A Devilish Wonderland

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Being sent back to Earth, Edita is tasked with working alongside a new slough of trainee demons, all eager to complete a variety of tasks set by the one and only Devil. However, as the reports of murders get more gruesome and colder, it seems that there's a serial killer in the midst of the humans who appears to know more than they should. Is such a big task suited for Edita and her new team, or will more of her colleagues - or friends - be mercilessly slaughtered as Halloween approaches?

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter I


It had been a while since I had travelled here, I mean, it wasn't very often I got to leave the murky depths of Hell. Shining brightly tonight was the blood moon, perfect. Rings of clouds coiled around the forest, I had been staying here for a while to regenerate - unfortunately, it seemed that these trips have been taking a toll on my health.

To be honest, I missed the friends I had met the last time I came here, I wondered whether they thought about me or whether the company I came from erased their memories. Sure, I didn't come to Earth for any old reason, Father always sent me to run some boring, old errand. Whether it was to assassinate people who dared to live a free life or whether it was to round up those who had gone past their expiration date, he always relied on me.

Pulling out my phone, I sent a quick email to the company stationed on Earth, letting them know I was on my way. Not knowing what pain really felt like, it was an odd sensation to feel the muscles in my legs ache and the nerves tingle as I trudged my way to an opening. Luckily, I had been given a decent disguise, don't think anyone would want to see my true form anyway - perhaps on Halloween. Hah. Halloween, what an odd thing for mortals to "celebrate". Most of us took an offence to it, as the date grew closer the tension often increased amongst the little demons who were trying to impress the higher-ups.

Autumn leaves glowed a brooding orange, threatening to fall with grace before then turning into slush as many shoes crushed them with little to no care. It was the noises that fascinated me, how could they cause such a ruckus when trying to move quietly? Perhaps I needed to ask humans about that, they'd probably know - I don't really care too much about how the environment works within the different seasons. Not like I was here anyway, Hell was cold. I laugh at the thought that people really believe Hell is full of fire when in reality it's basically a company ran Hotel of Nightmares, each door you open being another person's tailored hellish eternity.

My father was the one to decide to turn it into a money-making machine, well that's the easiest way I could describe it anyway. There's no such thing as a currency unless you count the leaderboard of the most souls collected; even if I was to try and explain it I'd probably be sent to a mental hospital.

Approaching a brick road, my boots seemingly became heavier. I wore a white vest top with baggy trousers, luckily it was already dark which meant nobody could gawp at me for wearing little winter gear. Streetlamps flickered, the silence becoming heavy. In order to blend in with human society, the building I had to travel to was stationed in plain sight - disguised as a tax firm, nobody wants to go to a tax firm so it was an ideal camouflage.

Vibrating against my pocket, I once again pulled out the technology that was supposed to be revolutionary and swiped to accept the call.

"Kris. Lovely to hear from you." I casually talked, sounding almost too human.

"You too, Edita. Can you give us an ETA?" Kris' deep, simple voice replied.

Pondering aloud, I talked back, "Hah, getting used to the human slang, eh?" He chuckled.

"Seriously though, I have no doubt you're strolling through a neighbourhood right now, want a lift?" He laughed again.

"Still got a sense as sharp as the devil himself, sure, come get me." I smiled to myself, standing still as the call ended.

I must have been waiting at least five minutes, but when Kris finally pulled up I felt an odd sense of appreciation for his human form, seeing it again brought back memories.

Opening the door, I slid onto the tight, leather seats that stretched underneath me: "Long time no see!"

His smile was genuine as he pulled off, driving calmly into the night, "It's been a nightmare without you, these new trainees are simply useless!"

Gently giggling, I relaxed back and propped my legs up against the dashboard to which earned me an eyebrow raise, "You do realise I look after this car - right? Cost me an arm and a leg."

"Since when did you care about these death machines?" I nudged him in a mocking manner.

Whizzing past me were many trees and buildings, familiarity flooded me and I felt more at home than in Hell funnily enough. In no time we were parked in an underground car park, lined with a variety of cars from beaten up trash to brand new, expensive hunks of metal.

Taking a good look at Kris, I took note of the fancy attire, a dark-blue suit accompanied by toasted hazelnut coloured shoes. His eyes glittered an unnatural orange which contrasted against his jet-black hair. His face was naturally (well, whatever we call natural) quite long with stubble neatly lining his jaw. As women would say, "devilishly handsome".

Walking up to the stairs built into a tower, the only noises were the clanking of shoes and the whooshing of wind through small gaps. I wanted to say something but it had been that long that any sentences formed would simply fizzle into nothing apart from the odd bits and pieces we talked about as we drove here.

Finally, we reached the top and I stumbled into the reception. The receptionist, clearly new, wore her blonde hair in curls with her eyes reflecting an icy yellow. Her eyes glazed over me before landing onto Kris, her smile almost reaching her ears.

"Good evening sir..." She trailed off, looking at me again, "and madam." Her fingers slightly touched her nametag on her desk before she flusteredly attached it back to her light pink blouse.

Politely, Kris inclined his head, peering at her nametag and exchanged greetings, "Good evening, Lila." I awkwardly waved, about to say something before she continued.

"Your cases have been arranged on your desk, feel free to go right on through. It's been a mess tonight." Lila's pretty voice echoed.

Walking away from Lila, we dinged the elevator down and waited. I had fond memories of the lobby, its pristine white tiles always sparkling with a reflective, cream coat of paint on the walls which were lined with pictures of fake clients and a ton of plants. There were even brand new, yellow sofas that gave the room a cheery atmosphere. The room itself wasn't that big but it was masterfully designed to appear larger on the outside.

Stepping into the elevator, we climbed about ten floors before we could hear the rustling of paper and rushed speech that was in a variety of demonic languages. Most of which I actually didn't understand.

Cringing on the inside, we stepped out and announced our presence to the room which went silent.

Smiling, I waved, before being rushed with "Welcome back, Edita!"

Home. At last.

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