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Chapter 3

Vixen pov

What the in the world is happening?. I tried to not scream in pain but it was hard when the ground was shaking. Mina laid on the ground and stared at the building that now was in fire. Turned around, I saw the other was watching the building with big interest and few had a smile on their lips. Did they know this was going to happen?.

The doors to all the fence cell opened at the same time and made me and maybe the other in wonder what was happening.

" Vixen?," Mina looked at me with a questioning look and before I could say anything. A voice screams out from nowhere. " Run, Run now." Everybody looked at each other and the next second everybody ran out from the fence cell. I couldn't stand up so it was impossible for me to run anywhere.

But thank god that Mina comes to help me. " Come here Vixen." She lifted my arms over her shoulder to help me stand up and we walked slowly out from the fence cell and after the others. I know i was the one slowing Mina down but i tried my best to go faster. She steering me toward the Forest that I have never set my foot in my entire life.

" We will be safe there."

I looked down at her. " How do you know?."

She didn't answer instead she walked faster when we were in the forest and tried to look for somebody.

" There you two are." Four jumped down from a tree and smiled. " Feel good to be free."

" Don't think like that, Four." I said and sat down on a rock." It's not like they would let us go that easily. "

Four looked behind him and back to me. " He said we are."

"And who is 'he'?."

He took my hand dragged me up again. " Come." and tried to lead me deeper into the woods. But because he was so much shorter than me, I fell as he pulled me forward.

Mina caught me in the last second. " Take it easy Four, she is still hurt."

"Oh," he looked down. " Sorry Vixen."

" its ok, now show the way to this person you talked about."

With a nod he showed the way, it took a while because the forest was so big and because i was so slow. But after a while we finally came to our destination, and it was a sign i never thought i would see. All the experiments from the lab were there and talking to each other, and formed a circle like they were waiting for something or someone to come.

"Vixen!!!." i turned around and saw Lew trying to run through the crowd, but when he said my name everybody stopped talking and turned their eyes on me.

Trying to ignore them i looked at Lew and smiled at him. " Am glad you are ok Lew?."

His mouth smiled and few of his eyes was close. " Am glad you are ok too Vixen even how weak you are."

"Thanks for that," I sat down and looked at the many experiments that were here. " What are we waiting for?."

An old man with yellow skin walked over to me. " I don't think you will like it."

"How so, Tim?."

He opened his mouth and was interrupted by somebody. "So great that all of you could come here." A boy who looked to be in my ages walked out and stood in the middle of the circle and smiled.

I felt my whole world was crashing down and made my whole body shiver. " Why is he here?." Tim put his hand on my shoulder and whisper. " He is the one who let us free."

I stared at Tim like I was going to kill him. " you must joking."

Mina sat beside me. " Why would he joke?."

With a growl, i looked at her. " He is doctor Blacks son."

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