The police and the princess of thieves

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chapter 3

Jack Walker

Me and Martin were still confused after looking at the camera video the 10th time. But how many time we watched it, we didn’t get smarter and didn’t have any clue how it happened. After a while chief William walk out from his office and looked at us with tired eyes. He was an old man for being a police, but after his wife and kids left him last year, he was in so much pain that he tried to forget them by working till he was only skin and bones. Which he almost was right now, his white hair and mustache have grown down to his shoulder and his police uniform was looking like they were 3 times bigger than him.

“ Jack, the museum needs a guard for tonight.”

I raised an eyebrow. “ Don’t they have guards there?.”

“ Yes, but he got sick. And the just ask for a guard for tonight till their second guard comes home from Spain.”

With a sign I stood up from the chair I sat on and took the paper from the chief before he walked back to his office with a sad face. Martin shook his head after the chief closed the door after him.

“ You know after see him like this for a year, I feel his sadness inside me.”

“ Yeah,” I put on my jacket.” It’s sad that we can’t cheer him up.”

Martin looked at the closed door. “ We did try, on his birthday we tried and he cried for his kids was not there. New year, he was sad again that his kids was not there and celebrated with him.”

“ It’s really sad, but I must go now before they call him and ask where I am.” Putting on my police hat I walked out from the police station to my car that stood a few feet away. When I sat in my car and started it, I looked at the paper again to see which museum it was again.


It didn’t take me long to changes into my black clothes I use to have on when I take care of demon. I had tight black pants with a belt with small boxes to keep small things I need for demon mission. And a special made jacket that sat tight against my body, under my clothes I had three pistols, five knives and two whips that were made of special material that burn demons to death. After putting on everything I needed I walked back to the boat I was on before and was ready to start it.

“ Wait,” scream J and ran up to the boat I was on.

I looked at him without turning off the boat.” Did dad send you?”.

He nodded.” Yes, but not to stop you.”

I raised an eyebrow and tried to not look shocked. “ Really?.”

His left hand was in his pocket and took out a pair of black fingerless gloves, and throw them to me. I caught them and looked at him with a questioning look.

He nodded his head at the gloves. “ You dad wanted you to have them, it was your mom’s.”

“Mom’s? ” I stared at the gloves. “ I thought she hated fingerless gloves.”

J rolled his eyes. “ She did like fingerless gloves when she was in your ages, but it’s not completely fingerless. The little one is not fingerless.” He was right, for the little fingers was fabric to cover. But for the other fingers was nothing.

I put them on and felt a little uncomfortable that the little fingers were covered and the other was free.

I smiled at J. “ Thanks, J.”

He gave me a little smile before he turned around to walk away. “ Just get back before your dad gets worried.”

With giggles, I pressed on the pedal and drove the boat in fast speed. While driving I glanced at the city to see five white coat standing with J who stared at me driving away. A shiver was running over me and I turned back to my driving and drove faster. It didn’t take long till I was back on the harbor where I was a few hours ago, but this time, i was alone at night. Hiding my boat under a old bridge that looked like nobody have take care of it for years, I fast jumped up on the roofs to get to the museum. I love to jump on the roofs , i really don’t know why. Maybe because every time J took me into the city I always jumped away on the roofs and he had to catch me. But also, it was a nice feeling to jump on the roofs from a very high height. Like now I stood a very tall building and just on the other side of the road, in a big park was the museum that had a few lights on. Taking a few step back I ran on the roof and made a big jump up in the air, at the direction at the museum. When I was going down, the air was going harder against my face and made me go down faster. The landing wasn’t soft like the other jump I did, but when it was so far away and I was so far up in the air. I was landing so hard that cracks was on the roof under my feet.

“ Glad I didn’t destroy the whole roof,” I said to myself and looked around.

On the parking lot was a police car parked near the museum, but nobody was in it. Great, now I have a police in the building. Not that am scared, but they always in the way when I try to do my job which is more important than theirs. Shook my head and turned back to the roof and looked for a way to get in.

Jack walker

The owner of the museum stood at the entered and waited for me to walk up to him.

“ Well well, isn’t it, Jack Walker,” He said with a boring tone.

“ Yes, sir.” I nodded my head and stood in front of him.

He looked at me up and down before open the doors into the museum.

“ Well, I thought I was going to get somebody else. But you will have to do.”

Trying to keep my cool, I didn’t say anything. I have never done anything against the owner, but at the first time, we meet when I just worked as a police for 5 weeks. He decided just looking at me that I wasn’t good enough, I never got the reason why. He called chief William and asked for a better police than me. After calling and complain about me five times, William decided to replace me with another. Who also wasn’t good enough for the owner, so he called again and said he want another. William got mad when the owner called again after the 7th time about he want another, so he said to the owner that he won’t get any police if he just call and complain about nothing. After that, the owner didn’t call so many time and complaint that he want another police. William ask me and the other what we did to make the owner complain, and we all had the same answer. “ We didn’t do anything, we just walked in and he didn’t thinks we were good enough.” William didn’t like that answer and after the owner called every time about the police he gets again. William called him the crazy old man because he was going on Williams’ nerves. And now he still didn’t like me for no reason, but he didn’t complain or called William for another, yet.

“ This,” The owner pointed at the very big red vase that had a very complicated design and looked very old. “ I don’t want to to be near it while you watch my museum.” He looked down at my feet. “ 4 steps back.”

“ What?,” I looked at him like a question mark.

His face was red like the vase. “ NOW!!!.”

I backed for 4 steps and watched when the owner calmed down. “ Good, I don’t want to get anywhere closer to it than that.” He pointed at my feet before giving me the keys.

“ What is so special about this vase?.”

The owner narrow his eyes at me. “ It a very old vase.”

“ I understand that, but why is it more special that everything else in this museum?.”

The owner looked really mad. “ It’s not your business, right now you watch my museum. And I don’t want to see even a breath mark on the vase.” He stormed to the door and closed them really hard. After locking the door after the owner, I glanced at the vase before walking away to the art floor that was a floor over me. I still couldn’t understand my that vase is so special.


After finding a door on the roof and locked it up, I walked down long dusty stair. That led me down to darkness, that not normal human eyes can see, though. But for me I could see a door at the end of stairs, just a few step away from me. Walk down the last step, I open the door slowly and peeked out my head into a big dark hall with moonlight lighting up the hall from the window. The hall was filled with skeletons from animals and humans from the beginning to the end of the hall.

“ Oh,” I said and closed the door behind me. “ Its almost like to be in J house.” Turned my head to my other side, I stood face to face with a big white tiger that had its mouth open at me with sharp teeth. “ Mmm, maybe I can give him that for his next birthday. He loves cat..”

Footsteps were heard behind me, and when I turned around I saw light coming from the other side around the corner, that came bigger and bigger.

Jack walker

After I was on the art floor I decided to go to the 5th floor with all the skeletons from animals and humans. Don’t know why I wanted to go up there, but something in the back of my head was telling me to go up there. Having my flashlight in my hand and walked around, looking at the dead animal that had their eyes or mouth at me. Almost ready to attack me in any second.

“ Glad I don’t have any of these in my house,” I said to myself and walked around a corner to another hall. But this hall had a door to the roof and beside it, a white tiger standing there with its sharp teeth like it was guarding it. I pressed down the handle and felt it was locked and not opened.

Looked at the white tiger before nodded my head a little. “ So far you do a good job guarding.”

I walked past it. “ Even if you are dead.”


Watching the police talking to the dead tiger from the ceiling was really amusing. Lucky me for having a good view, till I realize that it was the same police I saw from the police station. His dark hair was all over the place like he had woke up and didn’t have time to fix his hair, and he had big bags under his blue eyes that made him look very tired. I watched him till he walked all the way to the other side of the hall and walked around that corner. When I couldn’t see him or the light from his flashlight I jumped down to the ground and looked at the end of the hall he just disappears. Like last time, i still have the feeling he was not normal, for being a police. But I had to push back that feeling and go back to my mission. And lucky me the police was walking away from the place the thing I was going to steal. Running around the corner he came from I found the stairs that were going all the way up here down to the last floor. Not wanting to lose time for running down the stairs, I jumped down from the floor I was on and fallen down till I landed on the last floor. And this time, I didn’t make cracks on the floor. Looking up at the floor I just jump on, I didn’t see the police coming or any running shoes coming closer. With a smile on my lips, I turned my attention to the big old red vase that stood almost in front of the entrance door.

Holding out my hands that begin to glow, I walked to the vase and was ready to take it.

“ Another demon soon dea….”

“ BANG!!!.”

Something was flying past my head and made a big hole on the vase, and second later cracks was building up. Turning my head around, I saw the police with a pistol pointing at me, but also had the shocking face as I did.

His hand was shaking.” No, no. Not the vase.”

Seeing black smoke coming out from the vase, I stared at the police with serious eyes.

“What the hell did you do.”

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