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Chapter 4

Vixen pov

" Doctor Blacks son!!!," Mina cover her mouth and looked at all the others that looked at us. I nodded and stared at the boy who stood in the middle of the circle. " His name is Victor Black, a few month older than me. And he is like a copy of his father." And I didn't only mean how he look. He was a younger version of his father, only that he had black hair and darker eye color than his dad. But besides that he looked just like his father and he act like his father, even worse.

Mina held my arm tight. " Do you two know eath other?."

" Not in a friendly way," I said and rubbed my face. " Victor always was with his father when it was my birthday and all the other time they hurt me."

"So he..."

I nodded and showed a deep scar on my side that was fresh. " He liked to cut up my body like a fresh meat. Luckily his father stopped him before he could go too far." Mina touched the fresh scar and it stung so much that I almost lost my breath. Mina moves her hand away from the scar and looked at me with sad eyes. " Am so sorry."

"It's not your fault," I stared at Victor. " Its the Black families fault."

Mina pov

I can't believe that guy hurt Vixen so many years and is the son to doctor Black. The world is really too small for all of us, but what does that guy want with us?. I mean he just let us all free, what is his reason?. Hugged Vixens arm again I watched the guy Victor looking around like he was looking for someone, and when his eyes stopped at Vixen his eyes widen. For a few second he looked at her while he was in deep thought, Vixen didn't look at him, she instead looked away and didn't want him to stare at her. A smile was on his lip and he looked back at the crowd of experiments.

" Maybe you all wonder why you are here," he walked in front of the experiments that sat closest to him. " I will tell you, I wanted you here to give you a proposal." Mumbles were heard everywhere and many looked at him with suspicious.

Someone stood up and glared at Victor." What sort of proposal?."

" Demon?," whisper Vixen and stared at the person who just stood up.

"Who is Demon?."

Vixen looked at me and back to the person Demon. " Demon is someone who comes one year before you came. He and his brother, because they were twins Black tried to go easy on them."


" Because it was harder to kidnap a pair of twins, and they were from a rich family." She looked at me. " Just so you know I don't know what's so special about 'rich family' or what the difference between rich and normal family are. But I have heard its harder kidnapp children from those families."

"That's because they have so much money and can pay for the best."

She gave me a questioning look. " What is money?."

" Don't you....oh sorry I forgot."

Vixen opens her mouth to say something but was stopped when Demon talked with a loud voice. " You don't have anything that we want." I stood up a little to see how that Demon looked like. From far I could see that that he had long dark hair and his skin as really white so even how far I was I could see all the red scar from far. His clothes were just like our clothes brown short and shirt that were ripped and to small. But what surprised I was his tail that mostly looked like it was only bones. Vixen must have seen me looked at his tail.

" He also has animal ears but they really are well hidden in his hair."

"Really?." I stood like a dog over her legs and tried to see those ears, but I couldn't see them.

" Oh yes I do," Vixen pulled my back so I sat down when Victor begins to talk. " Do all of you want to go back to your normal life?." It was death quiet for a few second till a few raised up their hands. " And how will that work?. Look at you all, you are not human anymore. You are not monster, but if you all go out in the open they will kill you. They don't care if you all was like them, they don't care how much suffer you have been in. They only want to kill you for how you look. They don't want freaks." Mumbles begin again but now it becomes louder than before. " And," everyone stops talking. " My proposal is if you all follow me, I promise you, I will make a world where you can feel safe."

" What a big liar you are." Vixen was fast up on her feet and her whole face showed how furious she was. Everybody turned to face her and I could see a few had a smile on their face. " Are you telling us that you, doctor Black's son are going to help us?. I don't believe it."

"Me either," said Demon and walked over to Vixen. " You are just like your father."

Victor smirked. " Oh really, I can tell you, am not like my father. I even kill him for all of you."

"Tsk," Vixen shook her head. " What proof do you have?."

" This!!," a blond girl walk up behind Victor and hold up a bloody doctor Blacks head. Everybody gasped of the sight of the head. Vixen and Demon still stood there with their heads high like they didn't see the head. " Are you in this to Layla?." Asked Vixen and crossed her arms. The girl laughs and throws the head at Vixen, but Vixen moved aside so the head landed behind her. " Suprise, surprise."

Vixen pov

Of all the people must it just be Layla, she was like doctor Blacks right hand and had a sick twisted mind like Victor. This can not get any worse.

" We showed you all the proof, and I can promise you we keep our words that we will make a place where we will be safe." The mumbles begin again and I could see that many begin to stand up and walked up to Victor and Layla. Demon looked at the all the experiments that walked over to Victor and he didn't look happy, especially when his twin brother was in that group.

" Brother," a copy of Demon turned to him and shook his head.

" Sorry brother, but I follow Victor. He has a goal that I want to follow." He turned his back at Demon and walked over to Victors group. Demon had tears in his eyes but tried to hold them back. " My own brother."

"Am sorry Demon," he looked at me when I lay my hand on his shoulder, but didn't say anything. Few stood behind me but was surprised me was that those experiments that were on their way to Victors group turned around and walked over to me.

" What are you all doing?," scream Layla in anger.

A girl with horns turned around to face Layla. " Sorry, but I trust Vixen more than you." The other nodded.

Layla's face was so red it almost looked like she was going to explode. " You will regret that you didn't follow us."

The girl laughs. " I already regret listening to you." The girl walked over to me with a big smile. " Nice to see you again, Vixen."

I smiled back at her and hugged her. " It's nice to see you too, Vona." She hugged me back and then walked over to the others.

" Vixen," I looked at Victor. " I promise you, you will join us one day."

"Tsk," I turned my back at him and begin to walk slowly. " In your dream, you have nothing on me." The other follow me and Mina grabbed my hand and stood very close to me.

" Oh just wait, I have a few ways to make you join us."

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