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Pretty Little Hurt Angel (Bad Dreams, Book 1)

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Chapter II: The Day I Met Darkiplier

July 29th, 1702

I went walking around the kingdom and I bumped into a man that looked to be 162.56 cm (5"4.) I looked up at him and I saw crimson red eyes staring down at me. ”H-hi." I said shyly. He leaned down a little and gave me a kind hearted smile. I knew who this man was because his family had a good record with the guards. I hope he’s a good man like his father. His brother isn’t that much of a nice guy. I met Adam before, I didn’t like his attitude.

I didn’t really trust the smile but I trusted his eyes. They were like rubies. Rubies are usually used to show for loyalty and trust. They also show romance and passion. ”The name’s Dark, and I was wondering if you were lost." He said smiling. ”Oh I’m not lost, I just need a place to stay tonight." I said; yes, I know this was a lie but the truth is, I just didn’t want to go home. Who would when their dad is abusive? It’s not a safe home to me, I mean that my house isn’t a safe home to me because of my dad.

I was frightened of him but at the same time, I wanted to be around him. I think I wanted to be around him because he was gentle and sweet to me. He picked me up and carried me to I believe his house. ”How old are you dear?" He asked politely. ”6 months." I said. I didn’t have any guards with me since I wanted to walk around alone by myself. I enjoy walking by myself. It’s very peaceful to do so. Plus I am strong, I don’t need to be protected 24/7. I like my privacy, but I also hate being alone.

"Wow you’re young. Well we’re here at my house now." Dark said. He brought me in and placed me down on the counter. He washed the dishes and I just watched. I noticed that Dark lived alone it seems. I wonder where his family lives now. I was thinking as I watched him wash the dishes. Maybe he moved out of his parents house because they didn’t like him being gay or something like that.

"Can I call you Darky?" I asked. ”I really hate that nickname, but since you’re adorable, then yes you may." He said smiling. ”My name’s Sügavalt Psühho, but I go by Jacob." I said and his eyes widened a bit. I guess that my strange name is very surprising. I don’t blame him for being surprised. I mean, who would name their kid deeply psycho? My counterpart would since he named me this.

"What does that mean?" He asked, looking into my eyes. ”Deeply psycho in estonian." I said, ”I like it, my full name is Darkiplier, but Dark for short." He said smiling. His smile showed sharp teeth since demons do have slightly pointed teeth. My teeth are pointer than normal because of me being a werewolf. “I know who your family is, I don’t like your brother though. I only met him before I met you, but I didn’t like his attitude.” I said with a sigh. “I’m nothing like my brother. I am far from being like him. If anything, I’m like my father.” Dark said.

Suddenly my body felt heavy and I fell off the counter. Dark caught me in his arms. “I don’t know why but my body just felt heavy. Every part of it, including my head.” I said in a dizzy tone. “Maybe you need to rest.” Dark said. He took me up to a room and laid me down in the bed. “Get some rest for now okay? It’s best if you do since you almost passed out on me.” he said going back over to the door. “I will try to get some rest…” I said as I closed my eyes. I heard him close the door when he left the room. I laid there and I couldn’t stop thinking about something. It was something that Hades said to me when I went to go see him at the gates with Valad. Hades said that my aura felt like someone he knew a long, long time ago. That person was named Aether. Hades gave me an allusion of what Aether’s aura was like and I realized that it was like mine, only he wasn’t a guardian angel by Heaven’s standards. He was however, much like Hades, a Greek god. Hades is the god of the underworld and Aether is the god of atmosphere, hence his name. The word ‘Aether’ means air, which it is fitting for Aether to be the god of atmosphere.

Jacob, I know you’re still up.” Dark said from the kitchen. Yes I was still up, but I have been trying to fall asleep. “I’m sorry, I have a lot on my mind.” I said to him, I just shook my head and tried to fall asleep again. I did fall asleep, but it took a while to do so. My mind didn’t want to let me sleep. Though when I was asleep, I saw that I was outside my body. “Am I able to enter the spirit world while I sleep too?” I asked myself. I walked closer to my body and saw that I was still breathing, it was just slowed down to make it seem like I’m dead. I hope Dark doesn’t see me like this. I went walking down stairs to where Dark was and saw him asleep on the couch. I smiled softly. “I’m glad you can sleep peacefully, Dark. Hmm, I wonder if I can go into his dream too.” I said to myself.

I went back to my body and then went into the dream world. I had the choice to go into Dark’s dream. I went into his dream and looked around. He was having a nightmare, I could tell this just by the dark gloomy surroundings. It seems like this is not the first time he has had this nightmare. I closed my eyes and tried to make the dream happier. I opened them back up and I saw Dark looking around. I could tell that he was happier now that the dream was peaceful. I felt relaxed now and I sat down on a bench. I didn’t know if demons could be aware of what happens inside their dreams or not. Dark saw me and I knew that he was aware of what happens in his dreams. He walked over to me and sat down beside me. “Did you change my dream?” He asked me. I nodded and smiled. “I did change it, I could tell how scared you were when I saw you sleeping. Don’t ask how I saw you sleeping, just trust me on it.” I said with a soft smile. Dark nodded and sighed softly.

We talked a bit in the dream, then I saw everything fading. I woke up from the dream before Dark did and I sat up. My body wasn’t weak or tired anymore so I got up and went downstairs and I saw Dark sitting up thinking about stuff. He’s probably thinking about the dream. I would be too if I was him. He looked over at me and smiled gently, waving at me. I went over to him and sat down. “I saw you in my dream. It made me a bit confused since you’re the only person I’ve met that’s able to go into other people’s dreams. How do you do it?” He asked me. “I honestly don’t know. Going into the dream world is not the only thing that I can do though.” “Really? What else can you do?” Dark asked me.

I smiled softly. “I can go into the spirit world. Like I can see the dead and talk to them. I talked to my grandparents when I first got here. I took a walk in the garden behind the castle and whilst there, I touched the galaxy tree that was there. When I did my vision went black for a moment and I appeared into the spirit world.” I explained to him. “But how did you get into the spirit world while you slept?” Dark asked. I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing. Then I made myself visible to him as a spirit. “This is how I go into the spirit world while I sleep. I have to slow my breathing and lay still.” I explained. I then went back into my body and breathed softly. Dark just sat there confused. “Let’s forget about this since I don’t want everyone in hell to know about what I can do, okay Dark?” I said. Dark nodded and we stopped talking about the topic.

Dark walked me back to the castle and patted my head. “Take care little buddy. I hope things go great for you and I hope we get to meet again.” he said with a soft smile. I nodded. “I hope so too Darky. I like hanging out with people.” I said with a smile. Dark smiled back then waved goodbye to me. I waved goodbye back and went inside the castle. I sighed when I saw my dad. “Hi dad… I am busy right now. I have some things to think about.” “What is more important than talking to your father brat?!” My dad said. I teared up a bit and backed away from him. I was in his room, and I knew I was cornered. My dad hit me and beat me for a bit of time. I got away from him and ran to my room. I locked the door to my room and started to think about what happened. I was so scared of my dad and I didn’t like being hurt by him.

Who would want to be hurt by their parents? It hurts so much and not only that, but it shows that they will never love you. Yes I know they can change, but even if they change, that will never change what they did in the past. That’s why if my dad ever changed, I don’t know if I could ever forgive him for what he’s done to me. I love my dad, but he scares me. I was sitting on my bed thinking. I was thinking about everything that has happened to me recently. I may only be six months old, but I have been through so much already. I have been beaten so much, made two friends, talked with Lucifer and the gatekeeper of hell (Hades); not only this, but I’ve been in the spirit world and the dream world. The only place I haven’t been to aside from earth was heaven. Hades did tell me that he’s certain that St. Peter, The Gatekeeper of Heaven, would want to meet me. St. Peter became the gatekeeper of heaven after the passing of Aether.

I sighed softly as I went to the bathroom that was in my room to wash my wounds and clean off my blood. I saw that my blood looked like oil. Great, now I am even more different from normal demons, what else is there that makes me more different from demons now? I don’t know at all what could be the other things that make me different from other demons. All that I do know is that I am not your ordinary demon at all. “Prince Jacob? Hades wishes to take you to heaven because St. Peter and God want to meet you.” I heard Valad say. “Okay, I will head there myself. I will make sure to be back as soon as possible.” I said as I got ready. “Alright my prince, be safe.” Valad said. I got ready, making sure that no one could see my scars and then I headed to the gates of hell to see Hades. He took me to heaven, and I couldn’t believe what I found out when I was there.

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