey eyes locked with the blue ones of his curious protege. "It is because of that intuition alone that I chose you for this mission..." Kyden approached Thomas and lowered his head. Placing a hand on his shoulder he spoke softly. "You will see things that you won't be able to comprehend. Have questions that don't have answers. Be forced to make decisions that will risk the lives of your unit... if you don't decide carefully..." "Yes, sir." Thomas adjusted the cap on his head and headed towards the door. "I will prepare my unit immediately." "Captain Thomas." Thomas looked back at Colonel Kyden. "People fear what they do not understand. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to violence. Do not give into fear. Use that brilliant mind of yours to see past the surface." Thomas considered his Colonel's curious words and nodded respectfully before exiting. ~ "Captain, if I may," Merrick said suddenly snapping Thomas out of his thoughts. "Were you aware that Weapon 86... was a woman?"

Fantasy / Scifi
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Prologue - A Post Apocalyptic Era

No one suspected that “The Event” would ever happen. Perhaps state military with access to restricted files had some idea... but by the time that information was shared with those who could have actually done something about it... it was too late.

It happened in the blink of an eye. Within seconds... the earth’s entire population was completely halved with 1/3 of the remaining being horrendously mutated beyond human recognition. It would go down in history as the most infamous annihilation of the human population in history.

In an attempt to calm mass panic and chaos, leaders of the remaining nations of the world had agreed to come together under one rule.

The idea made sense at the time.


Group Effort!

One world! One love! Together we can!

Buzzwords to calm the people and bring back trust.

Let’s share... everything!

Food, weapons, resources.

But that’s not the real world...

Rations became fewer requiring people to put in their fair share of work to earn what they needed to survive. The criteria was unfair. If you were disabled, had a large family, poor, uneducated, unskilled... you were screwed.

And considering most people had lost that which was most valuable to them during The Event, from husbands and daughters to legs, arms and sight... people grew desperate.

A world under one rule became ruthless and incited division and rebellion from those who became casualties of a caste system with the most powerful at the top and the most vulnerable at the bottom.

Richard Rockwell, was just a young man from the remaining ruins of Sydney, Australia when he formed the Omery Group. He was seen as a hero of the people when he led his small team in the first rebellion against their rulers. His revolution was so successful that he was automatically made leader of the new world order.

But that’s exactly what it was... a new world order.

The small Omery Team became The Omery Army where Richard made it his personal goal to protect the people and fight back against enemies. Enemies were plentiful in this new post-apocalyptic/post-Event world. Some of the mutated humans formed their own vicious alliance called the Xree and regularly fought against the Omery Army in an attempt to claim resources. But between growing civil unrest and threats from the Xree, The Omery Army is on the brink of war.


About The Omery Army

The Omery Army was first the Omery group formed by Richard Rockwell. They are the leaders of the new post-Apocalyptic modern world. They police the land and the people, fight against enemies like the Xree, and explore new territories. There are no women in the Omery Army. Loyalty comes first and only to Rockwell and his dream to finally bring about peace. Rockwell’s dream is admired and believed by all. But at what expense will his dream be achieved?

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