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Chapter 2

Admon pov

The guests talked to each other in groups. The men with expensive black or gray jackets, and the women in fancy dresses. The younger people tried to join the groups and act like they were just like the grown up. But the grown up just laughs and thought it was so cute.

A waiter with gray hair walked over to me and held out a tray of glasses with gold around the edge.

"Drink, young Admon?." With a nod, I took a glass but didn't drink it. " Thanks."

The waiter didn't go, instead, he stared at my clothes with narrow eyes. I could understand why, my tie was loose and my white shirt. And the jacket and the matching pants was wrinkled because I lay on the ground. My hair maybe as little out of order too.

" Young Admon, I don't think your father wants you to walk like that." Said the waiter and looked at the guests. " I think you have time to change."

" No, I rather look like this on my birthday than a businessman." The waiters stared at with shocking eyes when I walk down to the guests. the guests were busy with their talk that they didn't know I was just near them and heard everything. Few girls noticed me and gave me flirty smiles, but I just ignored them and walked over to the food table.

" Did you hear that the young Admon is maybe going to get married?." I stop in my track and looked over at the women's group.

An old lady with a horrible purple hat holds out an invitation card in her hand. " It depends on who he is going to marry. And I know my family will be first on the list."

Another lady with a red dress snorted. " Your granddaughter cant even read, and she is 16."

The purple hat lady frowned. " She still have the look, and that was one of the things Lady Erina wrote in the list she want in a girl."

' My mother did what?'.

" Yeah, and she also wanted a smart girl. So my daughter as a much chance as your family." Said the red dressed lady with an angry voice.

Before I could even turn around, the other ladies joined the argue about whose daughter or granddaughter's more perfect. Few of the men glanced at the group of women and wonder what was going on, before going back to their conversation.

" Admon!!!," said a hard voice behind me. I didn't need to turn around to know who that voice belonged to.

" Yes, father?."

A man with jetblack hair and green eyes walked infrot of me and stared at me with hard eyes. My father was never happy about me, everything I did was wrong in his book. Even if I looked like a younger version of him, he still treated me like a disappointment to the family. And now when he stood infont of me with his non-wrinkled clothes, I know he was mad. Before the party, my father wanted me to have the exact same clothes as him, but he was going to have the family symbol on his tie. I said I didnt want to have expansive clothes on my birthday, but the only answer I got was. ' Its a tradition, when the child turn 18 he will have the same clothes as his father to show he is grown up and is ready.' And I could say it thousen times, I never want to be ready, not in this family.

Father stared down at my clothes. " Are you trying to make our family look like drunk people?." Putting away his glass he took hold of my tie and pushed the knot up so it was properly again. But he pushed it so hard that I almost couldn't breathe.

" Too hard," I said through coughed.

"Good, that will serve you right."

" Father I thought it was my birthday, shouldn't I decide myself on my birthday?."

He took up his glass and looked at the guests. " Your birthday is a day to decide about your future, or rather our families future."

" And is this future about me finding a wife?."

He looked at me and nodded. " It was your mothers idea, at first, I didn't like the idea. Women will be in the way for your work. But after a while it was a perfect idea, marry another powerful family is a perfect future."

" Not for me," I said and walked away.

"Where are you going?."

" To my room."

"What!!," he grabbed my arm. " You are going to destroy our reputation."

I stared into his hard eyes. " I never cared about your reputation. And I don't think mother do either," I pointed behind him and he turned around to see his wife in the girly clothes.

he gave me the face to show me that this conversation was not over before he walked over to his wife and draged her behind the big garden statue. With a small laughts, i walked back to the house and hoped I didnt have to go out to this party again today. A young maid stood at the door and held out her hands to me. " Want me to take the jacked young Admon?."

" No, thanks anyway." I smiled at her and ran my hand through my hair.

" Bad day?."

Pushed down the knot on the tie." You can say that. I am up in my room if somebody want me." She bowed her head in understanding and closed the door behind me when I began to walk up the stairs.

"Stupid freaking parents," I whsiper to myself and tried to take off the silver cufflinks while I walk up the stairs

" Try to force me into marrige".

I finally got the left on off, but the right one was stuck. " Piece of shit," I said loudly and rip off a little piece fabric from my shirt to get cufflink off me.

"Hate thi....". I stop in my track when I saw a green tattoo on my arms.

' Where is this coming from?.' I rolled up the shirt arm and saw this tattoo was going from the beginning of my hand up to my shoulder.

'This cant be right'. I ran to my room and directly into the bathroom and turned on the water. While the water was running I try to rub away tattoo with the sleeve, but it didnt work. A million question was running through my head and I took the soup and rubbed the hardes I could do against my arm, but not even that could make it go away.

'What the hell is this?.'

Eraá pov

I watched the werewolves buried my friend body from the tree and even if I tried to hold back the tears, they still somehow escape from my eyes and ran down my cheeks. A hand caressed my face and held me close to its body.

" It's better to cry out all the pain, brother."

" I just want to do that another day, Shayna." I pushed her away and looked away from her silver eyes.

With a sigh, she jumped down from the tree. " You better look at the new wizard with respect Eraá, even if he is a human."

" Never!!!," I scream and stared down at her. Even if she was my little sister, she still know things better than me. But I never wanted to tell her that.

She run her hand through her black hair that was full with beautiful flower and looked at the ground, that was green a second ago, but now was death gray.

" Even if you want it or not, we need the new wizard to keep this forest alive."

Admon pov

"WHY WILL IT NOT GO AWAY!!!!," I scream in frustration. I tried everything to get this tattoo to go away but even after I tried every bottle in the bathroom it still didn't go away.

" Admon!!!," scream my mom and knocked on the bathroom door.

'Oh, shit!!!.'

"One second," I hid everything that was on the floor and put on a dark blue bathrobe before opened the door.

My mom stood there with another dress on, instead of the pink girly dress, she had a tight black dress that goes down to her knees. Which was so much better than the pink one.

She stood there with a hard face.

" Yes, mother."

She looked at me and held up a paper. " You just walk away from the party to just relax in the bathtub. "

I opened my mouth but she continued to talk.

" See yourself as lucky, because we find a perfect fiance for you."

"You want?."

She showed me a picture of a blond girl who looked to be in my ages. " Sara Bulorf, we talk to her and her family and they agree about the marriage."

" Wait for a sec...."

" And they are very rich, so that will keep our family future up for many many years."

" Can I...."

She pointed at me and looked me dead in the eyes. " You better be good and not screw this up." When I didn't say yes or nod a yes, she backed away and gave me a smile. " Cant wait till you get married" And she walk out.

' This cant be happening.' I scream inside my head and kicked the door close. The tattoo was not the big problem, no, no it was this freaking marriage.

I jump into my bed and wanted to sleep away from this nightmare.

Lard pov

We were back at the house again, but all the people were still outside and had this party. It was no better than the other time we were there.

" I cant see the wizard anywhere outside," said the girl with the horns and glanced Eraá who stood behind her with crossed arms like last time.

He looked up at the house and stared at it for a moment. " In the house." And the next second he jumped.

We both watched him fly in the sky and landed on the roof and nobody from the party saw him.

" Okay, our turn." Said the girl with a smile and jumped like Eraá did.

" Hey wait for me," I scream and jumped after her.

Eraá pov

After we jumped to the roof, we walked through a window that was on the roof and come directly into the house. With a finger against my lip, i showed the others that we need to be quiet. Let find that human wizard.

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