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Symphony of Darkness: Awakening

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Living the life as an up and coming metal musician was one thing that Trish Landon has always dreamed of wanting to be. Cursed from Within. Trish's band receive an unexpected surprise that will change their lives forever. In this world of Heavy Metal, darkness never sleeps...

Fantasy / Action
Shemekia K. Brown
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Deep in the night as thick fog filled the air with the souls of this holy resting place as the dead slept peacefully under a moonlit sky that was swallowed by darkness. The evening was enlightening him with so much craving and desire to find another victim before he lost his strength. The moment he awakened from his slumber as so many events that he has recalled came to his mind with all he needed to see and much more that he wanted to know. When his body rose from its grave all the dark elements of the night covered him as he became one with it. Looking up at the night sky he was ready for dinner. The craving inside of him... the hunger for blood was all that he had on his mind as the impulses from deep within him were ready for him to unleash his insatiable appetite. Turning as he saw one of his young lover’s warm body come by his side, he took her by her hands into his embrace. Feeling as the eternal darkness drew the young woman closer to him, taking her small wrist in his mouth as his fangs pierced itself into her tender flesh. Drinking the blood made him restore the craving that he was felt only for a little while. Soon he had to rejoin the living to feed on more souls to give him the strength that he seeks. After he was done with her, he took his long fingernail as he cut the woman’s throat, splashing blood everywhere from where he stood.

“Great, it is time from me to find another pet,” he softly said under his breath. Witches of the Light Coven...the next generation of that coven was here somewhere out there and they were so close that he could smell their blood from where he stood.

As he turned back to look into the beaming light of the full moon, the figure did not waste anytime as he shape-shift into the beast of the night, running as he race to find another human to do his will but, where should his next stop be?

Though, he did not know but as soon as he made it to his next destination, the very first young woman that he came face to face with will become his new lover. Once that was settled, he will be on a hunting journey to find the women from which the witches of that damn coven has sent their dying souls into. One day, he was meet them...all five of them...face to face and when he does... they will be his to control.

Present Day, October 21st: Ten days until Halloween Headbangers Concert

The nightlife in the Big Easy was always something to see.

When Halloween came around, there were big masquerades parties parading throughout the streets of the French Quarter like it was Mardi Gras all over again. Everything seemed to have quieted down … or has it?

Deep in the mysterious autumn night lurked the many hidden dangers and creatures that slept in the grounds in a place that they call their home. The dark figure found his latest destination in a city called New Orleans, where he have decided to stop once he left his crypt back in his old homeland in Ireland. He lived here in the cemetery and breathed the life of every single human being whose pulsing energy flowed through these hallowed grounds. He sensed his next victim while rising from his grave. The only way that this was going to be a successful capture was to draw her into him and he would be the one hunting the hunted.

It is All Hallows’ Eve and Cursed from Within big night was only ten days away. Bethany Turner couldn’t be happier, especially once she steps foot into the Magic City. Putting in her last-minute vacation to see them play, she knew that all would not be lost if she wasn’t at the shop for several days. Looking down at her watch, she could see that it was five minutes to midnight. Beth decided to walk home from the tarot card shop after she closed it for the night, even though Evan wanted to give her a ride. She knew it would have been more than just that as she walked in the darkness of the night, going her merry way. Pulling on her Skull Candy headphones, she began listening to her favorite Gothic heavy metal band, Cursed from within as the lead vocalist and front woman, Trish Landon had such a beautiful voice behind every single lyric that she sang. When the first track was complete, the second one, Demons, started almost immediately.

As I stand here to feel,

The life that I thought was real,

Am I even really alive?

Why am I here?

Did I survive?

I feel that my heart grown so dark,

So damn cold that it’s numb,

What could all this mean?

Is there a demon hidden inside of me?

Every single line in the song made Bethany feel like the singer could read her fans’ minds, and that made their music sound so unbelievable. It distracted her from noticing the fact that she had to pass the cemetery every night she walked home from the shop.The clock struck midnight, and Bethany knew that she had another fifteen minutes to make it home. Curse In My Veins was the fourth track, but Bethany turned the volume of her mp3 player of her cellphone down as she suddenly felt she was being followed. She looked over her shoulder but saw nothing and no one. Turning around as her fingers raised the volume back as high as it could go, she gave her attention back to her favorite band as she heard the following lyrics of the track:

Sleep for your worth,

Now that I am free,

Close your eyes to see,

Now that I am complete

Don’t come close to me

As I shed my tears,

I have nothing left to give,

As I can’t help you fight your fears,

Our love is a sin,

Our love is in the grave,

As I will hold you in your final resting place …

Laughing to herself, she thought it couldn’t hurt to have a soft song from metal bands that loved screaming their lungs out most of the time. Bethany loved it so much because it was another way for them to release so much deep seeded emotional pain, hurt and anger through their lyrics. The song was called, Tears of Ashes, a song that indicated how to show your love for another. While she continuously kept walking before she turned around as she felt that she was being followed, Bethany then increased her speed to make it home quickly before her regular time frame, but before she could, someone or something appeared right there in front of her. Taking a step back, Bethany was breathing extremely hard as she swallowed and saw that someone had dropped out of thin air in front of her and began to walk up towards her at a very slow pace. Before making another move, the man, or at least that is what she thought it was, caught her by the arm and brought her closer to him. Bethany’s eyes widened as she saw that his teeth expanded into fangs like that of an animal, more like a … wolf!

“What the hell?” as she started to say, “ Let me go, you son of a bitch!

The man just smiled in the dim moonlit darkness. He told her, “I would love to, my dear … but I’m quite hungry and you can fill up that hunger.”

Suddenly, the man’s mouth moved towards the pulsing vein that made him crave for something more than just her gorgeous little body. In a sudden act of defense, Bethany kneed him in the groin before running off deeper into the night. Opening the gates of her house to quickly get through the door, she turned off all of the lights, trying to prevent the crazy bastard from having easy access to her in any way. She turned around … and he was there once again. He began to walk closer in very slow strides. He stopped in the doorway and braced his hand upon the door frame as he told her, “ You are certainly not making this easy for yourself, my dear.”

Remembering that there was a lamp near the door, Bethany gripped the object slowly in her hand, but he saw her reaction before she could even make a move. His eyes remained on hers, and the man’s eye color changed from a midnight black to the most beautiful yellow hue she had ever seen, hypnotizing her with its glow. Growing weak in the knees, Bethany could feel herself giving into him instantly when his mouth touched her neck. He held the palm of his hand over her mouth, muffling her cries before she found the strength to push him off of her. Keeping her hands on her bloody neck, Bethany realized that she was losing so much blood. She got another glimpse of the persistent imposter before she could move a limb. The man was incredibly built, like the Greek god Zeus mixed with dark that covered him as if he was king of the Underworld with shoulders well intact, the muscles from his face to his chest were like hard steel with eye color that changed from black to yellow back to blood red... appearing much more sinister than evil itself and much more... demonic.

Running up the stairs to her bedroom to hide, Bethany could hear as he began to call out her name. She also heard him call it when they first met outside near the cemetery. How the hell did he know her name?

“I can smell you as the little droplets of blood dripping down your neck leads me right to you.”

That is when the door to her room burst open. Watching through the small crack in her closet door, Bethany could see as he continued to look around and around her room before turning to leave. When something inside of the closet decided to fall, he suddenly turned and faced her direction. Finding her easily, he took her by a lock of hair as she heard him say, “I could see that you are the type of woman who likes to play games. I am not in the mood to play hide and seek,” she didn’t answer as he continued looking deeper and deeper into her eyes as if he was looking closer into her soul's desire, “I am willing to give you the life that you truly want. You want to live eternally...without fear or care about anything, anyone or this world. I want to give you the life that you seek... immortality.”

The words that he was telling her was too much to take in as Bethany was beginning to lose consciousness. Slowly, slipping to ground as she was losing too much blood, she felt her heart beat slowly more and more in every beat. The world around her faded to black as the figure above her brushed her hair behind her ear as he told her when she was no longer able to respond said, "I thank you for your sweet surrender, young one,” the voice said as an evil laugh escaped his lips and echoing into the night.

Waking up from another one of her dreams is all that she could remember when she was only a child. She could sense that something was going on deep inside of her as it wanted to find a way to come out and awaken, the dreams would go back in time to ancient battles between good versus evil, light versus darkness, but in this case it was white magic versus the dark arts. The battle that she had envisioned took her back to a time when there were witches fighting against the underworld. The witches fought hard as they were trying to keep their village from being slaughtered and ravaged by the demons of the undead as they used the powers that they possessed for death, annihilation and destruction. The five witches in battle had fought continuously, even when it appeared that they were up against the odds. Then as the demons, which called themselves the Dark Counsel of the Fallen, suddenly became too much for them. They did not surrender as one of their own had told them to take one another’s hands so they could escape back to their coven to survive the remaining of the night. Watching as their guardians have all perished in front of their eyes, the witches had no choice but to flee back onto holy ground, stand around the pentacle as it illuminated in a soft bluish light around them as it beamed around them as it secretly told them that they were safe but, for how long did they have until they were found?

The Witches of the Light, set up their altar as they chanted an ancient tongue of the pagan way in order to die only to rejoin the living again only within the soul of another soul… reincarnation. It was told that not many of those whom has walked this path believed in such a thing as reincarnation yet, others believed that there can be another soul that lives on inside another with the spirit of someone that has passed on. Loud flashes of lightning and thunder as they concentrated upon their spell as their leader could feel inside that it was working. The witches’ holy ground was corrupted by the Dark Counsel, who has found them chanting their spell work. The witches couldn’t defend themselves at that point when the group that has hunted down, took the lives of the witches before them. However, in one last breath the high priestess spoke her words delicately, coughing out blood as the words that she has said, “You have killed us, but we shall live again inside of five other souls. The deed is done. We … shall … meet … again … to come … back and kill … you.” The battle was lost against the immortal darkness. Every one hundred years, vampires along with their undead army awaken from their slumber as they would walk upon the earth and disguising themselves as humans. The creatures of the night have become the new dark threat of this haunting terror, right now in this day and age. This was the new world that they had to live in. There was never a way to escape all that surrounded their lives…death, destruction but, they had to each find a way to survive through it all.

No matter what’s the cost…

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