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chapter 6

Admon pov

I didn’t know if I was scared and stressed that made me feel like the corridor did never end. It felt like I was running for more than an hour and didn’t get anywhere. Looking at the wall I realize the same black door with children painting beside, came up over and over again. Like I was pressing replay over the same scene in a movie. But I wasn’t in a movie, this was a freaking nightmare that played a big joke with my mind. I just don’t understand why it felt so real.

“ Are you going to stop running soon?.”

Jumping in surprise I stop running and looked behind me. That guy who was I just ran away from just stood against the wall, looked at me with boring eyes.

Sounding annoyed, he walked over to me.“ I have watched you run for nothing, can’t you just stop and come back to the room.”

“ Why should a listen to you?. This is just a dream and you are not real.”

His face becomes red of anger, but he tried to be calm. “ Listen ‘Human’, this is real as it can be. You not in your bed, your not in your house, you are here till you die.” The last part he spat right into my face and grabbed my neck. “ Just remember this, I will never respect you.”

Trying to breathe and I somehow forced out a question.“ Why would I want any respect from you?.” He pressed harder and looked like he enjoyed it, but that girl who was in the room too came up and pushed him away.

“ Control yourself,” she walked over to me and looked at my face. “ It stopped.”

Looking at her in confusion. “ What stopped?.”

She handed her hands out and out of nowhere a big mirror was floating over her hands.

“ Look for yourself.” She told me and backed away.

Slowly I walked over to the floating mirror and thought I was going to see my normal reflection, but what I saw was shocking. My whole body and almost my whole face were covered with that green tattoo I tried to get off from my arm, but now it almost covered me. But that was not the only thing, one of my eyes that the tattoo touched was golden instead of green like the other.

“ What? ” I touched my face and hoped that the reflection the mirror was showing was a lie. But somewhere deep inside me I knew it wasn’t a lie, this was me, not somebody else.

“ What have you done to me ?.” I asked the two people that watched me and stared at them with rages. “ You did this to me?.”

The man laughs and shook his head. “ Definitely not, I would never choose a human to be our new wizard.” The girl elbows the guy in the stomach and gave me a weird smile.

“ Just ignore him, he has a hard time to be nice to other.”

“ Why does he call me ‘Human’?. Aren’t you two human too?.”

They both looked at each other and shook their head. “ No.”

My eyes widen. “ What are you then?.”

The girl gently took my hand. “ If I tell you everything, will you believe me?.”

“ I don’t know,” I answer truthfully. I still wished that all this was a dream and I would wake up in my horrible life at home, and my parents would get in and yell at me for sleeping too long. But after that guy was near to crush my neck, I knew this was not a dream. But hoped it was a big joke or something. “ But please tell me anyway.”

The girl took a deep breath. “ My name is Shayna and this is my brother Eraá.” The guy Eraá turned away when his sister looked at him.” We are creatures that you human call Elf.”

I froze. “ Elf?.”

“ Well, my brother is a full blood elf, am a half-elf and Silver vampire.”

“Silver vampire,” I said with a low voice and tried to process what she said. “ This is not a joke?.”

She shook her head and made the mirror that she left floating disappear.

“ It’s not.”

“ I don’t believe it.”

“ I know you wouldn’t at the beginning.” She snapped her fingers and we stood in another corridor filled with portraits. Her brother walked down to a portrait that looked newer than the other and looked sad.

I walked closer to Shayna and whisper to her. “ Is that somebody he knows?.”

She nodded. “ Yes, they were best friends.”

“ Oh, am sorry.”

She glanced at me. “ It one of the reasons my brother don’t like you.”

“ What?. What have I done?.” I said out loud and didn’t care if her brother heard me.

She grabbed my arm and pointed at the tattoo. “ It’s this.”

“ The tattoo?.” I must have looked like a big question mark when I said that.

“ Its the mark of the wizard.”

Wizard, that what her brother called me.

“ Please, tell me.”

She pulled me with her to a big portrait that seemed to be the first one of all the others. The portrait was of a man with tattoo cover his whole body, almost like me. And had short white hair and golden eyes staring down at me, and had a light blue cloak on.

Shayna lets go of my hand and walked over to the portrait. “ It’s better if I tell you from the beginning.” She turned to face me and looked very serious. “ This man here is the first wizard and the creator of our forest.”

Shayna pov

I know my brother could hear us, even if he was far down the corridor. The new wizard was looking at me with eyes of interest and wanted to hear what I was going to tell.

“ This man was the first wizard and was the oldest of his brothers. Many, many years ago, he created this place we call the forest. It was a place for many different creatures to live together in harmony, but one of his brothers didn’t like that.”

“ Didn’t they get alone? ” asked the new wizard.

“ No, but that was because everybody had a different idea. One wanted to d a winter mountain land, one wanted to do a fire land. Other didn’t want to be involved.”

“How many brothers did he had?.”

“Nobody knows, we only know a few because they created their own land, but a few never wanted to be known.”I looked at him and took a deep breath. “ It something you must know, he and his brothers were the first and only wizard existing. And wizard never dies.”

He looked surprised. “ So the all alive.”

“ All his brother is alive but..” I looked at the portrait. “ not him.”

“I thought you said they can’t die.”

“ They can’t, and now we come to the reason why you are here.”

He was quiet and waited.

“ After many years of ruling the forest and was like a god to everybody, one of his brother wanted that power and put a curse on his older brother.” I took a deep breath. “ And that curse was a very dangerous one. It made the oldest wizards soul split.”


I nodded. “ All our soul have different part we need, memory, our magic, senses and other things. And his brother split his soul in two his magic and memory. We waited for him to come back, but his soul is not healed.”

“What have that to do with me?.” The wizard looked around and looked really confused.

“ You have part of his soul in you, that what happen to all this other.” I pointed at all the other portraits. “ Because our forest will die without the wizard, and at first we thought he come back when we saw his mark on a werewolf. But later we realize that he got part of his soul in him and made him die earlier. Werewolf live over 2000 years, but he died after 500 years. And later another got the mark and become the wizard and another and another. All was the same, they had different part of the real wizards mark and had his power, but they didn’t live long.”

“But,” Eraá walked over. “ Your are the first human who has the wizards soul in you.” He narrows his eyes. “ I just hope you, not the real wizard we have waiting for all this time.”

The new wizard walked around like a lost animal in a cages. “ So I must stay here?.”

“ You must stay in this world,” answer Eraá. “ If the forest doesn’t have the wizard in a few hours, it will die in darkness.”

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