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chapter 5

Admon pov

My head hurt so much that it felt somebody was hitting me with stone hands. With tired eyes i looked around in an unfamiliar room and at the two people with the weird clothes. The male was in some sort of armor with two long swords on his side and a spear on his back. Looked at me with blue eyes, he somehow remind me of Legolas in the lord of the rings movies, but instead of blond hair he had light long brown hair. Beside him was a beautiful girl that looked to be in my ages, with a long blue dress that was opened in the middle to show her tummy with colorful stones building some sort of tattoo. Beside the males hair color, she had long black hair with flowers and silver eyes that i couldn’t get enough of. The both looked at me in shock and surprise, but it was more like they were surprise of my skin rather me being here. Trying to sit up even if my head felt like something was dragging me back, the girl looked freak out and ran to my side to push me down.

“ You shouldn’t move.” Just hearing her voice made me relax completely, and I let her push me gently back down to the bed.

“ Where am I?.” My voice sounded dry when I spoke.

The girl looked at the male who was still stared at me in shock. “ You need to rest.”

I looked at her.” No, i want to know where i am. Did my parents send me here?.”

She looked away for a second and gave me a weak smile. “ Not really.” She said through her teeth like she had a hard time to say it.

Turned my attention to the roof and tried to remember how I got here. Rubbing my forehead and closed my eyes, I tried to remember really hard. At first, I only made my head hurt more, but after a while, i got a faint picture of the maid that gave me the amazing tea. Then the picture that the maid was in two places came up and the maid with tea the changed into a women with yellow snake eyes.

My eyes shoot open and I jumped out from the bed as fast as I could. The male stood in front of me with crossed arms and looked at me with hard eyes.

“ Where do you think you are going?.”

My head was still feeling like somebody was hitting my head with stone hands, but something inside me made me want to scream at the man to show I was not weak.

“ MOVE!!!!.” Screaming with so much power I didn’t know I had, the male flew across the room and was dug into the wall.

the girl ran over to the male, with worried in her beautiful eyes. “ Eraá!!,” She caressed his face gently but he just hit her hand away from him.

“ Am fine,” he pulled himself out from the wall and stared at me with angry eyes.

“ Think you are stronger than me,” he pulled out one of the swords and pointed at me.

“ Eraá stops it,” the girl grabbed his arm and tried to stop him, but didn’t help at all.

The Eraá guy ran at me with the sword high up in the air and was ready to slice me into pieces. Feeling scared and stressed i just closed my eyes and waited for the sword to go right though me. But i never felt the pain, i only heard noises like somebody crashed the places. Slowly opened my eyes I saw those two people on the floor unconscious, with crashed walls, windows and other things in pieces on the floor. Taking my chance I ran out from the room and down a long corridor.

Shayna pov

After seeing the wizard ran out from the room, I sat up and brushed the glass out from my hair. Eraá was standing up and looked furious at the destroyed room before stared at me.

“Why didn’t you stop him? ” he asked while kicking the bricks from the wall.

With a sigh, I stood up and looked at my dress. “ Don’t worry, he cant get anywhere.”

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“When I touched him, I put a spell on him. He cant get out from this place.” Holding my hand out the room was slowly going back how it looked before the wizard destroyed it.

“Maybe you didn’t need to,” said Eraá who stood outside the room and looked at one of the corridors. “ He just ran down the endless corridor.” He looked at me. “ We maybe have to help him out.”

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