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“Well, that worked better than I thought.” Ralph said, as the three guardians began to converse again, away from their charges.

“Your charge there, she’s a good shot.” Sam told Ralph about Tanya’s abilities.

“Your charge is not to shabby himself, even though he is a profit...” Ralph stated back.

“A profit?” The newest guardian questioned.

“Best we can figure... It was his plan that got you two out of there.” Sam bolstered.

“Hi, I’m kind of new to all this, but thanks. I couldn’t stop her in time... turning on the light. My name is Kathy.” The lady guardian stated.

“Yeah, that had pretty much terminated you both... We had to do something though.” Sam stated with a smile.

“You... smile? How’s this possible?” Kathy asked.

“We think it has to do with Jack over there. He’s her charge and well, it’s complicated.” Ralph stated

“Good. As this worked, we should have almost a clear shot to the church.” Sam almost interrupted, “If we keep moving.”

“We need to break up... and start heading to the church as soon as possible...” Ralph stated.

“I agree.” Kathy stated.

“Sam... They’ll all pretty much be tracking after you, so, take care.” Ralph stated.

“Me...?” Sam said, as another emotion reared it ugly head, Fear.

They all regrouped into their separate pairs and two by two, after checking the area, split off in different directions.

“Oh. By the way, nice shooting.” Jack stated to Tanya as Ralph and Tanya headed out. She just smiled and nodded at him walking out into the streets.

Ralph edged along the buildings darkness in the red haze of an evenings sky, with Tanya tagging closely behind. At the corner, he slowly peered around it as a flashback of doing this sometime before had meet with a set of demon fangs staring three inches away from his face. [ Needless to say... That time he didn’t make it either... How many times had they done this? Too many to count. He couldn’t recall weather or not he’d ever made it, but then, if he had… he didn’t think I’d be doing it again. Maybe this time, God would forgive him.]

A new street over, apartment building way behind them, it was clear that they had made the rough spot. A waved hand was all it took as the others spotted him and almost walked right up on them.

Sam seeing that Ralph had gotten them here to safety realized it wouldn’t be too good for everybody to follow in such a large group. They huddle into a deep doorway, and discussed what would be best for all from here on out.

“Follow me,” Sam told Jack as she quickly walked a different route. Jack quickly understood what she was doing. They would be a decoy for the others, if spotted. In a quick hurry now, Sam seemed to be doing a kneeling jog moving along the row of buildings and stopping quickly scan checked the alleyway and any other direction seeking movement of any demon.

“Move.” Sam said, as Jack followed on her heels. They took a left down the alley, following it almost to the next street, she froze. There off to her right, thirty yards up, a mist demon stood almost seeming to wait for something to appear. Sam searched the rest of the block, nothing could be seen. Until she looked closer... One chance,

“Come-on.” She stated and took off in a full fledged run across the street and on into the next alley. She’d didn’t stop till she’d almost hit the second road. Seeing her aiming for a darkened doorway he realized she’d be stopping quickly, as he too had started a braking action.

Almost ramming into Sam’s backside he had tried to slide in behind her. As his manhood firmly pressed into her backside. In a quick glare at him, he’d quickly tried to apologize, but she’d had a funny expression on her face.. The brush against him had done something, something new to her body.

“...sorry,” Jack stated. Realizing he’d bumped her.

“It’s okay, wasn’t unpleasant...” Sam quietly admitted. ‘Had she just said that?’

“I..?” Jack stammered, not understanding the remark.

“...ready to move again?” Sam prepared herself to move out again. And in a false start, she stopped suddenly. Jack, realized after his forward moment, she’d stopped. Again, this time, he’d literally rammed his manhood into her rear end. This felt weird to Jack, as he suddenly realized, she did that one on purpose.

The feeling was almost overwhelming. Suddenly her mind seemed to re-play the contact over and over in her head. Her mid section tingled.

“Sorry again, thought you were going...” Jack said.

“You know what so weird about this?” Sam spoke softly again, not looking behind her.

“What?” Jack asked, ready to run.

“I haven’t had anything that arousing happen to me since I before I died.” Sam said, still trying to savor there contact.

“Before you... sorry again,” Jack stated.

“Please, stop apologizing... ” She said in a coo.

“Are you feeling alright?” Jack asked.

“No, these emotions... there getting stronger. I can’t seem to fight them. Don’t know if I want too either...” Sam said, smiling at the hormones stirring up inside her own body.

“We need to get to the church, remember..” Jack spoke this to hopefully get her mind back on track.

His luck paid off, finally spotting Ralph and Tanya quietly pasting across the street.

“There they are.” Jack pointed, as she had again backed into him. This time, her butt nuzzled his crotch.

“Uh, keep your mind on the goal here, please?”

This was getting crazy! Cautiously, Sam looked back, her smile was enough to entice any man. She quickly went forward and again, back into him, harder this time... again feeling the maleness of him against her backsides.

“Now not the time to start thinking about that kind of thing...” Jack scolded her and backed away from her thrust.

“We’ll follow them... You just keep your eye’s peeled behind us.” Sam said,

“Just get us to the church,” Jack stated in a whisper.

“I’m trying too.” Sam felt shame about her own actions.

But inside, she realized something had happened, something felt drastically changed... she felt so many emotions, fear, desire, anger, soft and fuzzy... And her butt could still feel his contact, and her mind kept it alive. She realized to suddenly, this was ruining any chance of them making it to the church...

“Try harder.” Jack said, realizing she was becoming a live wire.

“Follow,” Sam said, moving to the alley street intersection.

“You sure about this?” Jack asked quietly.

“I have to watch where they hole up at.” Sam explained, keeping a beady eye on the mist demon that seemed to be following them. Unable to see any other hounds following them, Sam slowly crossed the street and slid up into a darkened doorway.

Jack looking around them. Back down the ally he had notice a mist demon. It was slowly heading their way. He quickly pulled her into the darkened doorway unknowing holding her hand. She turned and slightly smiled at him, interlocking her fingers within his. He looked at their hands then at her, just smiling at him.

Jack almost shook her hand out of his, getting upset about this, she instantly wrapped her arm around him, trying to draw him in closer.

“If I didn’t know better,” Jack said as she had cuddled into him, her head on he’s chest. “Aw, come-on now.”

In an almost peel, he removed her arms from around his waist. She smiled at it though. A warm feeling, like a breath of fresh air, past through her whole body. Jack just felt embarrassed about the last few minutes. He tried to picture her being a corpse, it wasn’t helping any.

“Remember ’we’re dead... Right?” He whispered to her.

“Yes. I would almost agree with that,” Sam eyed him, feeling alive with these new sensations.

“And, well… dead people aren’t suppose to have… well, sexual feelings. Right?” Jack said, trying to set her straight.

“No, of course not, …?” Sam said, realizing why he might have just said that.

“Just try and keep it together... Your a guardian.” Jack whispered.

“Do you... Am I attractive? You are attracted to me, aren’t you?” Sam asked looking concerned as she gazed into his eyes. She was suddenly aware that it wasn’t his attraction to her... it was her attraction to him!

“Well, if I’m dead, then I guess I can’t be.” Jack had surmised her eyes that had told another story.

“Oh crap, what happening to me?” Sam almost burst out in full volume, realizing too late that it was all her being attracted to him.

“Easy... Just need you to get us to the church. Think you can concentrate just long enough to do that?” Jack asked her flatly.

It was the complete turn around of everything. Her ears began to ring, her eyes watered as she suddenly contemplated that she was having emotional feelings towards him. She was now almost more afraid of him then she was of the demons that lurked around here. Was she crying?

“Oh My God...” She spoke it openly, was she in love?

“Shhh! Are you ‘trying’ to attract them?” Jack creakily whispered to her. Her awe shocked gaze still stared him in the face, tears dribbled down her cheek. In a reach up to wipe her own eyes, she looked at her hands in shock, then into his eyes,

“I’m crying tears,” Sam said, as if her hands were covered in blood.

Her mind was ablaze with things she had never thought of... like love, the soft touches and smiles, of surrender. She quickly realized that she must be losing her mind! How could she even dare be thinking these things? Where did these thoughts come from.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Sam spoke in rapid succession, yet a quieter voice.

“Sam, I need you to ‘catch a grip’ before you get us both killed.” Jack said as she suddenly shut up and was just staring, tears just streaming down her face. Jack froze as well, just glad she had stopped. She had scared him. It was only in a slow turn around that Jack realized something was seriously wrong with her. Her eyes slow connected with his and he saw it, she was in a full out crying jag.

It wasn’t sudden, but there it was. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Jack was at awe and he didn’t understand what this meant, but knew, it couldn’t be a good thing.

“You are, your crying. Your not suppose to cry, right? Why are you crying?” Jack whispered.

“I’m not sure. Suddenly, my mind... it has been flooded with such thoughts... I’m afraid. How is this possible?” Sam said, trying to understand any of her own actions.

“Oh, so not the time to be afraid. Listen to me... You’ve got to get it together, and you got to keep it together... You understand that?” Jack stated, beginning to fear himself.

“I’ve never been this way... Not as long as I can remember.” Sam said, unknowingly pulling out the cross from beneath the neckline of her top. Jack realized that her cross had a supernatural light glow about it, all the guardians crosses had it... he’d seen it. But for some reason, this time, hers wasn’t glowing at all...

“Your cross... It’s not glowing?” Jack pointed out. She looked at it, almost instantly a fear grew within her and she literally coiled herself around Jack. This surprised Jack so much, he didn’t know what to do. And just stood there with her weeping in a tight hug around his chest.

What the hell was going on here? Even to Jack, here in this place, how could she be acting like this? He felt her shiver deeply and clung tighter as if trying to thaw out of a deep freeze.

“This can’t be happening to me,” Sam finally spoke. But it wasn’t the voice of the rough tumble woman that found him. This was the fear of a young girl, she was scared, no terrified! What had Ralph told him? Don’t shy away from her, don’t reject her. Embrace her, at all costs.

“It’s okay, I’m right here. You just don’t understand what’s happening to you, do you?” Jack softly spoke as if to a daughter.

“No... I’m not sure. What I think it is, is not possible,” Sam said trying to collect herself and release her grip from around him.

“Why? What do you think is going on with you?” Jack asked,

“No..., it’s silly... it’s just not possible.” Sam sniffed in a snot. And wiped her face seeing the wetness of her own tears and again began crying, once again falling into the arms of Jack.

“Oh boy...” Jack stated, now returning a caring hug to the woman.

It took a few minutes, but slowly, Sam kind of returned. It was well obvious she wasn’t the kick ass woman he’d first met, and he really didn’t want to say anything that would take her into another crying jag.

“Hey Sam...Sam, we’re kind-ah in the middle of something a little dire here, you still with me?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, just a few more seconds... Please?” Sam said, really trying to cram the lid back on her emotional jar.

“Sure... please, just take your time.” Jack said. At that moment, Sam seemed to grab herself up by her own bootstraps and with a loud sniff, wiping away her own tears clear, her head came up, ready to set to the task at hand.

“You back,” Jack asked.

“Not really, but I do recognize we have something to do.” Sam began to look out and around them.

Jack noticed she was still shivering. What in the hell! Her cross now hung out in the reddish hue of the sky and it wasn’t even glowing. Was she tagged?

“Sam. I need you to be honest with me,” Jack confronted her. “Did you get tagged by a demon?”

She looked him in the eye the eye, and spoke very softly,

“No, something much different, much worse.”

“What do you mean?” Jack asked.

“I got tagged by emotions, they’re turning me into a living mush ball,” Sam said looking at him apathetically.

“What?” Jack asked surprised, “but you’re, we’re dead? I mean we are dead... Aren’t we? The both of us?”

“That’s the scary part, I think I’m like you now. I’ve started having these feelings ever since we wound up here, from the moment I saw you lying in a heap on the floor of that trailer. Feelings that I haven’t felt in, oh my, I don’t remember how long ago. See, in becoming a Guardian, I was given a choice. Enter purgatory alone, or like this...”

“Emotionless, so that’s why you Guardians seem so cold.” Jack stated. “who took them?” Jack asked.

“God, I guess... Not sure.” She replied.

“You were offered to become a Guardian?” Jack asked.

“Or, enter this place alone...” Sam finished.

“...and God told you this?” Jack asked.

“No, it just was... I was told that if I could save a soul, this would end and I could enter god’s realm.”

“God’s realm?”

“You’d call it heaven, I guess.” Sam looked lost.

“... God made you a guardian, then just took it back?” Jack asked confused.

“Jack... I became this way... a long-long time ago.”

“But, you told me you were just sent here from a bar, trying to reclaim the soul of this Fred guy?”

“...I don’t think he was the one that was supposed to be saved. But I thought he was and before he died, I think, or thought, I could somehow save him before he died.” Sam said.

“Okay, but your ‘a Guardian’, what made you think to try and save him?”

“That’s the part I don’t get. See, I was stripped of all feelings and emotions when I became a Guardian, I don’t know what’s happening, and it’s all becoming fuzzier by the minute.” Sam said with a really worried look on her face.

“But I don’t get it.. If they were taken away, how come you’re getting them back now?” Jack asked, really concerned.

“I don’t know, so hard to put into words,” Sam said, seeming to want to cry again.

“So what? You think your getting your soul back or something. You think your soul is saved??” Jack asked, stopping quickly, seeing her beginning to once again tear up.

“...I don’t think it’s about saving your own soul Jack, or about dying. I think it placing someone other than your own soul, first...” Sam wiped her eyes again.

“Wouldn’t that be like suicide?” Jack stated, perplexed.

“Would it?” She looked into his eye’s when she spoke it.

It was these type of debates scholars thrived on, but Jack decided to let it go. They had to complete this mission first, it was the only way to get out of enemy territory...

“... Damn, these emotions... there so overwhelming to me...” She stated, as if she were really trying to stop the transformation. “Jack. This is so weird, and I can’t explain it, so I’m just going to say it, I’m very much attracted to you right now. Don’t know why. It’s like my brain’s trying to make me latch onto you. To never let you go, think I falling in love with you. I know that sounds crazy, I’m trying to fight it, but it just keep’s getting stronger. Jack, I’m not sure I can stop this...” Sam was trying to piece it all together. We had bigger problems heading our way,

A mist demon that had followed them up the ally, entering the middle of the street, it was staking them. It was searching up and down the street, looking for a sign of movement that was unnatural to this place. They both knew to freeze as Sam buried her head into his chest, as a loved one would do seeing a horror movie’s scary part. Jack just held her. It lingered about almost unsure in which direction to travel. And of course it picked the direction the church was in. Jack watched it slowly drifted past them as Jack realized Sam was actually pressing herself hard against him.

In his life, Jack had always sought a woman like the way Sam was acting, and knew ′this wasn’t the time to pursue a romance’...

Jack realized he still had human thoughts and emotions while in this realm, like the stimulation of seeing Sam’s butt wiggle, or the way she raked her hair out of her eyes when checking the street to be clear, and how he stupidly tried to smell her body odor...

She, up until now had been stripped of these. Was it true? Was she becoming like him now? Just another soul in hell’s playground? Then a thought occurred to him,

“Sam. Do you know where the church still is, right?” Jack asked. She looked surprised, then shocked.

“Ah... No... Oh crap! My inner sight, it’s gone!” Sam got excited and scared at the same time.

“It’s okay, it’s going to be okay...” Jack said trying to calm her down.

“No! You don’t understand! Without it, we’re dead. We’re both going to hell...” Sam began to realize.

“We’re not going to hell. Just stick close to me, I’ll find a way, trust me,” Jack said, Sam just nodded in agreement.

“Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong?” Sam asked, fear deeply setting in.

“No, I sure you did something ‘right’...Its okay, we just tot to find Ralph,” Jack stated.

Ralph? Who is Ralph?” Sam asked, not understanding why they needed a person by that name.

“Oh, this is just great...” Jack mumbled feeling truly defeated now.

“Sam, Think... do you have any idea where we are, or why we are here. ” Jack had to ask.

“Kind of, I think...” Sam said, “But it’s all kind of fuzzy,”

“Our souls are trapped here, that’s why we’re trying to get to the church. Do you have any idea how far that might be? Or something, anything you can remember about this place?” Jack informed her.

“A Church? Oh, but my head... feels like it’s in a washing machine. Okay... I remember. Ralph, he another guardian.” Sam said.

“Okay, good.. Just need you to follow me, we’re going to move now. From now on, you stay directly behind me, I’ll get us through this.” Jack stated, having somewhat learned the ropes about this place.

“Okay.” Sam said, not even challenging him.

“Lord... one day. Me and you, we’re going to talk.” Jack stated quietly looking up into the red clouded skies.

“Ralph, he went in there.” Sam stated and pointed.

Sam had actually seen where Ralph and Tanya had ducked in, but it would take a few more minutes to let the demons pass to get to them there safely. Ralph would know what to do. They waited out the minutes, as he felt Sam once again cling tightly around his waist...

“It will be alright, I won’t let you go.” Jack comforted her.

He noticed she was slipping farther into being a normal woman. Her hand reached up and caressed his face. As he looked into her eyes, he realized that they were in deep trouble here. The cost clear, he said to her,

“Ready? Let’s go.” Jack said.

In swift movement they crept along the buildings outer edge, she seem to insist in holding his hand as they made their way to the Guardian ‘Ralph’, who had been waiting for them.

There was an open buildings doorway, Jack led Sam inside, quickly closing the door behind them. He’d barely notice them as they stood still in the larger room.

“Ralph. We got a problem...” Jack quietly spoke up.

“I’d say.” Ralph concurred without emotion.

“Sam don’t know the way to the church, she can’t see it. And her cross don’t glow anymore.” Jack said, as a smiling Sam had curled up to him wrapping her arms around his waist as if he were a float devise in a large ocean.

“I see. It’s happening this quickly? She must really trust you... That’s a very good sign.” Ralph said.

“Huh? She thinks she’s falling in love with me. She’s now no longer a Guardian and you say it’s a good sign?” Jack questioned, unable to see the clarity of his face in the deeply darkened room.

“...what I wouldn’t give to be her,” Ralph said.

“What?” Jack couldn’t comprehend why he’d say that.

“She’s being freed from all this. She now has the chance to move on... She’s been forgiven.” Ralph stated trying to smile about it.

“Yeah, well if she’s free and I’m free... And we can’t find the church... She thinks we're both going to hell.”

“Going to hell?” Ralph stated in a repeat.

“God, I wish I could see you, I’d punch you in the nose.” Jack almost fumed, half tempted to take a blind swing anyway.

Ralph pulled out his cross as the whole area lit up. Was he actually going to give him a free poke? Jack froze as Ralph just walked up to Sam. He slowly removed her cross from around her neck, then placed it around Jack’s neck. In a way he seemed to be presenting it to him. As soon as it landed on his skin, it began glowing...

“Holy shit...” Jack realized , so many things had just changed. His mind became clear as a bell. It seemed ALL the answers to every question he’d ever asked were now ‘there’!

“Take this...”

“What? Oh no, I’m not becoming a guardian.” Jack almost tried to take off the cross.

“Not you.” Ralph almost smiled. “The man who’s soul you wearing...”

It took a second for Jack to comprehend what Ralph had said. Again Ralph stepped back, placing his own cross away. The room was still lit up brightly. It was the cross that jack now wore that shone so brightly. Jack was almost fearful to accept it, but he felt he had too accept it.

“Okay. But this does not mean I’m a Guardian, right? I mean Fred Wallabash is, but not me... Right?” Jack stated.

“You just answered your own question. So yes, that would be correct. It just that it must a Profit that has to witness this blessed event.” Ralph stated, and with that, Jack placed away his cross. The darkness enveloped them all, yet, he could see things much different then when he first entered this dark room.

“So, I’m just here to what, witness the event through is soul?”

“More or less, the acceptance has to be recorded.” Ralph stated.

“So, I’m the one that has to get Sam to the church?” Jack asked.

“Its not as easy as it look’s. As of now, you are the brightest beacon on this plane of existence.

Jack stood in the darkness. There was no given light in the room, he knew that, but still something was allowing him to see everything around him. As he looked around, thin silver lines encompassed almost everybody and item within the room, little bright lines.

“Oh wow, you guys see like this all the time?” Jack asked quietly as he walked over to a rack of cans. Easily able to count each and every one, he picked one up with a smile. Sam huddled with the other two. All three were women. He could easily pick out Sam and Tanya from the newest one freed just and hour ago.

“But hey, we still have a problem. I don’t know where the church is...” Jack explained.

“Oh, but yes, you do,” Ralph stated.

“Uh, no I don’t. Sam did, but she lost the… Oh, but now I do... I get it.” Jack said, finally catching on to what Ralph was aiming at.

“A little slow out of the gate, but you’ll catch on.” Ralph noted.

“Remember... new to this. First timer..” Jack stated.

“My advice is... to get Samantha to the church without any interference. Her coronation awaits her.” Ralph suggested.

“Coronation?” Jack seemed surprised. “What? Is she going to turn into an angel or something?”

“Maybe, not sure. All you need to know is that God has something special lined up for her... So, I’d make sure she got there in one piece.” Ralph informed Jack.

“I see... Literally.” Jack stated, as all sorts of things seemed to line up in his thoughts on getting her there.

“I just hope Sam has taught you enough to get her to the church safely.” Ralph said, taking the hand of Tanya and headed for the door.

“Oh we’ll be there.” Jack said.

“Hope so. I’d hate to lose Sam ‘this close’ to the end of her penitence...” Ralph stated.

“Hey, so... what happens to me?” Jack asked.

“Just safely find your way to the church. Oh, and watch Sam carefully. Her memory of being what she was, is quickly fading. Do not rely on her at all. She is now like you were when you first got here, clueless.” Ralph stated opening the door and leaving.

“Oh, that’s just great.” Jack surmised.

Jack looked at Sam. She had heard and seen everything that had just transpired but hadn’t said a single word. Her eye’s showed fear and confusion, holding on to his mid-section. He swore she was trying to get her hand in his pants...

“Hey. Easy there...You’ll be alright, just stop trying to fondle the merchandise, okay?” Jack said, pulling her hands out from his waistband.

“Don’t you love me, Jack?” Sam asked.

“Yes, of course I do..” Sam openly lied. ’where did that come from, it sounded so truthful..”

“Do you really mean it? You love me?”

“Of course, we just need to get to the church from here...” Jack stated.

“The church? why is it so dark in here?” Sam asked.

“Can you recall anything... Of where we’re at? And nothing about the mean dogs?”

“Your kind of scaring me... Dogs? Jack...” Sam stated.

“I got to find a path to the church... Don’t worry, I’m going to get us there. Sam, it’s going to be okay.” Jack said, taking the first steps to the front door of this store.

“Yes. I understand that I have to trust you. Jack, please, don’t trust me. You shouldn’t, okay?” Sam requested, allowing him to lead her towards the door.

“I love you, hey want to get married?” Jack said.

As Ralph and Tanya had already left. It was their turn to depart. Jack thought they’d take turns watching over each other as they all made there way to the church.

As Jack opened the door, he could sense the others and their charges had taken a different route towards the church. However, everything out here had changed... mystical lights, almost to the colors of the Northern lights, showed everything! Nothing was hidden by the red tint light that seemed to consume this place. Not the darkness or even the buildings could hide what shone in a true radiance... It was the church.

“Sam, it’s so beautiful.” Jack whispered.

“What is?” Sam asked.

“The glow the church gives off.” Jack said in awe.

“I was once told it was the truth of god’s love your seeing...” Sam seemed to remember about the glow.

“You remember that?” Jack said, finally taking his eyes off of it.

“It’s all slipping away...” Sam, knew this wasn’t right.

Then, he looked around. Instantly he’s spotted three demons less than a block from them. With this new sight, it was much easier to spot them, though unlike being able to see the other guardian’s positions, he couldn’t see those demons that were out of plain sight.

“Okay, Sam. Need you to stand here with me and be real quiet, there’s a semi solid dog heading our way.” Jack whispered. Sam again buried her her into his back.

“A bad dog? No. Don’t want to see it.” Sam said

Jack watched as the demon walked passed, just a few feet away from them, down the sidewalk. It never once suspected that the two were right there in the folds of the shadow. Slowly, casually, it walked past. In a minute it was fifty yards away, by the second minute it was gone. Another look around, and it was completely clear.

“Ready to go? Dog’s gone,” Jack told Sam. Sam nodded her head in his shoulder. Pulling her head up and gripping his upper arm, she waited for his movement.

In a dart, the two took off down the edge of the buildings darkness, in a quick change of direction, Jack headed down yet another alleyway. But froze less then twenty yards in, bringing Sam to an abrupt halt.

Quickly looking for the darkest spot available, a semi demon had spotted them and was advancing at a trot. Almost yanking Sam’s arm out of her socket, he dragged her into a very dark door frame and she began to whimper...

“Shhh, Bad dog will get us... quiet.” Jack scolded as she stopped, burying her head into his shoulder. Again, in his shoulder, she nodded, remaining quiet. The hell hound had heard her, turning it’s direction towards them...

The semi solid creature had trotted almost straight up to where they stood frozen but only looked into the dark shadow. It’s nose was less then two foot away from Jack’s crotch...

The demon held there for a second, and then casually turned and seemed to follow the trail they had just come from, though it had no idea they were that close.

Jack watched as the creature turned onto the street and finally disappeared around a corner, as he stepped out almost coming face to face with a Mist demon, one he hadn’t even noticed. Scared to crap, he just pushed Sam back into the corner as he stepped into the shadow himself. The shadow demon had seen him as well, but that quickly had lost the memory that Jack was even there and seemed to drift off in another direction.

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