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Chapter 4

Admon pov

Everything around me was foggy, I couldn't see anything beside the very thick fog that changed color every second. I looked around and hoped that I could see a way out, but no. There were nothing that could help me to get away from this.

“ Hello?”, i shouted out but the only answer i got was my own voice coming back at me. With a deep sigh i begin walking without knowing where i was going into the deep fog. For a few minutes that felt more like hours I still didn't see any different, it was like I was walking in circles. I kept walking but after a while of not finding a way out, I sat down and rubbed my face. I don't remember how I got here, if this even is real. The only thing i remember was i drank some tea and the rest was foggy like this place. Maybe this is just a dream?. But it doesn't feel like am sleeping.

“ You are late again”, said a dark voice behind me which made me jump in surprise. I turned around and there was a person who had this face covered by the hood from the black coat he had on. I couldn't see his face, only his mouth that was tense like he was angry.

“ Am sorry, but do I know you?.”

The person looked around like he just heard something. “ We must go, the other will be mad if we are late.”

“ What are you talking about?.” He didn't answer instead he begin to walk into the fog and I follow him and hoped I could get out from this place. “ Who are you?.”

He looked at the side while he was walking before he said something. “Hope you are ready.” That didn't answer my question.

“ Why are you ignoring my questions?.”

He stop walking and raised up his arms. “ We are here.” and a bright light come directly at me and the next second I was in a big bed in a room that definitely wasn't mine, with two people staring down at me.

“Where the hell am I?.”

Shayna pov

After my brother come back with the new wizard, he throw the poor guy into the bed and didn't care if the new wizard was hurt.

“ Brother, take it easy.”

He growled and walked up to me. “ How can you be so calm?. He is a human.”

“ That right now is the new wizard in this forest.” I crossed my arms over my chest. “ You really need to calm down.”

He rubbed his face. “ Am sorry sister, am just in deep thought about the mark.”

I stared at him in confusion. “ What are you talking about?. Every new wizard gets the mark.”

“ Yeah, but not that big.” He walked over to the wizard and showed the mark that was growing over the wizards body.

i walked over and stared at the mark.” I never seen the mark so big.” I gently hold the wizards left hand and looked at the mark closer. Eraá nodded and looked like he was in deep thought.

“ This have never happened. Maybe because he is a human, they are weak.”

“ Brother don't call everybody weak because you think you are so…” I stop talking and stared at the wizards face. The mark was growing on his cheek and a little on his lips like it was a fast growing tree under his skin. “ This is new.” I touched his face gently, but immediately when i touched his face, the wizard opened his eyes and stared at me and my brother with his green eyes.

“ Where am I?,” he asked more to himself with a sleepy voice.

I was ready to speak but stopped myself when i saw the mark was growing over his left eyes and changed the green eye color to gold.

“ Oh my lord,” said my brother and stared at the wizard in shock. And the poor guy who now was looking around with one gold and one green eyes looked more confused than before.

What is going on?.

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