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Chapter 3

Admon pov

I tried for almost a whole hour to sleep but even how much I tried I could sleep. It was like my whole body was not tired and didn't want to rest. Throw away the blanket I looked at the tattoo that right now had grown bigger, it was like a tree under my skin that just grow bigger for every minute. Now it is over my arm and almost over my whole chest. Scratching with my nails over the tattoo. I tried to forget about the whole marriage thing my parents just have decided behind my back, but I could just see the picture in my head. An expensive wedding I stand there with my dad who forced me to be there, and the next second the girl walk up in a big ball gown wedding dress with too much bling. God help me, why did you put me in this family and this freaking tattoo. I scratched harder, even if I was near to get wounds from all the scratching I still couldn't make the tattoo disappear.

'Knock, knock'. Fast I put on a sweater before I turned to the door.


The door opened and the young maid I meet downstairs before noised this tattoo stood there with a tray with tea. She bowed when she saw me. " Am sorry if I did disturb you young Admon, but just thought you maybe want some tea." With a smile, i waved her over.

" Thank you, I think tea sound good right now." She walked over to the table beside my bed and prepared the tea. " Do you want any special flavor?." Staring at the bowl with the teabags, I shook my head. " No, right now I don't know what I want." The maid looked up at me with her hand under her chin. " How about the new flavor that just come out?." She holds up green tea bag to show me.

" What flavor is it?." I took the bag and looked closely.

The maid glanced at the door." They say its very fantastic flavor but nobody can put their fingers what it taste like."

" Huh.... I take it." I handed the blue teabag over to her. Wait blue?. Wasn't it green just a second ago?. I shook my head and walked over to the window while the maid was doing the tea. The guests were still outside in the garden and wasn't bothered by the night cold at all. The whole garden was filled with light so everybody could see. My parents talked to another couple and I could guess it was the Bulorf family, I could see the resemblance even from this window.

"Here, young Admon." The maid holds out the cup with tea and waited for me to take it.

I took the cup and breathed in the steam, and I could tell that it was something I never had tasted before. " Thank you," she nodded and backed away. I took a sip from the drink and it was like a bomb with flavors, I couldn't even tell what flavors its was but it tasted fantastic.

I drank all up in a second and handed it back to the maid. " Another one please." She nodded and walked to the table to do another one. I turned back to the window, but not without lick my lips to taste that tea again. I really need to drink that more.

" Here you go." I took the cup from her and drank all of it and handed it to her again.

" Another," and almost throw the cup at her to get the tea fast. Resting my head at the window I tried to calm down, but something made me feel like a thirty animal, I can't stop.

The maid handed me the cup, but not without a smile that I couldn't read. " Here you go Admon." Without even say thank you or anything I grabbed the cup and was ready to drink everything, but till I looked at the window. Down at the garden beside my parents stood the maid that also stood beside me. With a shaky hand, a put the cup on the table even if my body scream to drink more. The maid beside me watched me. " Are you okay, young Admon?." And tried to grab my arm, but I backed away from her.

"Who...." my whole body was shaking like I was a newborn baby. "are ......you?." I fell down and had my upper body on the bed and tried to come up again. But I couldn't feel anything and my eyes were so heavy. The maid or a copy of the maid walked over to me and crouched over me with a smile. " Another time, wizard."


She laughed and before my eyes were heavily close, her face changed to a women with yellow snake eyes and small horns sticking out from her forehead. And everything went black.

Eraá pov

Lard and I were outside that humans room and waited for Tally to her work. It took a while even if it only took 5 min, but I really did want to leave this place.

" What took so long? " I asked and closed the door behind us. Tally stared at me and pulled off the sweater from the new wizard to show the tattoo. It was shocking it was so big, Marto only had on his left arm and it was not even that big like it was on the human. " The tattoo made it hard to anesthetize him, so it took three cups of that tea to make him weak and sleepy."

"Three?," said Lard and walked over to Tally. " Nobody can even drink a half cup of that tea without being weak and sleepy."

Tally opened her mouth to say something, but the sound outside the door stopped her. " Someone is coming." I lifted up the wizard over my shoulder and walked to the window. All the people at the garden were there but I hoped that nobody would see us. "Come on," I said and opened the window and jumped, Tally and Lard jumped after me and thank the lord that the people at the garden was too busy talking that nobody looked up to see us. Next stop home.

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