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Chapter 1 Rocky Riding.

I walked out of Mrs. Pettersons history session “I hate her!” I growled when I was out of earshot, and next to Tj (my boy Bff) and Emily (my girl Bff). “Hate is a strong word, J” Tj smiled weakly “my gosh, Emily? Do you think ‘hate’ is that strong if a word?!” I smiled with a touch of wonder. Emily blushed, and shook her head.

It was last period when I gave Tj and Emily invites to a random sleepover “what’s this for?” Emily flipped it over “A random sleepover mate.” I just said, chucked Tj his and walked off to the bus, I looked for a seat at the back, taken by boys... The only empty seat was next to our so called ‘Alpha’, in Gully Way Private School F.W (For Wolves) we each have rankings, I was claimed Beta the second highest rank, all of my family is a Beta.

When I finally reached home, with the very akward ride

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