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Imagine that you were in a coma then you wake up as someone different in a different world. That's what's happening to me. I'm Zayla Golden and somewhere I've never been before. The last thing I remember was walking on a street and BOOM!!! I got hit. How did I get here. This place is amazing!!

Fantasy / Drama
Satans Child_666
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Chapter 1: The realization

Where am I? How did I get here? I look down. THIS IS NOT MY BODY! Wasn’t I hit by a car?? AM I DEAD!?!? I pinch myself “OW!” Nope, I’m alive but, how am I alive I got hit?

I felt someone tap my shoulder and say, “Babe, are you coming?” I turn quickly in fear. Who is he and, why is he calling me ‘babe’. I asked him who he was, but he was confused. “Babe, I’m your boyfriend, James.” James?! I didn’t know a ‘James’. Then I remembered I’m not in my body. Could it be that I am in someone else’s body?

I looked at him and said, “Baby, I’m just joking haha,” “oh, okay, haha,” he turned towards a restaurant. It looked like a place for rich people. Then I took a closer look at our clothes. We were in fancy clothes. Were we going to eat here? Do we work here? As I follow him in the building, someone greets us. ” Hello, Mr. Sanchiser and Ms. Drans, “I must be Ms. Drans, ” Hello Mr. Elliott, “James says and, I say the same.

After we talked to ‘Mr.Elliott’, we went to a table and, we talked for a bit. I ended up telling him I needed to go to the bathroom. When I got in there I waited till all the girls were out of there, then I looked in the mirror.

I was in shock. It was beautiful! I know this is not me! I was an ordinary gamer who didn’t even look at dresses. Well, I played a lot of video games like this, I just need to find more info about myself, then I will be good! I can do this, it’s just like a video game!

So this is just like a video game. Right? So this will be pretty straightforward! I walk out of the bathroom to see my ‘boyfriend’ waiting impatiently for me. I go to sit awkwardly at the table and see the server. “Good afternoon. What can I get you for today?”

I was reading the menu when James told the server, “We will take a salad and a crab.” “Okay, that’s a great choice!” she replied with a smile. I was very unsettled but, maybe he recalled what her personal favorites were and what she can and can’t ingest. As a result, I tried to restrain my anger.

As we were waiting for our food, we were awkwardly waiting in uncomfortable silence until he said something. “So uh... how was your day?” I was looking at the ground until he said that. I looked up and replied, “My day was okay.” he looked at me” That’s good.” we sat even more awkward than before until the food came.

Usually, I would stuff my face but since I was in this girl’s body I can’t act like how I usually would. So instead of stuffing my face, I tried to use the manners that my mom taught me.I never thought this manners stuff would really help so much.

After we had eaten, we were on our way home. ”Well, I really enjoyed this date!”I said with a fake smile. ”Yeah, I enjoyed it too,”he replied. We walked to his car, and he drove me home or what I assume would be my home.

When we got there, he looked at me. ”Well this is your stop,” he said sounding sad. “What’s wrong?”I say concerned. ”I don’t want you to go, won’t you come to my place tonight.”I looked at him blushing a bit when he said that. “Look I am just not ready for that kind of stuff right now okay?” “Okay...”he replied sadly.

He started to lean in for a kiss. I really didn’t want to do it but I couldn’t just say no or he would be suspicious. So I let him kiss me I kinda kissed him back but... this was my first kiss or well technically it’s not my kiss but yeah.

We kiss, and I get out of the car and rush through the keys trying to find the right one. Right, when I get inside, I go to the bathroom and wash my lips and mouth. Not only was that my first kiss, but I also had to have my first kiss on someone else’s body I mean that’s disgusting!

After I am done doing that, I go to what should be my bedroom. Wow, this is a nice bedroom I mean it’s huge it’s almost as big as my living room in my apartment!

I was so excited when I got there.I immediately look at ′Ms.Drans′ closet trying to find some sweatpants and a big hoodie. You don’t know how happy I was when I found a big hoodie and sweatpants.I started crying when I saw them cause I didn’t think she actually had any but I was glad that she did have some.

I started looking in her kitchen. I hope she isn’t the kind of girl that are like “I don’t eat gluten and don’t eat anything with carbs or anything that will make me gain weight” I hate those kinds of girls! But guess what!I found it...DORITOS! I saw them in the way back of the bottom cupboards.

I went to the living room with the bag of Doritos in a big hoodie and sweatpants. I found the remote and looked to see what was on. What I saw were a bunch of reality shows. Ugh! This stuff is so boring! I went to the computer in my bedroom. Now let's see if I can find some good stuff on here.

I put the computer in incognito so it wouldn't effect anything in the future. Okay I just have log into my Netflix on here and I will be good. I get on there and start watching some good old anime.


Hey, guys I though since this was so short that I would add more to it. I will make sure that every chapter in every book from now on will have at least 1,000 words! So expect to see this more often!

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