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Chapter 2

Mina pov

Four and this 'Lew' person talked against each other for hours. I still don't know who this 'Lew' is or how he looks like. But one thing I did know was, he and Four didn't like each other at all. The only thing that could stop their fighting was Vixen. When the guards come to take her, she took a hold of Fours neck and throw his head against the bars and stared at Lew with hard eyes. The guards didn't hold her back, it was like they enjoy the angry side of Vixen. But I could see in her eyes that she was more sad than angry. And after she walks through the big door down the hall, nobody talked or even move. Four was in his cell and had his hands over his ears. I was in the far corner of my cell and hugged the pillow hard.

The clock was ticking down and in any second we will hear the sound that will make anybody heartbreak.










Vixen's scream was so loud, the whole place almost shook. Four pressed his hands harder against his ears and his face against his knees. I tried to not cry, but even how hard I tried to hold back the tears. A few tears escaped and ran down my face. The scream went on for hours and everybody could feel the pain from the scream. Poor Vixen.

Vixen didn't come back to her cell that day or the day after that. I was scared what happened to Vixen, but I tried to think positive. Even if I hate doctor Black with all my heart, I was glad he never had the thought to kill Vixen. I have heard from the guards that doctor Black not only look at Vixen as his favorite experiment, he also look at her as his own daughter. What a father love he gives to her.

" All the doors will open in 5 minutes and nobody makes any fight", said the old speaker in the hall. Everybody stood up and waited for the doors to their cell to open. Every Monday and Thursday was the days they let us be out in the 'garden'. It's not a garden with flowers and trees, this garden was a fence cell. Every experiment gets their own fence cell and has a few hours of the outside air. Doctor Black didn't think it was a good an idea for us to share the same ground, so he decided to make this fence cell so everybody could get enough ground for themselves. But also, because he thought that we could escape if he didn't make this fence cell.

The sound from the speakers was back again, and the doors begin to open. Outside stood one guard ready with the electric necklaces and put them on everyone and order us to go to the garden. The necklaces were instead of guns and few of the guards was not good at shooting at moving things.

" God, this necklace is sitting too tight for me." Said Four and tried to scratch under the necklaces.

Someone started to laugh." Maybe because you can't stretch your neck as you want when you wear it."

Four growled and looked at the person that was behind me. " Shut up, Lew."

I looked behind me and saw a tall man with no hair or rather a thing, I don't think Lew was human. Instead of two eyes, a nose and a mouth on his face, he only had one big eye with scars around it.

" You know it's rude to stare at people." Lew eye looked at me.

I opened my mouth and didn't know what to say. " How can you talk?".

His eye blinked and the next thing he did was he took off his dirty shirt, and under his shirt was a sight I never in my dream thought I would see. All over his chest was big scares that looked really painful, and on both sides of his shoulders was a pair of other eyes and just over the necklace was a mouth smiling down at me. " Like this."

"Oh," I put a hand over my mouth. "God."

" Just so you know I have two more eyes on my back."

I shiver and took a few steps away from him, but the guard beside me pulled me back and told me to stay in line. I could hear Four laughs, but I didn't dare to turn my head. Because I didn't want to see Lew eyes staring at me.

" Experiment, go." Everybody begins to walk to the doors.

" You know, I didn't wish to be like this," Said Lew with a sad voice.

I slowly turned my head to look at him, but it was hard to see if he was sad or not because his mouth was on his neck.

" I know, am just not use to where your eyes and mouth are. How long have you been like this?."

" 10 years, they did this to me when I was 5 years old. They thought the younger the experiment are, the better they were. The thing was..." He pointed at the big scare besides his eye on his face. " While I was growing.... My skin ripped and I got all this big scare."

" Did it hurt?."

He nodded. " It still does, the pain will never go away."

I was going to say something to cheer him up, but the guard pushed me into one of the fence cells and locked it. Lew and Four were going to the other side of the 'garden'.

I watched them and when I couldn't see them anymore because of the other fence cell, I sat down on the ground.

" I see you have met Lew."

"Vixen?." I stood up and walk over to the fence. Right beside my fence cell was Vixen sits on the ground and had her back against the fence.

She smiled at me but looked really tired. I could understand why, she had burnt marks all over her body and her face was a big mess.

" That's me." She rubbed her face with her black burned hands and looked at me.

"How... H.... How are you doing?."

She looked at her tail and shrugged. " It was worse than last year, but... am still alive."

I sat down on my knees. " Am sorry."

"What are you sorry for?. It's not your fault, am just a bad luck fox."

" But you are a really good........"

"BBBBOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!". A big explosion came from the building and made everything around it shake violently.

Vixen bites her lip in pain and stared at the building. " What in the world?."

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