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If Jack had a heart right now, it would have been beating rapidly high in his throat. He took his hand and quickly covered Sam’s mouth, less she try and talk. Slowly but surely it moseyed right on past. As it left the area, Jack seriously looked in all directions before speaking,

“Holy crap that was close.” Jack sighed.

There came another hell hound from around a near-by corner. This place was crawling with them. The semi demon walked right up to the edge of the shadow as it seemed to be peering within the darkness. Though they stood only inches from it snout, it had no idea they were there. It seemed to quickly lose interest, turned, and sauntered off, looking for other signs of a soul nearby.

It was only about a half a minute before Jack realized Sam was twitching behind him. As he turned to look at her, he understood the movements, she was crying.

“Hey... hey. It’s alright.” Jack drew her close, as she seemed to literally fall apart in his arms.

“I’m just so scared. I’ve never felt this way before. What’s happening to me?” Sam almost sobbed.

“I think…” Jack formulated, “you’re changing.”

“It so overwhelming. Oh crap, I don’t like this.” Sam said openly. Jack just smiled at her.

“Yeah. I know. It’s all pretty scary, huh?. I’ll be right here.” Jack tried to comfort her. She just nodded into his shoulder as she let another sob of whimpers out of her racked body.

It would take a few minutes before she could collect herself enough to continue. In a huff of strength, she wiped actual tears away, acting as if she didn’t understand what they were.

“Those are tears. You’re not defective, okay?” Jack stated as she nodded to this answer.

“These thoughts I’m having, there so crazy. Do I trust them?” Sam asked.

“It’s all a part of god’s design, I guess.” Jack suggested. “We got to get going again, you ready to continue?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Sam sniffled one last time.

Jack looked up down the alley and realized everything was clear. The church didn’t seem that far off, maybe three or four blocks off.

“That was another demon, wasn’t it?” Sam said, looking around herself.

“Yes. Crap, that was two of them within thirty yards of each other... No wonder your head always seemed like it was on a swivel,” Jack realized she was slipping ‘in and out’ more and more. Right now, she was here...

“Something tells me it’s going to be much worse as we get closer to the church.” Sam stated.

“Past experience or just guessing?” Jack questioned.

“Not sure, just felt proper to say...” Sam offered.

“Great., that’s something I’m not going to be looking forward too,” Jack stated, again ready to leave the shadow of the door frame. “We’re moving... Let’s go, and stay close.”

Without any demons blocking their way, Jack led Sam by the hand, cautiously as his head did the same thing Sam’s use to do, looking everywhere. In quick steps they had made it to another street. Again, the church’s glow stood out like a bright neon sign above the buildings.

He noticed three, no five, demons patrolled the street. Only one was mist, two semi-bodied and two full-bodied demons roamed within the street leading to the church. Looking in the opposite direction, there were two semi demons seeming to search the realms of the buildings shadows. The ally across the street seemed clear. That was the best route to take safely.

He checked behind them, hugging a walls shadow as Sam did the same. Nothing around them,

“On three we’re crossing to the other ally... one, two... three.” Jack said in a light voice, as the both of them zipped across the street in full view. Jacking them selves up against a shadowed wall, he looked to see if their movement had attracted any of them... No. Good.

Peering deeper down the alley. A very dark doorway stood out. It was about halfway down the alley as Jack pointed it out to her. She nodded ‘yes’ and they both instantly took flight for its safety...

It was rather sudden, as they ran for the cover, a semi-bodied demon had spotted there dart across the open street and was instantly in perused to capture them. It had just rounded the corner of the alleyway and was now ten yards behind them, in a full run. It was going to be close,

In a slam into the darkness, a wall of solid concrete brought both of them to a dead stop as they both bounced off of it into a recessed door that didn’t budge itself. The sudden stop and bounce almost caused Jack to fall back into the slightly lit alleyway. If it weren’t for Sam actually holding his hand so tightly, he would have surely bounced right in front of that demon.

Dazed, he realized the demon had tried to stop its full run before the shadow... However, it didn’t have the distance to stop it forward momentum as they watched it dissolve into a ball of flame as it crossed the darkness of the unseen shadow.

It all happened in a flash as Jack threw his body in front of Sam to protect her. There was no sound, no yelp of pain, just a demon turning into a ball of flame and instantly into nothing. It was like the shadow had eaten it whole.

It took a second to recover from the reprieve of death but as he looked out and in both directions of the alley, the cost was once again clear of any demons.

“No wonder the damn things stay out of the shadows,” Jack spoke lightly. “I’ll take it, that doesn’t happen too much down here,”

“Not sure... I think, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that happen,” Sam said, rubbing her forehead where she had smacked into the wall.

“Really?” Jack questioned.

“I think...” Sam said, again helping him now to spot any more demons.

“Personally, I thought we were toast.” Jack almost smiled about there good fortune.

“Don’t say things like that...” Sam said, still looked a bit unraveled over the whole thing.

“Okay, look’s clear... We’re moving again, Ready?” Jack asked, and again she nodded.

They again hurriedly headed to the end of this ally. To Jack’s surprise, there wasn’t a single demon on the entire block as he looked up and down the entire street... There was nothing.

“Okay, this is weird. Where are they all?” Jack quietly pondered. Sam stayed quiet, still grasping his hand tightly. In a semi dark shadow that hung over the buildings on this street, Jack plotted a course to the church.

As he sought to seek out the all dark shadows for coverage ahead, he seriously feared that a trap may lay in wait, in fact, he was sure of it. They’d just made it to the end of the block, as a corner doorway was a deep dark recess provided the ultimate coverage. Guiding Sam into it, he scouted the four directions of this crossroads. It was almost too quiet.

Then as if to upset the quietness, the girl that they’d saved from the apartment, had just turned the corner... She was alone!

A block from the direction where they’d just come from. She was running at a top rate of speed as Jack suddenly realized that she had a solid demon in quick pursuit.

In trying to out run the demon, she neared them. Jack could only watch, wanting to go and save her. But, he realized, cowering in the darkened recess, as the demon closed the gap much quicker than even he thought... She had no chance, the gap smaller by her every step,

Her final rebellion was only to let out a blood curtailing scream, as the demon leap into the air, cascading into her from behind knocking her down with its teeth already digging into her neck. She thrashed only a few times, going limp. Then her arm moved and her finger’s clenched... She was still alive!

The hell hound had not ended it, as Jack thought he would have. It seemed to be holding her. She flopped around as if electricity coursed through her entire body. It seemed to be waiting, holding it’s prey, and Jack soon understood why...

Four other demons two semi and two mist demons seemed to appear out of nowhere. Each wanting a piece of the kill.

The hell hound literally held her in place until all of them had gathered around... Right in front of them, Jack watched, Sam turned away as they literally shredded her body apart... Literally, piece by piece. There was no sounds except the gnashing of their teeth and the tearing of her flesh. No growls, not even the slobbering sounds of digesting her.

One had tore lose her head, grabbed at her skull’s base and slipped away from the others walking with its trophy grasped firmly between its teeth. Two late arrival’s entered the frenzy and tore off a leg, heading off in the opposite direction, then an arm, in a fierce tug, the other arm. The last leg being tugged off, as only half a torso left, some bones and entrails laid about. They tore into her body as if they’d never ate before. She was being quickly consumed...

Looking at the dismemberment of her body, Jack watched, as they slowly, every piece deconstructed and either ate or hauled off. The others having engorged on what they got, sought to find yet another soul in there endless quest of soul nourishment as the mist demons moved in for the clean up of remains, some actually licking the ground for any forgotten liquids. It was all over in less then five minutes. Sam hadn’t even thought to look at the carnage.

Jack watched in aghast as even the mist demons moved on as well. Looking to the spot where this had just happened, there wasn’t even a remote trace of her left behind. Not a bone. Lock of hair. A single tooth, not even a blood stain was left behind.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Jack tried to stomach what he’d just witnessed.

“...and now, she in hell.” Sam spoke up softly, again weeping.

“May she rest in peace...” Jack mouthed.

“She will never rest in peace again. As I was told, her soul will be devoured like that and reformed in a never ending cycle till Satan get’s his way.” Sam said.

“Why did she run in the first place? I don’t understand.” Jack asked.

“Mainly, she took her own soul into her own hands instead of trusting god to save her. Which is what we’re doing here... Guardians that is.” Sam pointed to her guardian, huddled in a shadow just down the street she’ d run from. Her look was of sorrow, and in a revealing move she took out her own glowing cross and kissed it. In a bright flash of pure white brilliant light, she was gone.

“Off to find another soul to save,” Sam related.

“And that’s it?” Jack asked.

“That’s it”

“Then, wait. Did you ever save a soul?” Jack asked.

“Don’t remember, probably not. We lose so many.” Sam recalled the best she could, tears again streaming down her face.

“Oh god.” Jack realized how exactingly hard it was to gain a blessing from god.

“He is the only god.” Sam stated as she seemed to get very dizzy. She collapsed as if struck unconscious as he tried desperately to revive her. Finally, she came too. Jack wasn’t sure what had just happened to her.

In silence they stood. Jack unable to wrap his head around this whole thing, Sam just wanting to hold him in an effort of human self comfort. In that, they stood for what seemed to be an hour. In that time, not a single demon had walked within sight of the four roads. Jack realized this... Not a single demon.

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