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chapter 6

Demon pov

I can’t believe that happened, I thought to myself while walking around in a circle in the forest not far away the other were. The images of Vixens face was still in my head, somehow i was sad that she didn’t know what love was. I always had this warm wonderful feeling everytime i see her, which was not so often when we were at that place. Just seeing her confusion face showed that she didn’t know anything about love or her feeling, maybe she never got a chance to know her feeling. She have been at that place ever since she was just a few month old and everything they did to her could have made her confused was she was feeling, or what different feeling feels like. Rubbed my face while trying to think what I should do now, but I just see Vixens face again, her beautiful face and magical hair. God, she really doesn’t know what she do to us men, or me.

“Are going to walk like that till you go underground? ” I turned around and saw Vona standing on a big rock and looked down at me.

“ Did you follow me?.”

She nodded.“ Yes, we did.”

“ We?,” The snake girl I saw Vixen walking with all the way here peeked her head out from behind the rock and waved her hand shyly. “ Hi.”

I raised an eyebrow at her and she looked more nervous and hid behind the rock. Vona shook her head and looked behind the rock. “ It’s nothing to be afraid of, he is a really nice guy.” She looked at me and nodded to me to closer, I walked over to her and waited for the snake girl to come out. It took a while till she peeked out again slowly.

“ Demon,” Vona pointed at me. “ Mina.” And then she pointed at the snake girl. “ Mina, Demon. So now that you two have met, let’s get to business.”

I looked at Vona with an question face.“ What business?.”

She smiled. “ To make you and Vixen a pair.” I could feel my whole face getting warmer, and I properly looked like a red tomato.

“ Wa..W...W..W... What?.”

“ Oh come on Demon,” Vona put her arms on my shoulder. “ Everybody could see that you love her, Vixen just doesn’t know her feeling.”

I pulled her arm off me.“ Are you not going a little to fast?. We just walked away from the hell place and now you playing love doctor.”

She thought for a second. “ I like it Vona the love doctor.”

The snake girl Mina looked at Vona like she has lost it. “ Don’t forget that Vixen never had a childhood,” Vona’s smile was gone and was replaced with a sad face. Mina looked at me with a mix of hard and sad eyes. “ We all had a family, friends, and memories that keep us going. Vixen never had any, she only knew that awful place. She knew what they could have done to all of us. She stopped me many times, and took my place in the punishment.”

She looked at Vona who looked like she wanted to cry. “ I like that you want to help Vixen with her feeling,” She looked at me. “ And I think you two would be a wonderful couple, even if I never meet you or know anything about you. But let’s just help Vixen to get a new start and give her a life she should have, but we go slowly with her.”

“ And how can we do that?,” I could stop myself. “ I know you said we should go slowly with Vixen, but look at us.” I looked at my bone tail and Vona had her hands on her horns, and Mina looked at her dark green scaly hands that turned to yellow with black spots.

“ We can’t be seen like this, we don’t have any money. The only thing we can do is steal for surviving.”

Minas eyes widen. “ I can’t steal.”

“ What choose do we have?,” asked Vona. “ Demon is right, nobody is normal or you can say we are not humans anymore. I know you want to get back to a normal life, even go back to your family after all these years Mina. But we are not going to walk into open arms.”

Mina looked away and I could see she didn’t like the idea of stealing.

Mina pov

Stealing, I can’t steal. Mom always told me it’s bad stealing things if I want something I pay for it. But I don’t have money, nobody of us has any money and I can’t go to my mom, I haven’t seen her for years. Does she miss me?. But Vona was right we are not human anymore, and I don’t think I can run home and my parents would stand there and hug me. I could just imagine them backing away from me and scream monster at me and all the police and I would go back to the same place I just got away from. Vona and Demon watched me and I think they could see I didn’t like the stealing idea, but I tried to be okay with it. But they also watched my scaly skin, that was before green and now yellow with black spots.

I looked down. “Ok, but I still don’t like it.”

Vona clapped her hands together. “ Good, now that you are on board and hope the others are too. Can you tell me why your…” She moved her pointed finger like she was drawing in the air but just a few inches from my face. “ Skin is changing color?.”

I moved my hand over my arm and felt nervous again. “ Well… my skin sometimes changes to different colors without me knowing, I don’t know why. I think they put in something that makes my skin changes color every 10 hours or something.”

Vona grabbed my hand and stared at my palm. “ Isn’t it weird to have scales on your palm?.”

I smiled. “ Yes, it was weird the first year. But now its feels normal.” She caressed a finger over my palm and shiver.

“ God, your skin feels weird and nice somehow.”

Demon laughs and shook his head. “ Well… am going back to the others. “ He said and walked the way Vixen and the other were.

“ Wait,” scream Vona. “ I never got the time to play love doctor.” I grabbed her shoulders so she couldn’t run after him. “ You have time to play love doctor another time, right now let him and Vixen be.”

She looked at me with big sad eyes while her lips were shaking.

” But...But...But...But….” She growled. “ Oh, ok.” She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to look mad, but i could see her smile on her lips.

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