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“Where are they?” Jack asked, as Sam was now almost purring with content to be wrapped around this man.

“Where are who darling?” Sam asked in a very seductive way.

“Where are...The demons,” Jack stated, trying to spot even one of them. He suddenly realized she wasn’t acting right.

“What demons?” Sam stated, not seeming to care either way about it.

“That’s what I’m talking about. There are none.” Jack wanted her to notice this, but she only had eyes for him.

“Well, that’s a good thing, right honey?” Sam smiled at him, now studying his facial features way too closely.

“No, it’s not a good thing... We have to get to the church.” Jack stated, realizing she was going to be no longer any use to him.

“Why? We are getting married?” Sam seemed to stupidly ask him.

Jack just looked at her. She wasn’t the same person he’d met. She seemed totally ignorant of the whole reason they both were here. Now he realized. It would have to be his job to make sure she trusted him, by hook or crook.

“Married? Of course we are, That’s why we’re heading for the church. ” Jack lied. He had to think quickly about what to say next. “but were running a bit late. You don’t want to be late for your own wedding do you?” Jack said in all falsehood.

“Of course not silly.” Sam smiled at him, total affection in her eyes.

“Okay, but if you get bit by a dog, the weddings off, you understand?” Jack told her.

“Bit by a dog? Why would that happen?” Sam asked, concerned that he was trying to derail such a blissful idea as holy matrimony.

“Because, if you get bit, I wouldn’t be able to marry you, because we’d have to go to the hospital, right?” Jack surmised. Would it work?

“Then, I’ll never let one of them bite me.” Sam smiled up at him.

“Good. Then let’s go get married. Oh, and remember, dog’s don’t like the dark shadows.. at all.” Jack introduced.

“The dark shadows?” Sam spoke weirdly confused.

“The dark shadows, they make us invisible to them.” Jack warned her.

“Okay, if you say so... I promise, I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.” Sam smiled a sexy smile, now willing to be led into a wood chipper for him.

“Come on… and stay in the darker shadows.” Jack said, slowly leading her again in the direction of the church.

“Sure,” Sam said almost singing, “I’m getting married...”

It was all on Jack now. Somehow the whole ball of wax had been placed squarely into his hands. He was just about two blocks short of the church, and was now sure all the demons were just laying in wait for him to make an appearance. Just how would he do this? He had no idea. And slowly they made it a block from the church.

He finally could see the church. It was so not like he imagined. It seemed more like a fortress than a church. Walls of solid stone, rising twenty or thirty feet into the air, as the sky above it sheared away the red tint as it seem to glow a most majestic light blue. The air itself almost shimmered, seeming to somehow draw him to it. Then he really looked, and he was at awe,

There were wrecked cars all around the church, some had actually crashed into the building itself. But in between them and it, the streets were literally littered with demons... Dozens of them.

They were all pacing in around, not really guarding the church, but prowling in almost circular patterns. They were all waiting for them, the lost souls.

“Oh, crap. Now what?” Jack asked himself as Ralph and Tanya were coming up behind them.

“This is usually where we all fail.” Ralph stated, as Jack acknowledged his presents.

“You waited for us?” Jack asked.

“Of course, where’s…?”

“They didn’t make it...” Jack testified, as Ralph understood all to well what had probably happened.

“I see.” Ralph quietly stated, seeing Sam holding Jacks hand in an interlocked statement. He just seem to smile at Sam, who just had to blab,

“We’re getting married.”

“Well. Good for you two.” Ralph stated, playing along with the ruse.

“...if I don’t get bit by a dog,” She announced in a seemingly bimbo fashion.

“Gracious, I hope that don’t happen then.” Ralph almost forced a smiled at her.

“She has gotten simpler the closer we get to that building.” Jack told Ralph, who almost smiled at him too.

“That’s kind of to be expected. She is turning innocent. She’s done her penance...” Ralph planted a finger in the dike. It made sense to Jack now. Having lied to her may actually save her life, if he worked this right.

“So, now what?” Jack asked Ralph.

“Beats me...” Ralph looked down the road at all the demons just waiting for them.

“Why aren’t they trying to attack us?”

“Because, they know we have to get past them. The closer we get to them, the closer they get to the doors.” Ralph said, having watched this played out before.

“I see,” Jack said, thinking of something. “Sam called me a profit. Said I was more special then her or you. Is that true?”

“Yes. It seems very true... Why? What’s your point here?”

“You think those demons think the same way?” Jack had said out of curiosity.

“I would say you’re light burns much brighter than ours right now, and yes they would be more attracted to you then us, why?”

“I think I know how to get you two into the church safely,” Jack was already hatching a plan.

“Us? What about you and Sam?” Ralph stated almost shocked at the mans statement.

“Oh, trust me, we’ll be right behind you. In fact, you’ll need to keep the door open for us.” Jack smiled at him. Looking near them, parked real pretty like, a ready to roll car…

Ralph didn’t know what Jack was planning, but by his smile had had one heck of a plan hatching. Ralph looked at Tanya, and she smiled back at him, knowing that Jack would be letting them get to the church safely.

“Okay, just tell us when to start running.” Ralph agreed.

“Hey woman, want to go for a ride once around the block in my new car before we get married?” Jack pointed the car out to Sam who just smiled and happily nodded in agreement. Ralph then remembered the trick he pulled before, and quickly understood the plan.

“I’ll have that door open, waiting for you.” Ralph stated as Jack and Sam literally walked out into the street to where the car waited.

The demons had well spotted Jack, and were highly interested in his every movement. The mist demons had instinctively begun to slowly drift towards his position, unable to control their conditioning. The semi solids wanted to head in Jack’s direction too, but fought the urge, kind of knowing, he’d be soon heading towards them. The solid demons were staying put, until he got close enough to pounce.

“Do you think he can pull it off?” Tanya asked.

“Actually, I do.” Ralph admitted watching Jack and Sam climb into the car. “Okay, let’s get ready to get to the church, soon as it clears out.”

It was a rather slick plan, as Jack started the car and turned on the radio almost full blast. This made the semi demons so want to run up on them, and the solids took a few steps towards them, trying to resist the temptation of the chase.

Jack was watching there every quiver, as he started up the car. The mist demons had made it half way up the block, which so tempted the semi demons that at least a few began to head off in that direction as well. Jack, realizing he had there full attention, knew it was time to fully hook them.

Jack jammed the car into a forward gear and punched the gas pedal with his foot. He was now accelerating right into the crowd of mist demons who seem to disperse as he hit them. Driving right through them, and heading straight for the church doors, the demons all knew this was it!

At the last second, jack hit the brakes as he rounded the corner almost on two wheels, in hopes he had attracted all of the solids. He felt a few thumps as he creamed a few semi demons going around the corner. But looking back, it had worked like a charm.

Every single ‘semi’ and ‘full’ demon was now in hot pursuit of them as they quickly rounded a left at the very next corner. It seemed both semi and full demon carried the same ‘speed’. Jack made sure not to try and lose the pack, not just yet anyway, as the faster ones urged him to speed up just a tad quicker. Around the second corner, and tires just a squealing Sam seemed to be fully enjoying this ride herself.

“...having fun baby?” Jack asked, as she smiled. He looked back at the dog’s chasing them.

“We’re going back to the church, right?” Sam smilingly asked.

“Just going, once around the block…” Jack said.

Ralph and Tanya watched in amazement as every single demon in this realm was now chasing that car around the block.
“Come-on... we got to get to the church and get the doors open.” Ralph said in open run to the church.

In the background they could hear Jack and Sam zip down the road they just ran from.


Ralph and Tanya had to zigzag through a few cars to get to the church doors that were now totally clear and without a single demon present. They easily tugged on the doors opening them together. Opening the door Ralph told Tanya,

“Do not look inside till Jacks hand is on the door, understand?”

“Yeah,” Tanya agreed.

“Seriously. It will be the hardest thing your soul has ever done. But you have too, in order to save Jack and Sam’s soul, understand?”

“Yes. I understand.” Tanya announced openly as they fully opened the door.

Tanya suddenly realized what Ralph had meant. It seemed so hard to resist the peace and tranquility inside. The soothing sensation at her back beckoned as she watched for Jack and Sam to come barreling around that last corner. This was getting harder by the second.

There they were, squealing tires as they rounded the corner. And not a demon in sight as they hit the gas once more...

“We’re in the home stretch babe. I bet I can beat you into the church!” Jack almost laughed at Sam in the dare.

“Not a chance,” Sam smiled seeing all the cars cluttering the way. On that note Jack jammed on the brakes coming to a skidding stop. Lightly tapping a car’s rear end as they both had about twenty meters to run to get to the churches entrance.

Around the corner, about eighty meters behind them both, every hell hound on this plain was striving at breakneck speeds to catch them. Both Sam and Jack flew nimble footed in flight towards the awaiting open doors. Jack dared not look back,

“Catch me babe… I’m going to beat you!” He urged her onward, just a step or two ahead of her.

“No your not!” Sam almost laughingly, trying to out do him.

Tanya , holding onto the door, was losing the battle as she watched the both of them tearing towards the open door. The beauty she felt at her back was better than a warm fuzzy blanket, the contentment that pulled at her was far better than her own mother’s kiss. She was truly home, all’s she had to do is turn around...

They were ten meter’s away as Tanya could no longer bare it, she began to let go of the doors constant relentless pressure. Ralph’s screams were blocked out by soothing sounds, they were like spring birds chirping.

Tanya wanted to see all the pretty birds... Her grip was slipping as it no longer seemed to matter... the birds.

Ralph, now straining with ever fiber of his soul, was determined to keep this door open. He was slowly losing the battle... The door now only half open, narrowed by Ralph’s physical presents, had left very little room to squeeze through. Stopping just ahead of Sam, Jack pushed her through,

Trying to get past Ralph as the full pack of demons was at his back in a full charge for him. Ralph had grabbed him by the hand and was pulled him hard into the church. On the way in, his foot! Something had grabbed Jack’s foot! And there was PAIN! A pain as if his foot had already melted away by molten lava.

Whatever happened after that moment I could not tell you. As I said in the beginning of this story, I woke up soaked in sweat and my hand outstretched. It was so real. The ice has now had melted into a puddle on to the floor, but as I removed the towel from my foot, the claw marks were still very present. What I was suppose to witness I never understood. Was any of it real? Just a few hours from now, even I’ll have trouble believing it did happen. Only with the exception of the claw marks, and me writing this down, I know of it.

But even then, some could say that this might be done by physic semantic thinking. I don’t know, I just don’t know.

Later, I’ll wondered what ever happened to the guardian who lost her charge. To Ralph & Tanya… And... I’ll always wonder... Did Sam ever get her wings? Did she become human again, I really wonder about that...

Anyway... now that this story is finally out of my head, maybe I can gsome rest. This story will go into the box of untold stories... storing it with many of my other weird writings... Just another story that will probably never see the light of day.

In a way, I’m glad nobody will be able to read any of these writings... they’d think I was certifiable....


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