Ms. Drans

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Chapter 2: The game

As I am sitting watching anime, a little dog runs into the room. How did I not notice the dog in the house? He must think I am Ms. Drans. Well, technically, I am, but we’re not going to talk about that.

When I was sitting there petting the dog, I thought about it. Shouldn’t I be trying to find info about myself? I stop watching anime to do so. Okay, got it!

So, Ms. Drans is the boss of...wait! You are telling me this lady is the boss of THE L.O.U.D.! I don’t remember what it stands for, but I know it’s something important!

I read more about her, but I ended up getting bored so, I went back to watching anime. How could she be that important? How am I suppose to act like her?

Someone knocks on the door, and the puppy starts barking. I quickly leave, Netflix, and went to the door. “Hello?” I asked, peeking through the eye hole in the door. It was a little boy. “H-hi, do you know where North 15 and G are?” Asked the little boy. North 15 and G, that’s really far! I wonder why this kid needs to go there.

“That’s rather far kid, what’s your reason for going there?” He took a second to answer, “I-I have to meet someone there.” A kid has someone to meet there? Now that sounds fishy. “Do you want me to bring you there?” He nodded.

I got dressed and grabbed the keys to her car. Luckily I just got my driver’s license. But, the thing is, SHE HAS SO MANY CARS! I want to pick the most normal out of all of them. I went to her garage with the kid -it was cold out so, I let him in-, to look at the cars.

I don’t think any of them look normal except for one. It was a 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV. I was surprised to see a normal car! After 2 minutes of jumbling through keys to find the right one for the Honda. We got in the car and opened the garage door.

Finally, I figured out how to use this car. Now that we’re on the road, I ask him some questions. “So, uh, kid, what’s your name?” “Sorien, Sorien Gultine,” He replied shyly, “Nice to meet you! I am Z- I mean Jessica!” I say brightly.

On the way to N 15th and G, we continue talking. After a few minutes of talking we arrive. This place is so eerie. It’s so dark and gloomy why does this kid need to meet someone there? “Hey, Sori, who do you need to meet here and why?”

“S-Sori?” he asked kind of blushing. “Yeah it’s a new nick-name for you,” I say smiling. He smiles back, “I have to meet a guy here his name is L-Laren I don’t know his last name. I have to meet him here because he took my mom from me and I have to do something to get her back. If I turn myself to him he will let her go so she can go back to taking care of my little sister.”

“What’s wrong with your little sister?” He starts to tear up “She has cancer...” I look at him “Oh, that must suck...” I say, wiping his tears. He nods, “My mom has been checking up on her and taking care of her, my sister must be getting worried. So I have to make sure mom is safe and bring her back to my sister! And, if trading me with my mom is what it takes... then I will do it.”

I look at the kid and I can tell that he is serious. This kid has a lot of balls, I kind of envy him. I hope he stays like this when he gets older. “Don’t you think that your sister would miss you too?”

He looks up, “Probably not, I only met her when she was sleeping she never actually met me.” He says looking down and his fidgeting hands. “Oh, you must care about her a lot even though you never actually got to know her”

He nods and smiles, “I never got to meet her but, mom did. She tells me all about my little sister and her day with her.” I smile, “Are you sure you want to do this?” He nods, once more. “I have to do this, even if I don’t want to.” He says determinedly.

“I’ll stay here just in case something goes wrong okay?” I say, concerned. “Okay...” He replied. He gets out of the car and starts walking up to the door. I could feel his fear even from here.

-Sorien’s POV-

I walk into the dark, abandoned building. I don’t like it here, I know it’s not safe here but I have to keep walking. If I do this mom can go back home... a tear rolls down my cheek. I wipe it away and look around.

The lights suddenly turn on. “Well, well, well... look who we got here” Seriously? Every bad guy says that in everything, why did you have to do it? Aren’t you an adult, so immature?

“Yeah I’m here, now can we talk so I can get my mom back?” I say, wanting to just get this over with. “Straight to the point, huh? Where’s the fun in that?” He says in a baby voice

“I’m not a baby so quit treating me like one,” I say, starting to get annoyed “Ooh, we got a feisty one,” I’m actually afraid but what can I do I got to act brave right? “I just want to get mom home okay? So can we please have this conversation so I can get her home?”

He gets up and starts walking up to me. I step back a bit. I’m scared of what he’s gonna do. I step back more only to have my back met with the wall. What is he going to do?


(N/A) Sorry, for taking so long to post this chapter hehe. I was just being lazy. I also kept forgetting. I hope this chapter is good enough. Post in the comments what you think of this chapter! :)

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