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chapter 7

Vixen pov

I was watching the sky that now turned into darker color. I have never seen the dark sky before, just the few hours I use to get at the ‘garden’ was in the middle of the day and I have never seen the beautiful color of the sunset or dark sky that Mina tried to explain to me. And what am seeing is really amazing. Looking around I saw the other playing around the trees and had fun, but Mina, Demon, and Vona weren’t back yet. They haven’t been back seen the talk about ‘love’, what is it really?. Holding my hand over my chest I could feel the pounding inside me, but it was not as fast as it was before. What did Vona say it was?. My heart?. Yes, my heart. But what does it mean?. I know it beat really painful when Dr. Black try new things on me that really hurt. But before it did beat fast, but not painful like I was used to feel it. The image of Vona was back in my mind when she smiled and shaped her hands in a weird shape. ‘Its the shape of love’ she said. Trying to do the shape with my hands, which wasn’t so easy for me. But when I finally got it, I study the shape by my hands.

“ Did she mean that the shape is love?.” Thinking for a few minutes, I decided it wasn’t it. Thinking really hard back I remember that Vona smiled when she did that, maybe if I smiled and did that shape would love come?. But the thing was smile was something everybody did when they were happy. I have never been happy, I only put up a smile on my lips to show that nothing was wrong or to be nice. But I never had any happiness in my smiles, ever. I word come up in my head when I tried to figure out what love is, and the word ‘stupid’ was like a big brick stone in my head. And maybe it was stupid to think of love. Shaking my head I tried to forget the word love and what it could possibly be, I didn’t get anywhere with it and it only made me more confused. I didn’t realize that somebody was sitting beside me while I was in deep thoughts, till I turned to the side. Tim sat and studied the sky like I did.

“It’s a nice view isn’t it?.” He looked at me and waited for me to answer.

I nodded a little.” Yes, it is.” I glanced at Tim. “ Tim, can I ask a question?.”

“ Of course.” He slowly moved to the side and pat on the ground to tell me to sit down. I walked over and sat down beside him.

“ Tim, do you really think Black is dead?.”

The corner of his mouth moved, and that was a sign that he was thinking hard.

“ That head did look real.” He glanced at me. “ Do you think he is still alive?.”

“ I know Doctor Black and his son, Victor would never kill him. He saw Black as his whole world. “ I cover the bloody opening on my side. “ I may be wrong, but I think he is still alive.”

He gave a small nod.” Are you going to tell the other?.”

I thought for a second and shook my head. “ No, you all wanted to get out from that place. If it happened that Black is still alive, I will take care of him.”

“ Vixen what is really bothering you?.”

I stared at him with raised eyebrow. “ What?.”

“ It sound like you want Black to be alive, are you scared of the outside world?.”

I stood up and turned my back to him and didn’t say anything. Feeling his stare burning holes on my back, I didn’t dare to look at him. Even if I wanted to know how it was outside the walls of the prison life I had, I was still scared what was out there. I have been in Doctor Blacks care my whole life, I knew what was going to happen. I knew how much pain I was going to get. But now that I was free I didn’t know what to do. All this talk about love and all the other things, I don’t know anything about it.

“ Truth is Tim, I don’t understand anything at all. I don’t understand what love is or how to be happy like you guys. Maybe I will someday, but one thing I do know is that Doctor black would not die like that. Not by his own son.”

I walked away and to the other who was resting after running so much. Vona, Mina, and Demon were there too looking at me with question eyes. Well, Mina and Demon was looked at me, Vona and was looking somewhere else with a smile on her lips.

Demon was the one walking up to me. “ Are you okay?.”

“ Yes, am okay. Why do you ask?.”

He looked at Tim who slowly tried to stand up. “ I don’t know, it’s just you two looked very serious over there.” he stared at me and waited for me to tell him what me and Tim talked about.

I shook my head. “ Truth is Demon, I don’t really know.”

I could see on his face that he wasn’t really convinced, but he let it go for now. I looked back up to the sky to see it was getting darker and darker.

It’s getting really dark.”

Demon nodded. “ We should make a fire.”

Looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “ Is there a way to make fire?.”

Demon looked around. “ Yes, but I don’t know.” He looked at the other. “ Do anybody know how to make a fire?.”

Many looked at up at him and shook their heads. But one dark skinned guy with a little black hair and also looked a little older than me and Demon. “ I think I can make a fire.” He walked up to Demon and I looked blue things under his skin, it was like stitch with thick thread all over his body. But instead of thread under his skin, it was electrical wires.

“ Blue?,” I poked on his shoulder. And he looked at me with his silver eyes while the wires under his skin were showing a small glowing ball in the wires that were going around under his skin. “ How are you going to make a fire?.”

He smiled and picked up a stick on the ground. “ Like this. “ He put his other hand on the stick and the wires begin glow really strong. And lightning was coming out from his hands and on the stick and made a little fire on it.

I stared at the flame in amaze. “ Wow,” was the only thing I could say.

The wires stop glowing and were back at the small glowing ball in the wires going around. All the other was also staring at the flame in amaze, but then realize that Blue couldn’t hold the stick with the flame forever, I and all the other picked up all the sticks we could find on the ground and built a pile.

“ Good, it was really getting hard to hold it, “ He throws the flaming stick in the pile and watched the whole pile going into flame. Moving closer to the flame I could feel the heat from it coming against my body and made me realize how cold I was. Just feeling the heat made my body feel like ice, I wanted to be closer to the warm flame. And I wasn’t alone, all the other even Tim was sitting around the flame and tried to sit close as possible while being sure that everybody had a sit near the flame. Mina and Vona were the two who sat beside me, Vona on my left and Mina on my right. Surprisingly they were against my body to get warm, even if I thought I was cold as ice.

“ You are really warm, Vixen. “ Said Mina and wrapped my tail around her. “ So fluffy.”

“ Really? I feel really cold.” I rubbed my hands together and looked up at the sky to see the sun was gone and the sky was really dark with small with glowing things in the sky.

Vona shook her head. “ You are really warm.” She hugged my arm and seem to relax a little. “ I forgot how cold it was at night.”

Night? was the dark sky with the glowing things night?. I looked up at the sky again to see a big white circle was visible in the dark sky. stared at it for a while I saw the big circle was shining over the dark sky and was somehow feeling really magical.

Vona pov

Just sitting near a fire in a beautiful night, in a forest somehow gave me pictures in my mind of camping and also many romantic scenes. I know I promised Demon and Mina to take it slow and not rush things. But I couldn’t hold back the idea that Vixen and Demon would be a really cute couple, not a normal looking couple but still cute. Enjoying of the warm from Vixens arm and the fire, I thought through my head of ideas what I could do right now. While I did that I glanced at Vixen who was staring at the night sky with interest and also in deep thought. Mina who was wrapped in Vixens fox tail was really enjoyed the warm but sometimes peeked at the other who was sitting really close together while talking with each other. Mina must be the only one who doesn’t know everybody, besides Vixen, Four, and Lew. Letting go of Vixens arm I stood up and clapped my hands, everybody directly looked at me beside Vixen. Who was slowly looking away from the sky, but even if she was looking at me with her white eyes, I still didn’t know if she was looking at something else. Vixen is really hard to read, and I think nobody can read her.

“ Sorry if I disturbed you all, but I wanted to say that now that we all are here, free from that place. I think we all should get to know each other.”

Blue raised his eyebrows. “ But we all know everybody.”

I shook my head and nodded my head at Mina who was hiding behind Vixen.

“ She doesn’t know us all,” everybody looked at her which made her hide more behind Vixen.

With a sigh, Vixen moved aside and looked at Mina. “ They are not bad, they are really nice.” Mina looked at everybody really nervous beside Four and Lew who was pushing each other with their shoulders.

“ Mina, “ she looked at me when I pointed at the dark skinned girl beside me, she was not as dark as Blue but darker than me. “ This is Kristin.” Kristin waved at Mina with a little smile, but Mina was too nervous to even wave back. And that was maybe because of Kristin’s mouths, she didn’t have one mouth, she had eleven. She had her mouth on the same places as a normal person, but in her arms was five mouths each on her arms going from the shoulder down to her hand.

Kristin looked at me with her brown eyes, when Mina didn’t do anything. “ She looks shy,” all of her mouths moved and made it sound like it was 15 or 20 different people talking at the same time.

“ She is a little shy,” I looked at Mina who now was staring at Kristin’s mouths while Kristin was playing with her black shoulder long hair with her fingers.

After a while, Mina opened her mouth. “ Can you talk with only two mouths or must you talk with all of them at the same time?.”

Kristin giggles and begins to talk with her left shoulder mouth and the mouth on her right upper arm. “ I can talk with only two mouths, but it’s easier to talk to all of them.”

Mina smiled a little and walked over to the next person beside Kristin. Beside Kristin was a guy who was really tall with short blond hair.

“ This man guy here is Henry.”

Mina looked at him up and down and looked a little surprised. “ He looks normal besides all the scars he has on his chest.”

Henry looked at me like he was waiting for a sign from me, and when I nodded he opened his mouth and out came four different shape and color tongues, there was a green thick tongue, a yellow small one, a purple with small black warts and orange that looked more like a snake tongue. Mina jumped a little back when she saw the tongues, but didn’t say anything. Henry closed his mouth and didn’t say anything which wasn’t a surprise for me or the other. Walked over to an another guy who was sitting beside Henry, this guy was younger than me and looked like he was only skin and bones. But the reason was that he didn’t have a mouth or any eyes at all, he was completely faceless. And he almost has a whole ear, almost. Sometimes it was hard for him to hear anything at all.

“ This is Aro,” Aro waved his hand but not at Mina, the poor guy didn’t know where to waves his hand, and nobody could judge him for that.

Mina was looked at him with sad eyes. “ Hi, Aro.”

Aro turned his faceless face at her but didn’t do anything else.

There were only five people left, but it turns out Mina had seen them before but never get to know. Two of those five was girls, one was a blonde and the other was a redhead. Those two have been kind of friends since they first came to the lab. Lina the blonde was an eight-year-old who had her hair filled with snakes, like Medusa in the stories. And the red head was Tilly who is nine years old and is known for her almost see through skin, and what that means was that everybody would see the bones through her skin and also her skull. It looks weird even for me, but everything seems normal after a few years seeing weirder things. The three guys are triplets, the have the same brown hair and green eyes and even the scars where on the exactly at the same places on their bodies. What was so special about them was their metal claw fingers and half metal face. Because they are so alike nobody knows who is who, and they never tell because they use the confusion to trick the guards who are really who. So everybody calls them the claws triplets or only triplets.

Vixen rubbed her eyes and looked at Mina. “ Do you think you know everybody’s names?.”

Mina looked at everybody and nodded. “ I think so.”

“Ok,” she scratched her ear. “ I think I get some sleep, I haven’t slept for a few days.”

“ Maybe we all should get some shut eyes, “ said Demon and looked at the other.

Almost everybody showed how tired they were in their eyes, but didn’t say anything.

Vixen yawn. “ Everybody should get some sleepy, “ she hugged her tails and lay down.

Blue stood up. “ Should somebody stay up to make sure that nothing will surprise us when we wake up?.”

Everybody was too tired to even say anything, but I think it was because nobody wanted to stay up all night.

“ I think we are safe here, so everybody should take this chance to sleep.” Blue looked a little uneasy when I said that but didn’t argue with me. After a while, everybody was ready to get some shut-eye, wonder how the day will be tomorrow.

Vixen pov

When I was sure that everybody was asleep, I sat up and looked around. Everybody was sleeping peacefully and it looked really nice. But I couldn’t sleep, I don’t know if it was because the soft grass was too soft for me. I have slept on a cold hard floor all my life, but now am sleeping on soft grass that felt really nice against my skin, but weird at the same time. I slowly sat up without waking the others and decided to stay up and guard. I was not convinced that we were safe, right after I saw Doctor Blacks head I knew something was wrong. His head was different and the smell from it, it didn’t smell like the mix of chemical and blood he always cared around on his coat. The head smelled like rubber.

I scratched behind one of my ears and wonder why I didn’t tell the other, besides Tim. Was it because I wanted to believe that Doctor Black was dead?. Or was it because I thought I just over think it?. Slowly I lifted up the dirty shirt I had on and stared at the open skin that now was filled with dirt and leafs. I pushed in one of my fingers and tried to scratch out all the dirt, but it wasn’t easy at all. I made the opening much bigger, and more blood came out from it.

“ I knew I couldn’t fool you, Vixen.”

My ears were straight up when I heard the familiar voice from afar, and turned to see a dark shadow deep in the forest. Quickly I jumped up and ran into the forest and could feel the fear grow inside me. When I finally was a few feet from the shadow, I stopped and glared at the person.

“ So I was right, you were still alive?.”

Doctor Black gave me a cold smile and lifted up his heavy leather jacket over his shoulder.

“ I had a hunch that you would know I was still alive.” He fished up a cigarette and light it up.

“ But it doesn’t matter.” He glanced up to the sky. “ So how is your first day in freedom?.” He glanced at me with a smirk on his lip.

“ It’s better than your lab.”

“ Oh that hurt Vixen, I was treating you like my own child.” He laughed. “ You just needed to learn to respect me.”

“ What do you want?.”

His face changed and he looked at me dead serious. “ What I want is your help.”

“ And why would I help you?.”

His hand was going in his pocket and he fished up the dirty rabbit I always kept. “ It’s funny, I remember like it was yesterday I took you from your family. You hugged this rabbit the whole time, you never let it go.” He smiled coldly. “ If you help me, I can help you find your parents.”

My whole body froze and I stared at him like he was crazy.

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