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As a boy living his last day as a teenager, in just a few hours he would be a 20 years old boring college dude. In all those 19 years nothing interesting in particular has happen in his life and he live an ordinary normal life. But all that was about to change when he woke up in the middle of the night on his birthday as his family wished him along with the best ''Birthday Gift'' ever. But little did he know that that was the last birthday he would ever celebrate..... as a Human. What will become of the main character as he step his way into the demon world and what he thought would be the start of an isekai adventure turns out to be a railroad of mysteries of the demon world and the unending connections that might or might not have to do with his unknown past. Can he solve the questions burning inside him and find out the truth about who he really is or was and the uncertainty of what the future holds? Find out more in the story and don't hesitate to ask me any doubts you have and leave a comment or review down below. Hope you enjoy this mystery-thriller and look forward to more updates. Hello everyone, this is my first novel. Hope you love it and find the thrills enjoying. Would love for your honest reviews and comments. Happy reading. Also follow me on insta ^-^ XD Username: e_g_o_insta Discord: E_G_O #3445 ______________******________________

Fantasy / Mystery
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1: The Fated Night

26th September 2***, the day was good and I did everything to make the most of it. Hmm? Why did I say that? Well, this is the last day I can call myself a teenager. In just a few hours, I would be nothing more than just a normal college dude in his early twenties.

In all my life I have done what every teenage kid had done. Did all those mischievous things, had my romance( though none of them worked out in the end), had lots of friends and if anything else nothing in particular has ever happen in my life that I regretted or did not want to think about. It's a simple yet joyful life but it would also be a lie if I said I did not want it to be more interesting even if it's all cliche. But the way I have been living life right now is literally just going with the flow. It's just me laying back and taking whatever this world has to offer. It may sound cool and all but we all know that only dead fish goes with the flow. That's right, right now I am a dead fish. Uncertained of what to do next, lack of motivation, following the same path every one is and never even trying to spice up my life even a bit. I wanted more but without motivation, I can't move.

When I was younger, I was hyper and all but as the years go I age into a sloth who only plays around in front of the PC. I did some sports but only if my friends are there too. I get interested in stuff just as fast as I lose interest in them. However! There is something that still had me going even to this very day. Yup... It's none other than Anime and games. For some reason ever since my friend introduced me to this stuff years ago, I can't let it go. Especially mystery type. It's all I have ever done in my late teens. Most of these days I stayed indoor and almost skip classes everytime.

Speaking of classes, at the moment I am returning from one. Talk about boring. When its finally over here I was thinking I could come home as soon as possible and watch the next episode of C*nan but why... my sister suddenly called me and had me buy some stuff from the store before I came home. And the stuff she is ordering, I will have to take a detour.

And doing so means I will later have to go home alone. There is no way my friends would accompany me to that part of the town. None of my friends live in that part after all. But going alone is not bad after all. Its just me and my thoughts. Apart from that one friend, most of my other friends (The same can be said for my family) are not into the same stuff as I am, so being alone is just me and my thoughts giving reviews and thinking back of them good animes I recently watch. It's bliss in a different way.

I look down at the stuff she made me buy and it hit my mind. There is no way she needs all these. She is just playing with me and delaying my return so that they can prepare for my birthday tomorrow. Talk about predictable and annoying. Well what gives its already done. My house now is just a few more minutes away and it's already night out and the street lights have been on. I bear witness as the last light of the day vanish behind the hills. It had been a while since I saw that and thought that it was beautiful with the fog setting in at the distance.

I reach home and the door was already open. It seems like everyone was home. Even dad too. He should still be at work but I guess he took an early leave. Don't tell me he came to prepare for my birthday too. You're too hype old man. He was sitting in front of the TV and leaving it on while he stares at the newspaper. An action that I will never understand why fathers do that. I went into the kitchen and saw my mom preparing something and it smell good but I did not ask her what it was. My sister came out the bath at the same moment and search the fridge for juice.

'' Here is your stuff. Next time at least run your own errands. Its tiring going all the way there. You have a license anyway.''

She took a sip of the juice and said, ''Don't be like that. Its just a small detour from your college anyway. And it's some good exercise for your lazy bum to do some moving too.''

''There is no next time.'', I replied as I walk up to my room.

''Don't forget to take a bath first.''

''Mmm I will do so and don't disturb me after that. I want to take a nap before dinner.''

I went to my room, took a change of clothes and went to the bath. I sat there and look down and saw my Rosary{A necklace with the cross}. I got it from my mom years ago and I have never taken it off. It became a part of me ever since I recieved it.

I had my bath and go back to my room. Took my sister's hair dryer to dry off my hair faster and jump on the bed. For some reason I felt really weak and before I knew it. I was fast asleep. I did not set my alarm and doze off. Big mistake....


''Happyyyy Birthday.....!!!!!!!!''

That's right. Big mistake. I had just taken a bath and dried my hair only to be splash by water at midnight. This happen everytime when it's someone birthday in the house and you fall asleep on the night of your birthday. We would all celebrate in candlelight birthday fest through out the night. The whole day, only those with energy would go for work or school life. I am pretty sure I won't and so does my dad. It's annoying in a way but its what makes this family unique and more importantly I like it just the way it is. However there is something strange this time. In my house there is my dad and my mom, my elder sister and two younger brothers. So why is it that just now I heard an unfamiliar women's voice. My vision blur started to fade and I open my eyes to look at my family and behold. A girl that seem to have been an angel was standing beside my dad and smiling at me.

I was speechless. I look at her for a while and the first word that came out of my mouth....



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