The police and the princess of thieves

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chapter 4

Jack Walker

My mind was screaming when I realise that I shot the vase, and the hole got bigger and smoke was coming out. Wait, smoke?. The thief who stood close to it backed away when the smoke come near, but still had that serious face. I could see it was a woman under all that clothes, but I also realise it was a woman when she said ‘What the hell did you do’. Her voice was hard and serious when she looked at me with her golden eyes that almost shone in the dark. Coming back to reality I saw the smoke got bigger and the thief was just a few feet in front me with a white pistol in one of her hands and was ready to shoot the big black smoke.

Grabbing her hand, I pulled her back and she looked at me with hard eyes.

“ Are you crazy?. Are you trying to kill smoke?.” She pulled her hand free and stared at me with narrow eyes without saying a single word. But a voice was heard from the smoke and made me and the thief turn our attention to the smoke. And it was not what I expected, the smoke was now a big ugly monster with flaming horns lighting up the room, and chains all over its body. The monster looked down at us and had a big smile showing its sharp teeth when he looked at the thief.

“ Well, well. This must be my lucky day.” the thief took out one more white pistol and pointed them at the monster whose smile got bigger.

“ Am going to enjoy this,” It said and tried to hit the thief with its big hands. But hit the floor instead and made a big hole, where the thief was a few seconds ago. The monster looked confused as I felt, only that I was both shock and confused what the hell was going on. the monster growled and turned his attention to me, and I was to scared to even move when it stared at me with its scary eyes.

“ this.. is ...not.. real, its..just...a ….bad ..dream.” I said to myself with a shaky voice when it comes so close that I felt the wind of its breath against me.

It narrows its eyes when it saw how scared I was and lifted up its hand, ready to hit me like it’s tried to do with the thief.

“ One police pancake coming up.”

It was like watching in slow motion when his hand was going down right at me, and I just stared when the hand come closer and closer and almost touched my head.

“Help,” I whisper and was ready for the pain and darkness.

“ Bang!!!!.”

The hand was gone,and the monster held its head in pain while it seemed to melt down into a thick liquid. Its scream broke every window in the museum and made my ears hurt. the monster looked up at the ceiling and I looked up too, and far up in the ceiling on the big crystal lamp stood the thief with a smoking gun pointed at the monster.

Somehow the monster was smiling up at the thief while it was almost gone it its own liquid.

“Next time I won’t go easy on you.” The thief jumped down and stared down at the liquid monster, whose one eye was the only thing that was not liquid yet.

The thief bent down and whisper something before the eyes were gone, and all the liquid was slowly disappeared into the floor. The thief stood up again and walked directly to the door out from the museum. I just stood there like an idiot and tried to think straight what just happened. I blinked a few times and looked at the table where the big vase was, but now there where no trace it even was there.

“ What the…” I stormed out from the museum and grabbed the thief’s arm. “ Where is the vase?.”

She turned to face me with hard eyes. “ Like you would believe me.”

“Oh, I think I will. I just saw a freaking monster almost made me a flat pancake. So believe me.” I pulled her closer to me. “ I believe anything right now.”

She narrows her eyes and smirked. ” Oh really? ” she leaning closer to my face. “ It doesn’t exist anymore.”

Before I could blink I was down on the cold stone floor, with the thief on my back, holding my arms against my back.

“ Hey!!,” I tried to break free but knew I couldn’t break free in the position I was in. She had all control and I was not in control. “ What do you want?.” I asked and turned my face to the side to look at her. She looking down at me while resting her chin on one of her hands while the other had a strong grip my arms. And I can’t even break free.

“ I said…”

“I heard what you said.” She let go of my arms and walked to one of the pillars. “ To answer you a question, I don’t want anything besides an answer.”

I sat up and rubbed my hands. “ Answer for what?.”

She looked down at me. “ Who are you?.”

I looked at her shocked. “ What?.”

“ Who are you? ” she asked again and crossed her arms.

“ Am Jack Walker,” I answer without thinking.

She looked up at the sky in deep thought. “ Jack Walker,” she looked around while saying my name a few times, and didn’t mind at all. Just hearing her say my name made me want to hear more.But she stops saying my name and just stared at me again.

“ You not a normal police.”

I must have looked like a question mark when she said that because she comes closer to me and looked into my eyes. “ Do you feel like a normal police?.”

I nodded, but somehow it felt wrong. She narrows her eyes and was ready to walk away.

“ What is you name?.” I ran and stood in front of her.

Biting her bottom lip, she looked around and later whispered in my ear. “ Narcariel.”

I played her name in my head and waited for her to say her last name, but she never said.

But I saw the big mess in the museum behind her, which made me remember what the old man said to me about the vase.

“ Am so dead,” I whispered and held my head.

Narcariel just raised her eyebrows. “ You? , am more dead than you when I get back home.”

“ Who said you are going home,” I pulled out the handcuff. “ I should put you in jail.”

“ Oh really? ” she pointed her finger at my chest. “ And what are you going to tell the other?. That a big monster destroyed everything and I was there saving your life.”

I froze and knew she was right, nobody would believe me and she saved my life.

“ You right, you coming to my house.” I put on the handcuff on her arm and mine so she didn’t run.

She stared at the handcuff in surprise. “ Are you serious?.”

I tried to stare at her with the hardest face I could. “ Am dead serious.”


What is with me today?. I saved a police life, and now am just walking with him like a dog. I know how to break free from the handcuff, but why don’t I break free?. Something about this police is waking up more question in me, he must be something special. We walked to the park and he opened the door and waited for me to jump in, but I didn’t.

He looked really annoyed. “ Please, just..” He stops talking when I lifted up my arm with the handcuff. “ Oh,” he rubbed his face and was in deep thought, and I could guess that he thought what he should do without taking off the handcuff.

“ You can take off the handcuff, I promise I won’t run away.”

he pointed at me. “ No, I don’t trust you.”

With a sigh, I crossed my arms and watched him trying to solve this little problem. And how he solved it, was not fun. He jumped in the seat he wanted me to sit and tried to walk over the lever in the car without touching his shoes anywhere. But the worst part that he tried to use his hand that was stuck together with my hand and pulled me into the car. I tried to not say anything, even if I was laying down over the seat and the lever in the car. And his foot was almost hitting me when he tried to sit down on the driver seat.

“ that wasn’t so bad,” he said more to himself with a little smile on his lips.

“ You should talk,” I didn’t hide that I was the one annoyed while putting on the seat belt.

“ Just be quiet.”

With a growl, I looked away and had my attention at the window, and he started the car and drove somewhere. I tried to remember the way he took while he had his attention on the road. It didn’t take long till he parked in a driveway outside a nice house with a car parked beside us.

“ Oh, no no no no no.” Turned my attention to the police, I saw he stared at the car beside us and looked really stressed out.

I looked at the car and back at him. “ What is wrong with that car?. Besides that ugly blue color.”

he ran his hand through his hair many times. “ It’s my parent’s car, Fuck I forgot they come today. I shouldn’t have come here.”

“ Good,” I pulled on the handcuff. “ Can I go now?.”

“ NO!!!,” he screamed at me and stopped for a second and looked at me like I was the biggest price he ever saw.

“ if I take off this, will you promise that you won’t run away?.”

I pretended to be in deep thought. “ Maybe.”

“ I take that as a yes, but you also have to promise another thing.”

More?. “ And that is?.”

“ Pretend to be my girlfriend.”

I stared at him like he was crazy. “ Excuse me?.”

He pulled on the handcuff. “ Or I won’t take off this.”

With a big growl, I hit my head on the window. “ Ok, but I only do that if you tell me all your secrets.”

Jack walker

My secrets, like hell I would tell her that. “ I don’t have any secrets.”

“ You lying,” she pulled on the handcuff to make me come closer. “ You not like the other police and that mean you are hiding a big secret.”

I bit my lips and later nodded. “ Ok, my secrets for you to play my girlfriend.”

She smiled. “ Deal.” and I took off the handcuff

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