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Chapter 1

18 years later

"Vix, how are you?," I opened my eyes and turned my eyes to the other side of the hall.

A girl who was a few years younger than me looked sad. I stood up and went to the bars. When I got closer, I saw her yellow eyes and reptilian tail in the dark.

I sighed. "Mina, you know what will happen to me today, so do not pretend you don't know."

She stared down at the ground and along the corridor. I turned around and saw my mirror image in the water pool which was right in my cell. I don't remember how I looked before all the experiments they did to me, but my reflection was always a big shock for me. My hair was silver and so was also my fox ears and tail. My whole body was full of marks of all the syringes and the 'medicine they put under my skin. But what was normal was my eyes. There were no color or pupils, just completely white. And that's why I ended up here.

'Imagine that eyes could do so much trouble', I shook my head and listening to the others cells at the corridor. As far as I knew, I was the only one that was sold to this place. The others were taken or were tricked to this place. It made it more difficult for Dr. Black to gain their trust. I remember all the people who died in the experiments, none were older than 15 years old. The first was a boy who was 14 years old. Back then I was only 6 years old. Black would test the various of snake DNA on him, but it ended up that he died of too many doses. Black was disappointed and threw the body as it was rubbish for him that time. But nine years later, it became successful, but it came with a price. And Mina was the one who paid that price. I turned to look at her again. The first time I saw her, she was 12 years old with black curly hair and blue eyes. She screamed for her mother when she was brought here, and kicked in her cell for several hours. When she calmed down, she cried and asked for a man called god for help. I did nothing, I just sat in the darkness in my cell and listened to her cries. Dr. Black came every day and studied her and always wrote down something in his notebook. Mina tried to get Black to tell her why she was here, but he just told her to be calm and walked away.

In nearly two weeks, she still knew nothing about me, she thought that the cell I was in was empty.

3 years back in time

"Sir, why are you leaving food in the empty cell?" she asked after one of the assistants took her back to the cell after they took some blood samples for the second time.

The assistant who had midnight black hair turned to look at my cell and smiled. "It is not empty, it is Dr. Black's favorite experiments."

He stood up and leaned against the bars to my cell.

"Favorite experiments?," said Mina and staring toward my cell.

The assistant looked around the cell and found me in the far corner, and smiled.

"Hello, Vixen honey. Missed me?."

I stared at him and growled. Mina jumped when she heard it.

"Have you nothing else to do, Tom?," I asked and went to the bars.

Mina gasped. "W... Who... ??."

Tom looked at her and took a hard grip on my ear. "This is Vixen, this place's silver fox."

I growled and tried to bite his hand, but he just squeezed harder.

"Did... Did you that to her?" she asked, looking at my fox ears, tail and all the marks I had.

"Isn't she's divine," Tom said and stroked my cheek.

"Tom!!." Shouted an angry voice from the corridor.

Tom jumped and turned his head toward Dr.Black, who walk up to him.

"Doctor Black, what can I do for you?," asked Tom, and let go of my ear.

Black stared angrily at him. "What you can do is that you get out of here, NOW!."

Tom ran away and Black turned to look at me when I looked down at the ground to avoid his gaze.

"Vixen, look at me," He said, trying to sound calm.

I backed further away from him and tried to hide in the shade. I didn't want to give him any respect, but he also scared me at the same time.

Black opened the door to my cell and stared hard at me. "Vixen, here, NOW!."

I jumped to my ears folded back and my tail between my legs.

"Vixen," he said again.

With slow steps, I walked toward him and meeting his gaze. "Yes, sir?."

He stared at me for several minutes and then smiled. "You know there are two days to go until April 17th."

He grabbed my jaw and lifted me up to his face. "You remember what day it is?."

My whole body was shaking with fear. "Y... Y.... Yes, sir."

He squeezed harder. "Oh, really?. Tell us what is special about that day? ".

I swallowed hard. " My birthday."

"Yes, it is Vixen. You are a good girl, who remember that."He let go of me and started walking. "I have a special gift waiting for you."

I stared down at the ground and heard him walked away with a laugh.

"Hm....Hello ?," I heard Minas voice. I could hear that she was scared in her voice.

I didn't look up, I didn't show that I heard her.


Still didn't move.

"HELLO!!." She yelled loudly, which made me jump.

"That hurt," I said angrily, rubbing my ears while I stared at her.

"Um... So... So... Sorry," she looked at my tail that went back and forth.

I stared at her a long time and sighed. "What do you want?."

She turned her eyes towards the corridor and back towards me. "He didn't lock your cell. Why don't you try to escape?. "

I looked towards the door which was open and sighed. "Black do it to annoy me and see if I stay."

My stared at me. "But you can open my cell ?."

I looked terrified at her. "It is best that you forget that idea."


I went out of my cell and stood in the middle of the hallway. "Do you see the big metal door down there ?," I asked, pointing down the way Black went.

Mina pressed her face against the bars and nodded.

"Behind that door are at least four guards, and they are armed."

"How do you know that?" asked Mina and turned to look at me.

Before I could say anything back, someone laughed loudly. I turned and stared toward the cell next to mine.

"Sweet Vixen knows," said a boy's voice, and laughed again.

Mina looked at me and toward the cell. "W... Who are you?."

Out from the shadows steps a young boy who looked like he was 10 years old with blonde hair and black eyes.

"I'm Four," he said and stretched out his neck like a coiled snake.

Mina screamed and backed away when his head came toward her.

"Stop that Four," I grabbed his neck and pulled him backward.

Four laughed and put his head on my shoulder.

"What?, I just wanted to say hi."

I looked angrily toward him and pointed to his body, which was still in his cell.

"Do you think you say hi that way?."

Four just laughed and nodded. "I like it, she will change soon anyway."

I growled at him.

"Lucky for you that you look like a 10-year-old, otherwise I would beat you black and blue."

Four laughed and pulled his neck in his cell and went back into the shade. I shook my head and turned to look at Mina.

" How are you?."

Mina didn't answer. She just stood there and looked like she had seen a ghost. I sighed and went back into my cell. 'How will this end?' I thought, and fell asleep.

"LET ME GO!!!."

I jumped and went to the bars to see what was going on.

At the far end of the corridor stood Mina in between two guards, who pulled her to the metal door.

"STOP!!," she screamed again and bit one of the guard's hand.

But none of them let go of her and when the door closed behind them was the last time I saw her as she was.


"Ticktock, ticktock," the sound of the clock was heard everywhere in the corridor.

I listened and looked to both sides of the corridor. None of the others 25 cells showed that there was any life there. Mina sat in the back of her small cell and looked at me with sad eyes. She has learned that today it is best to be quiet and not say anything. I don't know if I was happy for that. When it was so quiet that only the clock could be heard, it felt like it counted down to my fate. Everyone knows what day it is, and respected not say a word. I sighed heavily and went to my bed and picked up a small wooden box that was covered in dust. Carefully, I brushed away the dust and felt that my whole hand was shaking. Mina was standing at the bars and studied the box with curiosity while I felt all the eyes of others who could see me from their cell. Four had his head slithered down the hall like a snake, which he used to do. But today he looked sad and was silent. I smiled a little and opened the box. Mina stood tiptoe to see what was in there. In the box was the little white rabbit that was the only toy I owned, but now it is almost black with holes in certain places, and the hat was still in the box.

I felt a tear that began to arrive and I squeezed it hard. Memories from when I got it and how I came here came back. Several tears came and I begin to cry.

Mina pov

I was completely shocked and didn't know what to do. When Vixen took up the little dirty rabbit, she looked completely destroyed and started to cry. I turned to look at the Four who had his head against the wall in his cell and had his eyes shut tight.

"Four?," I said in a low voice so Vix wouldn't hear me. Four didn't move.

I sighed and looked down at the floor and picked up a piece of paper. I studied it for a moment and threw it. Four growled when the paper ball hit him and looked at me with angry eyes. I understand that he doesn't like me very much, but he doesn't have to stare at me like he wanted to kill me. I waved to him to come here.

His eyes became harder for several minutes and then stretched out his neck toward me.

"What do you want, Mina?." He whispers angrily.

"Why is Vixen crying?." I said back and turned his gaze toward Vixen lying on the floor.

He turned to look at her and looked like he was deep in thought. After several minutes, he began to whisper. "You saw the bunny, she took out?." He looked at me when I nodded back.

"It was her first and only gift from their parents. "

I stared at him with wide eyes. "Her parents?." He nodded and turned his gaze back at Vixens cell. "She was just 3 months old, her parents didn't want anything to do with her because she looked like a monster, with her white eyes. "He sighed." Then after they had left her alone for a few days in her room, without taking care of her. Her mother sent Dr. Black to take Vixen. "

I looked shocked at him and looked down at the ground. 'Her mother sent her here, why?.'

"But that's not all." Said another voice from the cell next to mine.

Four turned to look at the cell and snorted. "Lew, what do you know about it?." Asked Four.

'Lew?. Who is that?. 'I thought to myself, trying to see from different angles from my cell. But I couldn't see anything.

"Who is Lew?," I asked Four.

Four stared angrily at me. "Someone who shouldn't say anything at all."

The person in the next cell laughed. " Me?. You are the one who shouldn't say anything.

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