The Easel Chronciles: The Golden Gates

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Chapter Thirteen

As Aravoen sat upon Elben looking back to Elvhelm, he saw Leonora upon the wall looking back at him. Turning, he began a trot towards the direction of Horowitz. First as a whisper, then as a loud song, the words came. A lady called out to him.

You leave me all alone, but you shall return to me

Like the great Lord Eldon you shall be.

We all wait for a hero and patience

Shall be paid.

Just wait a while he goes

Always a hero will come home

He goes where no one will go

But always a hero comes home.

The words were still in his head when a voice said to his mind, return to me here at home, My Lord.

Urging Elben into a gallop, Aravoen rode against the wind, passing through oceans of flowers. He remembered the days he had spent with the elven princess going around through the flowers. As night fell on the land, Aravoen watched the stars from under the cloak Leonora had given him. They illuminated the sky like fireflies in the night.

* * *

Aravoen had ridden for two days now. Here it seemed the land became flatter. The flowers were few if any and the grass grew tall. He weaved his way to avoid the few thorny grasses that grew in the grass. As he came upon a hill, he saw it. There in the valley was a tall tower. The tower was protected by one great wall that ran around it in a ring. There was no gate or entrance, just a solid wall. Aravoen wondered how one was to get in.

Aravoen stood before the great stone wall, inspecting it to find a way though. Suddenly it occurred to him, he rode back around to an archlike section of the wall. Taking a deep breath, he urged Elben to walk to the wall and pass through it. To his relief and joy, he did and he came to be in the most spectacular courtyard. The street started from right under Elben’s feet. It ran to the large oak doors of the tower. The courtyard had fountains all over and wizards with their staffs went about.

The tower itself had a large base but rose through the sky like a giant spear. This was Horowitz. He had arrived and his journey had just begun.

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