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Chapter 1

Admon pov

“Admon!. Admon!.” I open my eyes and looked behind me to see who it was, and close my eyes again when I saw it was my mom.

“What now mom?.”

She looked down at me with her brown eyes.

“Don’t lie down there you must act like a man. You turn 18 today and you just lay here in the dirt and try to avoid all your gue.....” I lift my hand at her. ” They are not my guests, they are yours.”

She looked down at my with hard eyes. ” Adm...”

“No, mom. All this people, I don’t know any of them. And I have never met them in my life.” I said and jump up from the ground. ” You know them, so they are your guests.”

My mother stared at me with really dark eyes. But I show her that I wasn’t scared of her, so she looked angrier than before.

" Just go there and talk to them.”

“Why is it so important?.”

“JUST DO IT!!!.” She scream and slap my face.

I looked down at the ground and tried to not show how much it hurt. I could feel the big mark on my cheek burn.

“Oh dear.....A..Ad...Admon...i..i..i.” My mother looked at her hand and at me in horror.

" Don’t.” I walk away from her and tried to hold back to hit her.

“Admon, I didn’t..”

“YES, YOU DID.” I turn around to look at her with an angry face.

She looked at me with big puppy eyes and played with her blond hair to look cute. Which did look more like she hit her face against the window with all the makeup she had.

“If you think that will work, you are wrong.” I said and tried to not look at her pink dress that almost look more like a 5-year-old would have. ” And why do you have that dress on?.”

She looked down at her dress and smiled. ” Well, it was the newest dress for all the cutest 20 years old women in the world.”

“Mother you are not 20, you are 45.” I said and rubbed my cheek, she hit a few seconds ago.

She looked at me and growl. ” Admon I didn’t raise you to be so mean, especially against me.”

" I don’t remember that you were there to raise me. You couldn’t even feed me when I was 2 years old because you were disgusted by the baby food.”

“It was,” she said and took out a mirror from her small pink bag. ” That mashed bananas could destroy my beautiful dress.”

I stared at her and walk away. ” Wish I wasn’t part of this family.”

Someone pov

" This have to be a joke.”

A young girl with small horns walks up to me.“I don’t think so Lard, he has the mark.” She points at the boy that just talked to women in a very girly clothes. ” He has to be the one.”

I hit my face hard aginst a tree. ” A human, tsk, I rather saw off my horns instead of seeing a human as a wizard.”

" Yeah, you were supposed to saw off them on your 489th birthday so you could get new ones.”

I growled at her. ” My horns is fine.”

She laughs. ” Really?. The left one have already turned green.”

" Stop it you two.”

We both turned around and saw Eraá with crossed arms.

" Sorry.” We both said the same time

Eraá walked up to us and stared after the human boy with hard eyes. Just a few hours ago Eraá long life friend died because of the wizard curse and he had to force all the feelings behind about the new wizard, even if it is a human. But everybody knows that he hate humans more than anything.

" Let’s go,” Eraá turned around and walked back into the woods.

“But....” I looked back at the boy. ” What about....”

" We take him at night, right now it’s to many people who can see us.”

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