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Chapter 5

Vixen pov

I could still hear Victors voice in my head while walking through the forest. Mina had to steady me many times because my body still haven't recovered from all the pain, Demon asked a few times if I wanted him to carry me so I didn't lose so much energy. But I shook my head and told him it was good for me to walk a little, even if it felt like my whole body was going to break any second, especially when we walked up on hills. After going for many hours, we all stopped beside a big waterfall, which I never have seen before and drank the water. Everybody was thirty and a few wanted to jump in the water and feel clean after many years of no bath. But they have to wait till everybody had their thirst away, it wouldn't be so nice if they jump in the water while others were drinking. Sitting down with my back against a big tree I watched everybody talking and played in the water, but Mina was a few distance away from everybody and glanced at the other nervous.

" She is very shy that girl," I looked at my left and saw Vona sitting against the same tree as me with her arms over her head. Even after so many years, she still looked the same the last time I saw her. Her light brown hair was long at the front and short at the back of her head. Her horns were growing out from her head and were tight against the side of her head. On her forehead, i could see new horns was growing from her forehead, but right now it looks like two small white things that have been glued to her forehead. She looked at me with her bright red eyes and waited for me to say something.

I looked away from her and turned my attention back to Mina. " Yeah, she doesn't know anybody besides me, Four and Lew. Most me and Four, she just meets Lew." Vona looked at Mina and smiled. " She looked like a nice snake girl."

" Don't call her that, she still have a hard time with her snake side."

Vona raised an eyebrow. " How long have she been like that?."

Shrugged. " 3 years now."

Vona's mouth was shaped like an 'O' and took down her arms to her side. " That's not many years." She stood up and begin to walk.

" What are you going to do?."

She turned around but still walked but backward. " Make friends with her, we are family now."

I laugh and watched her walk up to Mina and begin to talk to her. Mina looked like a scared animal first when Vona comes up to her and sometimes looked at me for help. But after a few minutes, she begins to relax a little after talking with Vona. With a smile, i turned my gaze away from them and looked at the others, who now was in the water and played. Four was in the middle of everything but had a hard time to stay his head over the water, because he was so short he didn't reach the bottom. The other who was taller didn't have that problem and took the chance to attack Four. A few feet from the water stood Law and Demon talking with each other with serious faces, well Demon had a serious face, Lew was hard to see when he only had an eye on his face. But his mouth on his neck showed that he was not happy about something. When Demon and Lew saw me watching them, Demon said something to Lew and when Lew nodded Demon walked over to me.

" Vixen can we talk?."

"Of course, but can you sit down," I rubbed my neck. " My neck still haven't healed."

He gave me a weak smile and sat down beside me without sitting on my tail. " Have you any plans what we are going to do?."

I shook my head. " No, I never thought I ever would get away from that place. So, I never thought about it."

He scratched his head. " Well, me and Lew have talk a little."

" I saw that."

" Well, we thought maybe we can go to a little village to get some food or something. We can't live in the forest forever and we are not ready to go to a city."

' I like the forest so far.' I thought to myself and also wonder what a village is?.

" What is a village?." Demon looked like he was going to hit his head against a wall and at the same time laughs. " It is a place with houses where everybody live in and a few store who sell food, clothes, and other things."

"Oh," I nodded my head but still didn't really fully understand. " What is a city?."

He laughs against his hand." Let's say it's like 100 times bigger villages."

I shook my head with a smile. " Ok, we go to a 'villige', if we find any soon. And see what we can get. After that, we have to think of another plan."

Demon nodded and stood up. " I tell Lew and we get ready to go."

"Wait a little," he stop and looked at me. " I didn't say we are going today, tomorrow"

" Why tomorrow?."

I pointed at the others and at Mina, who was now laughing with Vona. " I think it's better that everybody get to know each other."

Demon looked at Mina and Vona and smiled. " Yeah, you are right. " His bone tail was tickle against my bare feet. Trying to not laughs I bite my lips hard together and act like normal, but Demon saw it and smirked. " You tickles." It wasn't a question, but I shook my head no and pulled back my feet. Demon rested his chin on his hand and was in deep thought, dark cat ears was standing out from his head. they only stood out like that when he is in deep thought. The next second he jumped at me and tickles my side, and that made me laugh out loud and begged him to stop. Everybody stop what they were doing and gazed at us in wonder what was going on. When they saw what was happening they begin to smile and watched the scene me and Demon made.

" Please, stop." He tickles under my arms which made me laughs louder, but it was getting harder to breath after all the laughs. It wasn't better that my body that almost was healing was in much bigger pain, I must make him stop before I cough up blood. I kicked his leg so he lost his balance, but what a mistake. Make him lose his balance made him fall right on me, and he wasn't a little kid, he was a heavy guy.

" Ouch, " said Demon with a low voice. " Am so sorry Vixen." He rises up with his arms, but he stopped halfway and stared deeply into my eyes. I don't know why but something was pounding really fast in my chest and made my whole body heat up, what is this feeling?.

Someone whistled behind Demon. " Vixen I can hear your heart speed up all the way here, and I mean literally." I looked over Demon shoulder and saw Vona, Mina, and all the others was standing around us. Vona grinned and shaped her hand into something.

" You two look like a nice couple," All the others made the same shape with their hands like Vona did.

I looked at everybody in confusion and looked at Demon whose face was red like a tomato. " What are you doing with your hands?." Vona giggles and walked over to me and Demon.

"This," she shaped her hands again. " Is a heart, not the heart you have here." She pointed at my chest where I just felt poundings. " This heart is the shape of love."


Vona pov

I always knew they would be a nice couple, but now I could see the full picture of they two together. With a giggle, I watched Demon looked like a red tomato and Vixen looked around with her white eyes like a lost kid. I must help her understand her feeling for Demon. That will be my goal, right, after all, the other things I promise myself to do when am free, but I move this one up on my list. Demon stood up and excused himself and walked into the forest, Vixen was still lost what was going on, but somehow I knew she was watching Demon while he was walking into the forest.

" Mina." She looked at me with her yellow eyes. "Yes?."

" Do you think they would look like a cute couple?." She nodded her head and crossed her arms. " Yes, but its to bad that Vixen doesn't know what love is."

" How about we help her?."


I whisper in her ear. " I heard we are going to stay here till tomorrow and get to know everybody. Well, I almost know everybody"

" I don't. Anyway, what are you going with this?."

Grabbed her arm I moved her closer to me and whisper a plan that maybe would work, I hope it does.

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