The Prince and Red

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In America, there is no true democracy just fancy mouthpieces and a take no prisoner monarchy family known as the McCalls. After five years of refusing to get married King Bryce is tired of his nearly 30-year-old son and forces him to throw a ball to find a bride. houseless and newly motherless count Amir soon gets an invite to Prince's Merek's ball and the drama begins.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Houseless

The wife of a middle-class lord of the realm fell sick and as she felt her end was near she gathered in her chambers her six children one by one. And gave each child her possessions or what was left of them after her own father had passed and her husband had fallen with fever to drink She held her eldest daughters hand and said to her daughter “Finola You are a lady of the house my daughter well would have been if your father hadn’t sold it but that doesn’t matter now. What matters is that after I’m gone, your job is to get my father’s house back and restore our family name. Whatever you do my darling don’t you get pregnant you hear? Things will be better for you one day but not if you fall pregnant to that low life baron.”

“yes, momma.”

“I give to you my daughter my father’s cufflinks. One day it will suit you best to use them and you will know when to do so. I love you Finola take care my daughter and send the next one


Finola went away and in her place came peter. Peter sat down as he looked at his mother. “My son, one day you will have everything you want in life. Finola and your intelligence will help you get there. Take care of both of them and I promise you they will take care of you. I leave to you my father’s golden shoes. One day you will know when you should use it until then keep it safe. It’s expensive and will help you. I love you my son send in Gadriel, Charles, and Lance.”

“mother, what about Amir?”

“he I will see last now do as I say I haven’t much time.” When her three children came in she smiled “be good for Finola and obey her every word. Stick with your brothers and sisters, they will see you through the hard times. I love you, my children. Please bring Amir quickly now.”

Lord Amir came in last and smiled at his mother fluffing her pillows and giving her water before he fed her bird some of his dinner “sit down my beautiful Cinder.”

“yes, mother.”

“Cinder, do you know why I asked you to come in last?”

“no mother, but it’s okay.”

“Sweetheart I asked because you are my favorite. Don’t tell the others, but I wanted you to be the last thing I see before I die. My son, I give you my favorite thing in all the world My bird given to me by my father Cruixe ”

“he’s a clever bird mom.”

“yes he is and if you will let him, he will help you along with Finola to bring you to the greatness you deserve. Just promise me two things, no matter what.”

“what mother anything?”

“be good and pious and always feed Cruixe and both of us will take care of you. He from his perch and me from heaven.”

“I promise mother.” then she died in his arms as he hugged her. Once he finished crying over her dead body, he buried her on the land by her favorite spot and visited her grave every day. He had kept his promise to his beloved mother and remained pious and good.

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