Savage Kingdom

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Ruro is calling for everyone’s attention, even standing on a small table to get a little more height for everyone to see him and know it was him that shouts for their attention. Zeta and the other Chiefs stood behind him, even the Chief’s mates if they had one. Kai and Mia stood next to Zeta, and Ruro could even spot his youngest son sitting in his usual spot in the tree a distance from the ground. He felt a smile flee seeing him sitting with a woman.

He never sat with a woman in that spot before. What he saw before was true.

This would be a Celebration to remember.

Kane was sitting with Caji in front of the whole crowd and watching to see what would happen intently. Ruro knew the boy belonged to the woman he hasn’t met yet, but he felt like he would welcome the boy as his own soon. He was ready for anything that could happen.

“Everyone, silence please!” He finally collects everyone’s attention. Not everyone was standing in the ground, others were either in a tree to get a higher view or in other areas. There was much more here than usual but everyone made due. “Welcome travelers from your own home to the Xutashi tribe. We welcome each of you with open arms, and we hope that you enjoy yourselves playing your games and basking in the enjoyment that this peaceful Ceremony will give to all of our Gods. ”

Shinto stepped forward then to reveal himself, Ruro continued due to Shinto’s still shaky language. “Since the last ceremony the threat of the Jamati is no more, so we invite the Kikera once again into this village with the same respect we give to the other tribe. Doing so against it will result in punishment for my tribe-kin by staying at their own home and for others- walking back.”

Ruro chuckles, but everyone knew he was serious. “I will not make talk too long, I am aware that you are eager to start the games. So, and I speak for all the Chief’s beside me, enjoy each other’s company and each other’s culture. The night begins!”

Everyone cheers and quickly rushes to gather everything for the first game of the night, which Kito knew would be games for only the small ones. The little ones always play first he could already see them putting the small rings on the ground for Taitiv Ball. It was a Xutashi game that involved kicking a ball in one of the different sizes of rings on each end that he could now see was different colors. The largest ring that was lower to the ground was the easiest and gave the fewest points (which were lines painted by hand on a flat piece of wood that Clara figured was a scoreboard). The smallest ring that was also the highest was the one most try to go for but fail mostly.

Kito enjoyed the game and was well trained in playing it. He remembers starting when he was little and played with Kai on separate teams.

The little ones playing were fun and all, and they watched them play and he was having a good time here but other things came to mind. “I want to take you somewhere to get you something that fits you. I’m sure that the one you’re wearing is uncomfortable.”

She places her hand over her chest where it was tight over her breasts. She was thankful for whoever he let change her let her keep her underwear and bra. She would like to have something else in her size, especially where it hung loose on the hips. This tunic was horrible. She nodded, “That would be nice. But... Couldn’t you dry my other clothes?”

He didn’t like human clothes. He found them too tight and small and the material was rough to the touch. “They are ruined with mud and still soggy, I don’t even think washing it could help. Besides, it will be more comfortable with something from here.” At least he told the truth.

She was bummed at the thought of her clothes being useless. It was still her favorite shirt.

Well, it was before Richard...

She wouldn’t let herself go there. Instead, she stood up on the large branch with him so he could fold the blanket back and put it inside of it’s hidden spot from before. He helped her get her feet on the ground afterward by repeating the process before. He took his time just so he could continue feeling the sensation of her hands on his skin and her against him. Silly boy fantasies, yet he was craving the contact. Even if it’s just a little.

She didn’t open her eyes until he assured her that he was on the ground, and when her feet touched the ground she was relieved that he didn’t drop her the whole time. “Follow me, I know someone who will be able to give you something that is in your size or make one to fit you.”

“You know someone for that?” She sounds skeptical but continues to follow him now through the much more lively village. Smaller games of what Clara could see to be a complicating chest board and strange pieces laying on top of it as a Xutashi and a Maurea elder played. The area around them soon thickens into what was the Maurea section, seeing all the temporary tents that were like large igloos of furs and skin. There were others from other tribes around speaking to each other.

Clara sees how peaceful everything was with everyone here that was different. Everything here had order the same way her world worked. It was another world with their laws and culture, their own beliefs and ways. It was very impressive.

She acknowledges that she was lacking behind slightly and rushed forward to keep up with him, his legs longer than hers and much taller. The men here were tall, and so were their women too. Everyone one of them. The Maurea matched her height better than the others and it was a relief.

He stops to allow her in front of him. How foolish of him to forget to let her walk in front of him or at least next to him. He was in such a hurry he forgot. He didn’t want to forget that again.

She halts and looked at him weirdly. “Why did you stop?”

He thought she would just continue forward... “I am too fast, you can walk in front of me and I will just tell you where to go so you don’t have to hurry so much. I wouldn’t mind.”

He wants her to walk in front of him. She didn’t think anyone would let someone else do that if they were leading them somewhere. She didn’t say anything against it and continued to walk and let him tell her which direction to go. Walking through the Maurea section she could see all the tents and fire, everything seems closely related to Eskimo mashed with Vikings. She wonders if it snows where they lived.

“Well, well!” A familiar voice made Kito’s ears lower and for the first time at the voice, he felt worried. “Kito! Did I drink too much firewater already?”

Pippie came out from the background and into the scene with his eyes were mostly on Clara. She was glaring back at Pippie and observing him the same way he was her, she could see his long ears that were tied behind his head in a strange trible pattern of string along with his Maurea ceremony clothes which were black thick nice handmade smooth trousers and a black leather fabric vest and a dark tattoo almost revealed on what was exposed on his shoulder.

What she notes the two long thin curved swords crossed on his back like a samurai. His white hair and blue eyes were also hard to miss on him. His blue eyes bright enough to be ice with flecks of white. Like snowflakes.

Pippie had his moment to examine her before his attention went to Kito, “I wondered where you were during the beginning of the Celebrations so we could have watched the games. I would also like to know who this beautiful new female is,” he grinned. “You have to be new here. I already met all the other humans.”

Was Pippie’s hair truly as white as he had seen it before? No, it was whiter. Pale as the snow.

“She is new here,” he took a small step closer to her without her being aware that he did. His steps were soft. “And she is with me, I am taking her to get another tunic so I don’t have time to sit around right now. Another time.”

After all the time that Pippie has known Kito, he found it very strange how his eyes were much brighter than usual. They were not dull the way he had known them to be before, but now it looked as if a torch was lit behind him.

He glides forward to Clara and grabs her hand, watching her stand there dumbfounded while he kisses the side rather than on her knuckles. It must have been their strange way of greeting so she didn’t say anything about it, but his eyes when his head raised was solely on Kito.

When Kito saw the contact his tail was moving in a faster, much-agitated rhythm, and his ears were halfway down. Anger darkened his expression and he feels ready to growl. He was touching her. He kept staring at the contact his hand had with hers as he dared to rub it with his thumb afterward, like smearing it in. His hand tightened into fists.

“My name is Pippie,” he greeted her. “I have known Kito since we were young, so any relationship he has is a relationship of mine.”

He was using a knife to cut the already stretched thin thread now. His eyes narrow dangerously. He wouldd rather be tortured by Fern before ever allowing him to try his silly seductive tricks on her, and somewhere deep inside, he probably knew the situation he was in with and who she was.

Knowing Pippie better, he had seen them heading to the washrooms.

She hurries her hand away timidly, “Oh, so you’re Pippie...”

“I am amazed he spoke about me,” he looks at his friend again to see the expression on his face. If looks could kill he would be long gone from the world, and that was what made him smile. Now Pippie knew for a fact who this woman was just by the look alone on his face. He was seriously testing feral boundaries. And Pippie did always foolishly like dangerous situations. “Nobody usually doesn’t like speaking to me. So what’s your name, beautiful?”

“Uh...” She flushes at the alien word she was used to being called. She never got that before at home. “Clara.”

“Clara,” his back straightens. “Would you like to come to sit with me in this circle with my friends after Kito gets you something else to wear? I know who that tunic belongs too and it doesn’t fit you the way it should.”

He was tired of watching Pippie’s obvious advances, literally taking his arm and moving it between them and urged her forward with another. Luckily she didn’t notice their small silent disagreement and continued like Kito gave him one last warning glance. “That is where we are headed now. I believe you have other things to do, don’t you?”

Pippie wouldn’t be deterred that easily. He proceeded to follow them, “I have nothing else better to do so I will stick with you two as we get her a new one. You are going to see Dia, aren’t you? It has been a while since you saw her.”

Kito was starting to get annoyed with his friend in only a few moments he had appeared, something he thought would never happen with Pippie and him. Now because of Clara he finally found something to truly crawl under his skin with. He found it annoying, “Of course we are seeing Dia. You also don’t need to follow us there. Leave and hang out with your other friends.”

“I forgot that I don’t have any other friends,” he shrugged. “Just in my mind.”

That answer welcomed the roll of Kito’s eyes. “You have many other of your kin that you are friends with, Pippie. Do not tell me otherwise.”

That still didn’t deter him from following them, Kito deliberately placed himself between his friend and Clara and giving Pippie a look that continued to say that he wasn’t welcomed. The Maurea took it with a smile and continued.

Dia’s tent was larger than he saw others to be and she had her female Maurea friend’s around. Clara noticed that the women had the floppy ears of a bunny, each of them decorated in their own way by tying it in interesting designs or letting them hang to show how long they could be. They had long hair as well, hair that reached past their elbows. It was strange yet she couldn’t find herself to stop staring in curiosity more than fear. Did they use those ears to listen? She didn’t see any human-like ears.

There were only three of them wearing beautiful designs to symbolize their Tribe. Long tunics of soft furs which she doubt were fake and unique stitching. All of them were small and seemed delicate, and when a human came into their sight all their heads turned to look at her. Especially Dia.

“Na’Kito?” Dia was sitting on a piece of an old fallen tree that had been cut up and carved to make a type of what reminded Clara of a couch. Or a strange one.

Dia was slightly taller than the other women for being the youngest and instead of white hair hers was black, which matched her ears. Her eyes were green so when she looked at Kito it was like he was looking at her for the first time, but he knew who she was.

She stood up from her seating area and went to wrap her arms around him tightly. Clara stood by in silence. “It has been forever! I was hoping I would come across you during the celebration.”

He hugs her back but made the contact brief. After having Clara touch him Dia’s hands felt like an intrusion. He didn’t like it but kept a smile to keep any emotions from being sore. “Greetings, Dia.” He begins again to act like Pippie’s presence wasn’t near him as he looks at Clara. “Clara, this is Dia. A friend of mine from the Maurea.”

Dia went to hug the human but stopped when she saw what she was wearing, and being the one for making all kinds of beautiful tunics for women seeing this one on her was almost an eyesore. “Serane’s bones, what are you wearing?”

Clara looks down at what she had on and shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Dia turns to someone that did, “Na’Kito, what is this girl wearing?”

“It looks like Alira’s tunic’s,” one of the three girls sitting by said. One crosses her arms and her face hardened at the name, “Oh, dear.”

“So that’s who you got it from,” Pippie chuckled mockingly behind Kito so only he heard. “I thought it looked familiar. Did it not occur to you that the tunic is too small around her-”

A hand covered Pippie’s face and was pushed back to where he almost lost balance. It was a shame to Kito that he didn’t. Instead of bitterness he just smiled and stood closer, “You have noticed. That answers so much.”

Dia wasn’t paying attention to them as she was observing the tunic the woman wore. “I just can’t let you walk around with that on during the night. I have some spare ones in my tent and I can make one to fit you, and then I want to make an actual Ceremonial one for you to wear tomorrow.”

“That is why I came here,” he admitted. “But just for a tunic that fits her.”

“Well I am going to make her one anyway,” she waves his words away and focused on Clara. “I’m going to make you one anyway. I never made one for a human before... Well, one I met. I would like you to come into the tent with me and my ladies to make you something.”

“Uh...” She looks to Kito with unsure in her eyes. But with his gentle smile and calm demeanor mixed with a small nod had her step forward as Dia pulled her by her wrist inside the tent. The other young women giggled and followed.

When they were gone Pippie strides to Kito’s side with his arms crossed and a deep knowing grin on his face. “She’s this ‘supposedly your thing’, isn’t she?”

His ears lowered and he huffed in agitation, walking away to the seat near the tent where he would wait. Pippie followed with laughter, “She is. I always wondered what it would look like the day it would happen to you, well I didn’t wonder that much. I was mostly curious about what she would look like,” when his friend sat down so did he on another seat rather than by his side. “She is beautiful. Do you think you could let me touch her hair?”

A light rumble rose from his throat. “No.”

“She is small. Don’t you think that when you two mate that your hips-”

“Pippie,” he growls his name in a deeper warning as he was slouched over with his elbows on his knees with his hand on his face. “Enough. I already have other things to worry about than that.”

“Like what?”

Kito told him everything he knew. The amount of voices Clara was listening to inside she wouldn’t know that he was telling Pippie about her stresses in the human world and the little boy that came here waiting for him.

Once finished Pippie blinked and stayed silent to think about the complication. “Are you planning to take the little one into your hut if she does decide to stay?”

“Of course,” he seemed offended. “He is her brother and a cub, a very young one, I can easily take him in. He is too young to have learned too much from the human world so it will be easier to teach him everything here.”

“Where is he now?”

“With Caji, and I am sure that he is letting him play with the other little ones,” he looked in the direction like he could see them. “You do not have to question me about everything, Pippie. I will figure this out.”

“Would you like some advice about what to do during mating, friend?” He still pressed on with what he knew would get a better reaction from him. The way his ears and tail moved with emotion was amusing to Pippie. Now he could annoy Kito the same way he did Kai. “I mean, you bothered me enough traveling through the lands with your family ideas. You Xutashi’s and your willingness to settle so soon. Do you know what to do instinctively being this life mate thing? I never understood that part of the Lifemate stuff. Because it was quite awkward for me the first time.”

“Why do you want to discuss that out of everything else?” His brow raised. “We met not too long ago, that is something that she isn’t thinking about. Especially with me.”

“Kai and Mia seemed to not care,” a thick chuckle. “They were mates days after she came. Well, we did kind of set off her Heat before time but they don’t seem upset about that now. Which was your idea, but they can blame us all they want. Pleasures of the flesh are just that, insanely good.”

“Do you not remember that he beat me for that? I came to you to get the medicine for it because he took that from my hut too. And do not think he forgot about you, you lit the candle.”

Although Kito didn’t find it amusing Pippie sure did, nothing could wipe that grin away. “He thanked you after he did beat you. Your kind can never make up their minds. He enjoyed it, he just thinks he is better than everyone else.”

“Their bond was already made when they were younger, and human women don’t go into Heat until after so much contact, which we did not have anywhere close to enough. Which reminds me of why I am even speaking of you about that, you are not Xutashi. You will not understand if I explained it to you. You do not mate like this. This is more complicated.”

“But I have mated so you can ask me for any advice -”

“Like I want it,” Kito rolled his eyes.

“-and I will tell you everything.”

“Thank you,” not really. “But she is different. She had been betrayed by the one that was supposed to care for her before and wanted to hurt her. To...” It still made him furious at the simple thought. His heart aches for her. He hated the helpless feeling of not being able to protect her from the vile things she went through. His expressions soften in a way that did make Pippie lose his teasing smile with how slumped his friend now looked. “She is mine. The boy-cub is mine. Yet it is going to be a task to get her to trust me although I feel like I already gave her all the trust inside me. By the Gods, Pippie, if she only knew how important she is. I... My mind isn’t the same since the sunrise before I saw her.”

“If she doesn’t know then why don’t you just show her?” His friend was now serious instead of playful. Something that Kito enjoyed. “Start doing something, I’m not sure, things females like. Do things that she isn’t used to. If this connection thing is as strong as I hear you Xutashi says it is then awkwardness shouldn’t be between you two. However that works. If not get her to drink the same stuff you gave Kai and Mia. It seems to sort it out then.”

He gave Pippie a strange look, not all of his words was completely stupid. Except for the last part. “You may be smarter than others tell me.”

He stood up walked to the other side of the door, leaving Pippie to pop up his head and blink. “Wait? What others?”

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