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Guardians Breakout

As if spooks from a horror movie, they walked up. One was a tall male, not smiling as if he finally met a foe. The other with him was a dark skinned female who seemed to be scared to death.

“Hey,” He said to Sam.

“Hey.” Sam said back.

“So, what’s going on?” The man, another guardian asked.

“There’s one trapped...” Sam pointed at the light.

“Do we know who it is?”

“No idea... Could be Jacob, or Laurie.”

“Why do they have that light on?”

“Don’t know. But look, the demons now got them surrounded.” Sam pointed out.

“Yeah, see that. Probably why we didn’t run into so many on the way here.” He looked Jack over.

“Hi. I’m Jack, with Sam.” I stated in a low voice.

“I’m Ralph… This here’s Tanya, my charge.” Ralph stated trying to be kind. Then called Sam away as if to talk privately... Jack walked over to the much younger black girl, as it was apparent the two wanted to talk alone. Jack tried to smile, but the girl didn’t seem to want to smile back.

Far enough away, their words sounded muffled, as Tanya spoke first,

“Are we dead?” Tanya asked, not sure of anything.

“Yeah. I think so. You remember anything?” Jack asked her.

“Not much, I remember not being able to breathe… Then it all went black, and the next thing I’m on the floor of a room I’d never been in before, gasping for breath. Then ‘he’ walks in and lays this weird tale on me...” Tanya pointed to Ralph.

“Yeah, I got the same deal...” Jack admitted.

“So, we’re dead?” Tanya asked in honest.

“I think, pretty much... Nothing I’ve witnessed points to us being alive anymore, or even in a nightmare.” Jack stated.

“Nightmare? I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe if I..”

“This isn’t a nightmare, trust me. I tried to wake myself too, didn’t work out that well.” Jack informed her, and she looked displeased by his answer.

It was obvious that Sam and Ralph had met on more than one occasion, as they walked to the other side of the hallway to talk.

“So, any clue as to what happened?” Ralph asked Sam.

“No. We were just formulating a plan…” Sam began,

“What? Wait, you’re actually listening to a charge?” Ralph looked at her with dismay.

“Whoever he is, he’s not my charge.” Sam stood firm on this fact.

“What do you mean, not your charge?” Ralph asked, disturbed she said that, “Of course he your charge.”

“I know this sounds off the wall, but, that’s not the same soul that the body carried.” Sam tried to explain.

“And how is that even possible?”

“I don’t know. But, the soul and the body are of two different people...” Sam looked over at Jack and Tanya.

“You’re kidding, no way.” Ralph needed proof.

“Sure, look into his eyes.” Sam said, turning and calling Jack over by hand motion. Jack noticed her beckoning him to come over,

“I’ll be right back.” Jack said as she nodded it was okay. He walked over to the two of them,

“Let him look into your eyes...” Sam requested of him.

Jack nodded, agreeing to this procedure as Ralph literally grabbed his head and stared directly into his eyes for about five seconds. Releasing him, he seemed dumbfounded at the information he seemed to receive.

“Go back over there,” Sam pardoned him from their presents. Jack nodded and left them.

“A trick?” Ralph questioned.

“No, or we wouldn’t have made it this far.” Sam stated in honest.

“How’s this possible?” Ralph glared at Jack.

“I think... I was sent a prophet.” Sam said as Ralph’s eyes lit up.

“No freaking way.” Ralph seemed amused.

“It’s the only explanation I can surmise.” Sam said as he eyed Jack up and down.

“Are you sure?”

“Feels right as rain. His answers match, weird.” Sam pointed out her own experience with him, “and he’s just come up with a possible solution to free the other charge.”

“Yeah,” Ralph turned to look at the lit up second story building’s window. That’s the other charge?” Ralph asked as she led him over to the window and pointed.

“Yeah, in there.”

Looking out the broken glass, he suddenly realized everything that was going on. This was a very bad situation. Wasn’t just the fact the light was on, they been placed into a, one way in one way out, box. It was probably the fact that they were on a second floor that had stopped a full out attack.

“Oh lord, help them...” Ralph recognized just how impossible it would be to get them out of there safely.

“I think that’s why he sent Jack,” Sam spoke in a soft tone.

“What? And why he would send a prophet?” Ralph spoke, not believing the words just rolled out of his own mouth.

“Can you think of anything else that would explain anything about him?” Sam asked, actually trying to deny the fact herself.

“This is… It’s unprecedented. Surely there’s got to be some other explanation?” Ralph said almost flabbergasted.

“Been racking my brain since he showed up… That’s NOT the man’s spirit! And all’s I keep coming back to... is ‘prophet’... I don’t know. He may well be one...” Sam said almost seeming exhausted.

“Is he smart?”

“Smarter than you’d expect. Took ten minutes to lay out the whole story, and he accepted it right off the bat.”

“...The last thing he remembers?”

“Was going to sleep, after trying to compile a manuscript.” Sam smiled.

“A writer?” Ralph said, instantly picking up on the fact this guardian was ‘smiling’.

“Yeah. Guess where he was brought from.” Sam offered a secret about Jack.

“No idea… Heaven?” Ralph pondered out loud. ‘This is no way a guardian should be acting. What’s going on with her?’

“Jonesborough.. Tennessee. In the USA.” Sam said, with an even brighter smile. It dropped off, seeing the information not connecting with him.

“I’m not following...” Ralph said emotionless. ‘Emotions... how could she have emotions? What do I know that could bring out emotions in a guardian?’

“It happens to be the storytelling capital of the entire world! So, he does have the credentials to be a true prophet...” Sam seemed highly elated about this fact.

“Really? Well, god does have a fickle sense of humor...” Ralph said. He was trying to reevaluating the value of Jack in this situation. ‘Is this man responsible for her emotions?’

“It was a wow for me too, but why is he here?” Sam said with weird facial expression.

“Think it could be ‘this’ situation? Sam, this idea he has... tell me of it.” Ralph asked.

“I’m more worried that this is some kind of test.” Sam stated, still a bit leery of Jack.

These thoughts bullied Ralph, ‘She doesn’t even see she’ s being effected... or does she?'

“It could be, your possibly right, Do you notice anything about yourself?” Ralph asked, seeing the connection here.

“Yes. I’m having unknown thoughts, and Jack’s pointed out that my facial expressions have been showing emotions... Are prophet’s allowed to interject?” Sam questioned.

“This is new territory... Honestly, I never met one... So, I don’t know.” Ralph said confused as of what to suggest to her.

“...Maybe I should let him tell you. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. I would have never have thought up something so off the chain.” Sam said, pointing out the obvious.

“Caution on how we allow him to interact with us,” Ralph placed out the warning. Neither knew the side he was on, both had doubts... The biggest unknown was why he was here.

They walked back over to their two charges, Ralph seemed anxious about Jack. Jack realized whatever they had talked about, it had something directly to do with him...

“So, about your plan, run it past me...” Ralph stated to Jack.

Jack looked at Sam. He trusted Sam. Sam nodded in the fact he should. Sam looked at Tanya and back at Ralph. He collected himself, and walked over to the broken window, pointing… In that, they followed him, looking.

“It would have too been a two tier plan, if it’s going to work. First, we need that car,” Jack pointed to it, “to be ready to roll past that apartment... It’s got to look and act as if there are two of us zipping past the apartment, music, lights… the whole nine yards. And have it start off, what, say about three minutes before the light in the apartment goes out...”

“Why? Ralph asked.

“To lure the semi solids and solids away.” Jack said.

“The semi solids would only follow for about maybe three or four hundred yards and then circle back...” Ralph knew this.

“...but it would get rid of the solid’s... that road seems clear for over a half mile.” Sam noted.

“True, but the semi-solids would revert back in less than three minutes, even less time if they spotted any movement.” Ralph stated.

“And that why we provide them a distraction...” Jack stated, realizing more and more, this could work.

“Distraction, how?” Ralph asked.

“Notice those ‘big’ glass plate windows about ‘a hundred yards’ passed those trapped? The car goes past, semi and solid’s follow, semi’s lose interest.. and we knock out a window or two too..” Jack said.

“Keeping them distracted... And the mists... would be moving away, having lost interest with no light,”

“Giving you enough time to get them out of there.” Jack smiled at his own plan.

“That would give us enough time to get in there and get them out safely.” Ralph agreed.

“So, we shoot out the light now.” Jack said, as Ralph saw a huge problem,

“Shoot? As in ‘gun’?” Ralph said, “And there goes your Prophet, he just turned to smoke.”

“Huh? Why? Jack asked quickly, not seeing the problem here.

“The loud sound that a gun would make, it would attract every demon in this realm straight to us!"

“He had suggested an air rifle. As they don’t make any real sound.” Sam spoke up.

“Air rifle?” Ralph pondered the thought.

“It's all you really need to take out an easy spotted light bulb, and a picture window.” Jack pointed to the clear bulbs existence from their view. His point struck home.

“I guess that wouldn’t draw any attention to whoever is up here shooting, especially if a car’s sound takes up the distraction.” Ralph said, as he realized if they did do this right, they could save them. He was unemotional about the whole thing, Jack couldn’t tell.

“Let us think on it,” Ralph walked away with Sam in tow.

“Told you there was something different about him.” Sam almost smiled.

“An air rifle? And just where would we, get one of those?” Ralph noted.

“Funny thing, didn't you realize, on the way up here... You were as through a sporting goods store, or tell me you never noticed?” Sam almost snickered at him.

Then, it hit him...,

...if she had pasted her penance...the first thing she receive would be... Holy great god! She’s being freed! The profit is here to document it!′

If he were able to smile, he would have. If he had emotions... he be jumping up and down right now for her.

’So this is why Jack’s here.. to ‘witness’ her coronation... She has no idea... Okay, think!′

Ralph now knew what was happening... However, as the scales tipped, she’d slowly lose all her guardianship senses, even the cross would dim out. Her second sight, she would lose that too. Sam seemed to trust Jack too no end, like a life preserver. Was this a good thing? He’d have to use that to keep them both safe... He’d have to warn Jack... He needed to realize her changes and what would be happening to her.

“You know, guess I’ve been here too long.. never noticed it..” Ralph played along.

“Neither did I... till jack pointed it out to me.” Sam admitted with a smirk.

“Okay, then you take Jack and get what he need’s. We’ll see if there’s a way to get to the car by that way down.” Ralph pointed to the other exit of this crosswalk.

“I pray it’s not blocked.” Sam said, as that could be the case.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Jack, let’s go.” Sam said in a light whisper.

“Where?” Jack asked.

“Sporting goods.” Sam again smiled.

“Cool.” Jack said, instantly following.

Sam lead him back into the darkness, and down the stairs. Holding her hand, he allowed her to guide him back into the dark store.

Ralph took Tanya and slowly guided her down the other stairs... He was glad to see it was completely obstacle free and the doorway out to the street was shut. Checking it, it was solidly locked. However, one of the windows had been busted out, the street could be accessed through here, but there was no shadows outside, none all the way to the car...

“This will have to work,” Ralph stated.

“It will?” Tanya stated wondering what he was talking about.

“Let’s head back.” Ralph told her as they slowly walked back to the stairs. "Count the steps on the way up, we’re going to be coming down pretty quickly."

“Okay,” Tanya accepted his request of counting

“Here’s the first one one.” Ralph pointed out the first one, helping her up it. They both began to count.

Sam and Jack made it too the gun racks and Jack, unable to see them clearly, told Sam what he sought after.

“Okay, looking for an air rifle with a scope,” Jack said.

“Air rifle... Okay, here they are.. But, I don’t see one with a scope attached... Ah, wait. Here’s one.

“Is that a 177 cal or a 22 cal? Jack asked.

“Um, 22 cal...” Sam stated.

“Okay, now, ammo, should be right around here in a round tin, if I remember correctly...” Jack said.

“Round tin... Okay round tins... 177, 177, ah here, 22cal.” Sam announced in a low tone.

“Easy! There all loose in there... Carefully open it and just take out a few... We won’t need more than that.” Jack cautioned her.

Jack heard her unscrew the lid and the scraping of the moving ammo as she rooted around within.

“I got five, no six..

“That should be enough.” Jack agreed. Now they needed two mannequin upper torso’s, and a hat...

“Okay, now?” Sam handed him the gun.

“Mannequin’s, upper body’s only...” Jack said, almost afraid to step in any direction for fear of knocking over something.

“I see five... wait, three of them are full body.

“We just need two...” Jack said, now holding the air rifle in the darkness.

He heard her work to free the both of them, and finally the strange sounds quit..

“Okay, got them.” Sam said having arrived back next to him.

“Let’s get back...” Jack advised, as Sam had somehow gotten really-really close to him.

“I guess...” Sam said in a way that seemed to have ruined a ‘snuggle’ moment between them.

“You okay?" Jack asked, remembering the kiss.

It weird, I'm getting these weird flashes. They don’t make sense.” Sam couldn’t state what they were but she was now highly interested in Jack for some reason.

“Here, you take the gun and I’ll take a mannequin,” Jack said, trying to even thing’s up.

It was something she never felt before... a heat that started from her head and rush down her entire body and a cold one that started at her toes and zipped up. Somehow they both met in the middle of her belly...

“My holy stars!” Sam had froze in the darkness, as the two rushes slowly subsided into a warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“You okay?” Jack realized something rather drastic must have happened to her.

“Yeah, just give me a minute.” Sam said, trying to get past the almost sickening feeling. ’What in hell. She took a few deep breaths, but it passed leaving a weird sensation in her belly that wouldn’t leave her be.

“Um, okay... let’s go...” Sam stated.

“You good?” Jack asked, concerned.

Slowly she guided him up the stairs, the gun arm almost around his back. Many times her hip had bumped into his and towards the top he swore she’d been doing it on purpose... On the cross bridge, well into the lightened up area she seem to hold on to him.

“Um, I can see now. You can let go.” Jack told her, as Ralph had witnessed the coziness between them.

“Oh, yeah... sorry,” Sam said, seeing Ralph looking directly at her. Then another weird sensation happened, the top tip of her ears, burned. And it seemed to spread down into her cheeks.

“I’ll take that.” Ralph removed the mannequin's from Sam’s arms. Bring that other one Jack, we’ll set up the car.

“Sure.” Jack agreed.

“You two stay here till we get back.” Ralph stated, heading toward the other end of the cross walk.

They had just made the fifth or sixth stair when Ralph spoke quietly to Jack. At first, Jack though he was angry with him.

You’ve by now noticed the strange way Sam’s been acting,” Ralph stated out of Sam's ear range.

“Yeah, she sick or something?” Jack asked,

“Or something,” Ralph said adding “though I’ve never seen it happen before. This is kind of new to me...”

“What’s new? I noticed it almost twenty minutes after I got here, she’s acting ‘weirder’ by the minute...” Jack admitted the weir way Sam was acting.

Weirder... Yeah, that would be about a good term for it. I think that’s why your here instead of her charge,” Ralph stated.

“I still haven’t figured any of that out either,” Jack admitted.

“You’re a profit of God himself, and for unknown reasons, you are documenting a very special event.” Ralph stated.

“Wait, I don’t understand. What is this about me supposedly being this prophet?” Jack questioned.

“Just get use to it, because you are.” Ralph dropped the other shoe.

“Wait, what?.. How?” Jack asked.

“Don’t know, you just are.” Ralph started leading him down the stairs.

“There’s got to be an answer...” Jack plagued him for an answer.

“...only god would know that.” Ralph answered without so much as an emotion attached.

Jack stopped on the steps downward, He couldn’t see Ralph, but knew he was there.

“Please, fill me in... Cause I don’t think I can handle much more without some real answers here,” Jack admitted.

“Okay, best I can figure...Sam, Samantha, has been forgiven... God has lifted her penance, she’s having all her emotions returned to her. And her being so long without them. It’s like having your whole world flipped upside down. So, basically yeah, within her own mind she thinking she’s losing it. And, it only going to get worse. This is only the beginning of the transformation she’ll be going though.” Ralph said openly.

“Oh... Starting to make sense. Anything else I should be aware of?” Jack began to piece together everything.

“Yes, there’s a down-side to this as well. And you’ll have to be aware when she notices it herself...” Ralph informed Jack.

“Oh, what’s that?” Jack asked.

Her guardian talents... They will begin to elude her as love hate and her free will, all the human emotions return.” Ralph stated.

“Her talents?” Jack asked.

You’ve seen this,” Ralph pulled out his cross as the whole staircase lit up in a soft blue color.

“Yes.” Jack stated, as he quickly placed it away. Once again the deep darkness surrounded them.

“As a guardian, we have what you’d call a second sight... It’s how we can see everything and know where the demons are, where the church is, where traps are.” Ralph stated in rapid fire.

“Okay, that makes sense.” Jack said, now understanding how they got to see in the complete darkness.... “It’ like night vision.”

“Kind of. Yes, those kind of things... She’s losing all of them quicker than you realize. You already have noticed how she’s starting to fancy you, am I right?

“Uh... yeah. But I just thought she was going through something...” Jack hoped it wasn’t this bad.

“She is. I’m just not sure what the end results are going to be...” Ralph said, taking his arm and slowly leading him step by step on downward.

“End results?”

“Yes...Human or angel,” Ralph said.

“Oh wow,” Jack said at a loss for words at this point.

“Here’s going to be the hard part...You must not push her advances away, THAT is so crucial! And I fear, in the end, she will need your help in getting into the church... And between here and there, it’s going to get weirder for you than it is now. Be ready to take the reins.” Ralph spoke as if it would come to pass.

“She called it salvation...” Jack recalled.

“It truly is. That church... Is nothing more than a representation of god’s love.” Ralph stated.

“Your being real...” Jack stated.

“Very much so...But, it’s getting there without getting taken out by hell hounds... That’s the part that is almost impossible.” Ralph added.

“How many times have you made it to the church?” Jack asked.

“Can’t recall. That information is like on a reset, but this... out here... Over a hundred, maybe two hundred times I count of myself.” Ralph said, stepping another step down.

“And you’ve lost charges?” Jack asked.

“Most... Though quiet a few, I’ve saved.” Ralph said, leading down more steps, trying to stay positive.

They had reached the stairwell’s bottom as Jack saw ahead the red tint of outside.

“Watch your step around here, there’s a lot of debris on the floor.” Ralph said quietly as Jack felt with his every step.

“Yeah, I got this, So your saying I should indulge Sam’s behavior?” Jack asked.

“Trust me... To her it will be a wild trip, just don’t push her off the ride,” Ralph said.

“Push her off the ride?” Jack questioned.

“allow her to think what ever makes it all okay for her... You’ll catch on.” Ralph stated.

“...yeah, I think I already catch your drift,” Jack said.

“Okay... Over here. We’re going out this broken window. Now fair warning about what to expect out there. There’s no shade between here and the car. And very little of it between there and the building. Now, see that small spot of darkness over there?” Ralph asked Jack.


“It’s a trap,” Ralph pointed out.

“How do you know that?” Jack questioned the area he’d pointed to.

“Is there a door behind it?” He asked.

“No, just an awning on wall making a little shaded line.” Jack described it.

“ Now, look both ways... See any other shaded areas about?” Ralph asked. “I’m being serious here, look closely. If you were there, and a solid cornered you..”

Jack look about closely, studying the entire street. It didn’t take a genius to see the flaw.

“You’d be stuck...” Jack stated the answer.

“Those hell hounds... They don’t ever leave... How long would you wait?” Ralph added, “You have a goal, to get to the church, their goal... is to get you.”

“If they catch you... What do they get?” Jack asked wondering if they get a reward.

“They get 24 hours on the living plane... to infect thoughts and make people do wrong, scaring their soul’s, to begin a life heading down to hell. Many, many, soul’s are lost to hell here on this plain.”

“Why?” Jack asked.

“They died badly... and their souls couldn’t be touched by a guardian. They landed here, knowing nothing past waking up... No instructions, how long would you have lasted?” Ralph pointed out.

“Oh shit...” Jack realized after waking up here without Sam, He of probably of just walked out of that trailer. He’d of never knew of the three types of hell hounds, or that the shady spots were safe-havens. “I’d of went straight to hell...”

“Yes. You be devoured, becoming meat for the beasts that run this place. We guardians try and save as many as we can. Those that are called preordained souls that die. We are sent to the next one, just before they die. But, it’s not as many as you’d think. You haven’t seen a soul eaten yet, have you? Ralph asked lastly.

“No, not yet...” Jack admitted.

“I’m sure you will, I usually see two or three during my advance towards the church... but they don’t last long, it’s over in minutes.” Ralph said non emotionally.

“Great.” Jack stated.

Back to the job at hand, Ralph became quiet, advancing to the open window. I stayed in the darkness, away from the open window.

Okay, so, I don’t see any mists in any direction and the semi’s and full are targeting the apartment... We got to be quick about this. Ready?” Ralph stated.

“Yeah, ready.” I advanced up behind him carrying a mannequin’s top half. I was making myself a hero here, and I wasn’t a risk taker... So, why was I doing this?

“We got to keep the car between them and us. The window on the driver’s side is open. You go first,” Ralph stated, taking the mannequin top out of Jack’s grasp

“What? Why me?”.

“You have a much smaller frame. you can fit into that window quicker then me.” Ralph said. He was a much bigger man than Jack, frame wise. Jack couldn’t disagree with him on that.

“Okay, I guess.” Jack reluctantly agreed.

“You have 30 seconds to tie down the steering wheel, and set the gas pedal and the brake too.

“The brake?”

“Most cars have to be started with your foot on the brake... The stick with the string on it.” Ralph stated.

“Wow, modernized...” Jack noted, as cars today had been made that way too.

“Yeah, spooky.” Ralph said, handing him two sticks one with a string on it. “After these are set up in the car, the cars is started, we pull it down in drive and yank this stick off the brake pedal sending the car own the road... If I’m right, the music should already be set to blast, so don’t bother with that.

“Then? When it takes off?” Jack asked.

“We don’t flinch a muscle... Stand still.”

“We’ll be right out in the middle of the road!” Jack almost hissed.

“Movement an sound... remember. They’ll all be too busy with the movement and the sound of the car to even notice us standing there.” Ralph instructed Jack.

“Okay, if you say so.” Jack accepted.

On the sky-walk crossover, Tanya had began a nice talk with Sam.

“Seems, god has tossed another ringer...” Tanya watched Sam trying to operate the weapon...

“Oh how so?” Sam asked, not understanding how this air gun worked.

“...because I’ve spent two years on a long rifle team, here, give that thing to me...” Tanya stated actually speaking up. As Sam handed her the air rifle,

“Don’t you have to practice?”

“Practice?... I ate this stuff for breakfast lunch and dinner, what about you?” Tanya seemed to be asking.

“Doll’s, dress-up, slumber parties, a horse... yeah, sure. Guns, no. Never held a gun.” Sam admitted.

“I have.. had... four trophies on my dresser, or did have...” Tanya said going quiet again.

“WOW... Hey, you want to know what’s inside the church?” Sam said, ’happier than she’d ever been and she didn’t ever want it to stop. So many things, just opening up,

“What?” Tanya began pumping the air gun.

“...and this is going to sound really crazy... But, it like everything all at once. Love, Peace, YOUR HEARTS WANTS ALL OF EVERTHING NOTHING HELD BACK.” Sam smiled almost moon eyed at what she seen previous times.

"Wow, really.. well we need to get past this first," Tanya didn't believe a word of it.

“And you’re sure you can hit that bulb?”

“May take a second shot, using a weapon I haven’t fired from before, but yeah...” Tanya stated very self confident about her own abilities.

“...as soon as you see those solid demons lite out after the car, watch for the semi solids to lose interest, when they do, you break any big window that will lead them father away, when they get them out, don’t bother to cover them, we’ll be blocks down the road when they come out...” Sam said

“I think I got this.... just stand out of my way and feed me pellets when I ask for them,” Tanya drew the lead here.

“Man, were did the doom and gloom kid go?” Sam said.

"Something Jack told me..."

"Yeah, kind of like him."

"eew." Tanya said, seeing an over weight, half bald guy who was resembling a motorcycle gang member.

“After your shot’s we heading down the same stairs they did. We get out to the street, head away from the car and zip around the corner, got that?”

“Yeah-yeah, let me set up already... damn.” Tanya said using the scope to try and set-up for the shots she need to take. She studied the entire area, placing where each shot would go, and a few extra’s too.

Ralph and Jack had slid up directly behind the car. Jack was surprised the dam things hadn’t noticed the plastic dummies.

“thirty seconds? And your bringing those the second I get out?”

“Sound too easy...” Ralph said, worried.

“Naw, we got this....” Jack stated.

“They know where we are heading. None of us can walk a straight line from this disturbance to the church. We’re all going to have to go around their gauntlet,” Ralph pointed out.

“So then?” Jack asked wanting to be sure of this whole plan

“What are demons best known for, or any evil for that matter?”

“Deception.” Ralph said.

“So, let’s use there own tactic’s. Facing the front of the apartment, head two blocks left that should keep us out of the gauntlet. We’ll meet along the second street over. And once there, just stay hidden after we meet up. Signal Sam, tell her the plan.” jack

“Okay, hope this works.” Ralph realized this would be harder then they thought.

In hand signals, ducked behind the car Ralph caught Tanya’s eye, she slowly raised up and pointed to him.

“He say’s. After the bulb goes out they are starting the car, and there going... two blocks over and then towards the church...” Tanya spoke looking back at the main target, the light in the apartment.

“Okay go, you got 30 seconds,” Ralph said as Jack had been peering down the street. This looked as if he were about to give himself away,

“Hey, Tap once, if you see any of them coming for us.” Jack said.

“You got it.” Ralph said nodding.

Jack slid closely along the car in a fluid motion, literally throwing himself headfirst into the car, feet quickly disappearing. Nothing attracted to his movements, the car barely shook.

Inside he worked quickly, gas no problem, a stick was already acquired by himself, while Sam looked for guns. Setting this at about a half the petal, jamming it till it stayed in position. He realized the radio, was already on.. He smiled at this. The steering wheel, he had tied down and he slid quickly out the window.

Seeing Jack sliding out, Ralph came up beside him slipping the mannequin’s in the window. Neither landed perfectly.

“Pppsth” Made the sound of the pellet. It had stuck the window pane but missed the bulb... Tanya was already two pumps in of her second try realizing the first one missed and what she needed to do to correct it..

“Shit... Pellet.”

“Here,” Sam said standing back again.

Reloaded, she set her aim... and if she was right,


She saw the light flash out and heard a faint ‘tink’ ... she hit it! There were no great sounds of glass breaking. Then the car’s radio began blaring. That had attracted away of the solids and moving just slow enough... all the semi solids attention too, as they ran after the car.

Jack hit the key and dropped it into drive as he yanked on the brake stick. The music blared in his ear as the car lurched forward. They both froze watching the car zoom off.

The car had did exactly what Jack had hope for and flew within inches of the entire pack of hell hounds, now racing down the street after it. In full pursuit was every single solid and semi solid hell hound...

“Pellet.” Tanya pumped the gun more quickly this time, acquiring pressure.... she quickly loaded it at brought it to flow behind the car.. Two semi solids had already become disenchanted with the car. They were slowing down, and about to turn around....

“Pppsth” The third pellet flew out of the barrel. Then, about 50 foot past them all, came the hard sound the hard of heavy glass breaking. The sound filled the entire area.

The car was almost five blocks down the road and still straight as an arrow in the middle of the road. They never heard the glass blocks back. But it had worked.

There was only two mist demons, staggered well apart an away from the buildings entrance, as both Jack and Ralph ran into the apartments doorway and asking them to follow quickly.

Safely out, the four split up at the first left each choosing a different path from that point.

“Hey, thanks. She flipped on the light before I could stop her..” The woman guardian said to Ralph going off in different directions.

“Meet up later,” Ralph stated, leaving them to take there own path.

Okay, put down the gun, take my hand and follow directly behind me.” Sam stated in a whisper, holding out her hand. Tanya moved quickly towards Sam, having already laid down the pellet gun. Sam, pulling out her cross, they entered the darkened stairwell. It glowed upon the steps so that Tanya could descend with out mishap, however, Sam realized it dimness. It bothered her.

Now, down and heading towards the window the window. Tanya, being slid out the window, quickly followed Sam down the block and around the corner.

Just out of view of the street they were on, Sam froze, as did Tanya behind her. Sam scouted the new street, There were an awful lot of dark spaced to hide among on this street... No mist’s, no, nothing...clear! But, not all her skill’s where gone yet. Out of eight spots along the route of this block... there were only three safe shadows. To be caught among the others... would trap you, cause the distance between them could be quickly blocked.

“Follow me, quickly.” Sam pointed to what seem the other end of the block. Tanya followed in their almost a zigzag pattern, realizing this street actually did have mist demons on it... a lot of mist demons.

The plan had worked almost better than anyone could have expected. All the full bodied demons had freaked when the light went out and displayed their anger when the car started up and began to roll past them in a good clip, with the lights on and the music blaring.


Enraged, all the solids chased it no longer interested in the darkened out apartment building. All the semi demons and most of the mist demons seem to lose interest the second the car had come to an abrupt stop by crashing almost fifteen blocks away.

Though, with only to mist demon’s left guarding the building, it gave Ralph and Jack the time need to get inside and bring out the two trapped inside. In seconds they had brought the two women out of the apartment building.

“Alright, quickly, just follow till we get you two to a safe rally point.” Ralph to the new female guardian, who held the hand of her charge outside, seeing only two mist demons...

“It will be alright... Just don’t let go of my hand.” She stated to her charge, as everyone dashed around the slower mist demon’s.

As bright light of fire had lit the sky providing an earthshaking vibration from the explosion, behind them, Ralph and Jack, with the newest Guardian and her charge in tow, spotted Sam and Tanya tucked safely within a shadowed doorway, The rest running to meet them caught up... All entered the building safely. Without and losses, it was a definite win.

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