Ghost Ship

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When legends are told of Ghost Pirates that sail in on the mist you are told to stay away but one day you are caught as the mist rolls in and what you find out has your heart beating off the charts. Captain Clive Cuthbert sails in and takes Silver a young Virgin into his arms as he believes she is the one. Follow the journey of the unexpected. (This story has not been edited and is only a rough draft.)

Fantasy / Romance
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

Do you believe in ghosts????

Do you believe in Fate?

I grew up in a small town by the coast, I've always had a fascination with boats and the water.... My dad grew up here. I didn't know my mom very well, she got killed by a storm that blew in one day when she was coming back up from the coast to our house, she never made it back, and nobody found her body. I was only young at the time about 5 years old, my grandmother was looking after me at the time when she went missing,

My dad runs the lighthouse, well most of it is all electronic now so it makes his life a lot easier. I just turned 21 last week, and I help out in the local town shop where we basically sell everything from your basic foods and some clothing up to the fishing gear and bait for the Fishermen that like to sit on the harbour walls and cast in.

I love living here as I do enjoy the quiet life, and that I'm really close to my dad so I really don't want to leave him.

We've always had stories told to us from a young age about a pirate ship that comes into the port when the mist comes in and we were told never to go down to the harbour at that time as mysterious things could be heard.

How much of that story did I believe as a kid...well It scared us enough that we did keep away during those misty times. Henry is one of my best friends and we have grown up in this small town.

“Hay Silver how's things?”

And Silver is my name, how I got that name well I'll tell you all about that later on.

“Good Henry, just finishing up for the day, you need anything else?”

“Just a kiss from the town's only single girl.”

Henry is the town's bad boy and is always trying to get me to kiss him properly. That's when he isn't sneaking up on me and grabbing me from behind to try and kiss me.

And when I say he's the town's bad boy, he's not really that bad, yes he went away for a year or so and came back all tatted up and I might say myself he is quite sexy but I wouldn't admit that to him. He would be all over me if I did. I know that one day I'll leave this place but I'm just not ready yet..

“Are you heading down the local tonight?”

“Well it's the only place to go around here isn't it?”

The shop where I work, which I love and Gordon the shopkeeper.

“Silver you can head off if you want.”

“Ok thanks Gordon.”

Henry links his arm with mine. “I'll walk you home if you like?”

“I was going to head down to the harbour for a bit.”

“Do you need any company?”

“Thanks Henry but I'm ok, I just like watching the boats coming in for the night.”

“Maybe see you later tonight?”

“Yeah I might come down for a quick drink later.”

“Bye gorgeous.” He gives me a quick peck on the cheek before heading off.

“You know that laddie likes you.”

“Yeah I know, but I'm not that interested in him like that.”

“He's probably the last single male available here now. I think everyone expects you both to hook up.”

“Well I don't think that's going to happen, anyway I don't need a boyfriend, I'm only 21.”

I say goodbye to him and grab my jacket before making my way down the harbour

I take the grassy track that leads down the coastal side of the hill to the harbour. I have my music on as I walk and enjoy the sea views. As I reach the bottom a few boats are already in.

I walk along the harbour wall till I get to the very edge of it where I sit down and dangle my feet over. The sun is still shining brightly even if it is a bit later on in the day. I take off my jacket and place it down so that when I lie back my head is resting on it.

With my music playing and the sun shining, the warmth feels good against my skin.

I wave at a few of the boats as they come in. I lie back and I must have drifted off laying there as l feel a chill come over me, I'm guessing it will be a cloud passing over the sun. I want to watch the sunset as it can be quite spectacular from the harbour. With my eyes still closed just waiting for the cloud to pass by the sun and let it shine again.I remember rightly that it's meant to be a full moon tonight so it will be even more spectacular night sky than normal.

I love walking back up guided by the light of the full moon.

I lay there waiting for the cloud to pass over.... but it doesn't seem to be going. I open my eyes, careful to shield them in case the sun suddenly pops back out, but all I'm met with is a cold damp mist.

I can hear noises somewhere in the distance, I'm hoping it's just a boat trying to get back into the harbour.

I straighten myself up and put on my jacket as the chill runs through my body.

I hear what sounds like a horn.


That's not normal.

Remembering the stories that I had been told I start to think, could this be real, could there really be pirates sailing on the seas, and ghost pirates at that.? Although nobody has actually seen them so I wouldn't even know what one would look like. Would they be see through, can you touch them. What if they were scary and evil... Anyway it's not real these were only stories we were told as kids and avoided the harbour at misty times because of the danger of missing your footing.

There's an eerie atmosphere going on and I feel the chill in the air run down my back. The mist has thickened so much I can hardly see two feet in front of me. I walk slowly back along the harbour wall, and as I do so a dark shadow appears to my left hand side and as I look to try and make it out, the outline of a big ship is clearing and it is right next to me.

I can hear shouting on deck, I'm not sure if what I am seeing is really a pirate ship or if I am just imagining things...

“This isn't real…”

As the mist clears a little bit it is definitely a big ship next to me, within seconds I hear more shouting and a lot clearer now.

“She's here…”

I hear a voice and my heart starts to beat faster...

“Aye captain, we will search the sands and find her.”

“I want her.”

Just those three words have sent a tingling down my body straight between my legs, a feeling that I've never experienced before.

Another voice appears. “Captain…”

There's silence for a moment. I don't know where to go, there's some movement on board as I can hear footsteps. I slowly creep along the harbour I look about and see one of the fisherman's small boats on the other side of the platoon. Just as I'm about to move over to it a loud thump lands behind me, making me jump.

A hand comes down onto my shoulder and turns me around. I'm scared to look, and when I do I jump backwards screaming. Another hand clamps over my mouth.

“Don't scream darling, the Captain doesn't like it when they scream.”

His words sent chills down my spine and I shuddered under his touch.

“Captain we've got her…”

Another loud thump lands down on the platoon. I can't see anything because the mist seems thicker, almost like a dark rain cloud walking towards me. As it gets closer it clears and what I see is not what I expected.

A gorgeous man walks towards me and my body shivers, but not in a bad way... every step he takes towards me it's like he's sending me some sort of vibrations that shoot from the ground up my body. His eyes piercing straight into mine...

He stands in front of me, I'm shaking but I don't know what from. Is it fear or is it because I'm feeling things that I've never felt before.

His eyes are burning bright blue the colour of the ocean. The man behind me let's my mouth go, and the Captain comes even closer to me, so close I think our noses touch. He inhales deeply and his eyes close as he does, his eyes open again and I'm left standing quivering under his gaze. I'm holding my breath as his stare becomes intense, I'm afraid to blink.

I can smell him as he leans into my neck, his beard slightly tickling my neck as he does so. His scent is of a woody mix with a hint of whiskey, not bad at all, I find it quite pleasant in fact. As we stand there and he seems to be studying me in some way, as he walks around me. With every footstep he take's the vibrations follow through and make me shudder with pleasure. I can't help but let a moan escape. “Mmm.”

He stands back in front of me again, bringing his hand up, touching my face and running his thumb along my jawline stopping at my chin. He moves my head about as if he is looking for something but I don't know what.

“Take her to my quarters.”

With those words spoken he turns and heads back to the ship.

A firm pair of hands take hold of my arms and I'm led to the side of the ship. A rope ladder is thrown down and I'm helped to climb up into the ship. When I reach the top I'm pulled up and over the side of the ship and taken quickly to what I presume is the captain's quarters.

“Wait here.”

He leaves closing the door to the cabin and I'm left standing wondering what is going to happen to me.

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