Savage Kingdom

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Twenty Seven


She has never been so nervous in her life. She wonders if she should continue with this or do the most rational thing and wait.

Oh, Jeez... Was there waiting? She never felt so frustrated in her own body her entire life. Was she really considering this? Since the start when the idea formed in her mind. She always actually considered sex with him and never was repulsed by the idea.

At least she thought waiting would be a good thing until the subtle voice inside her said that she needed him to fill her. In more ways than one. She looks at him and saw the defenseless expression on his face. He was barely human with his widely dilated pupils. She even took in the sight of his ears and tail, lowered and waiting.

She had a feeling that he would wait if she wanted it.

Yes never came. There was something deep in her that she didn’t realize. Something that screams from a place much deeper than her heart. Her soul.

That was who -or what- she was internally battling with. Her mind, her heart, and her soul. Him being away from her made her hot body cold, and the raw frigid sensation stung just underneath her skin.

He had to talk in his deep desire filled male tone. “I want you,” that same deep part of him did too. He didn’t want to fight his like she was doing. His deep need slammed against his skull. Her fulfilling scent continued to fuel him too. Any longer and leaving would be impossible.

He saw how her hips refuse to sit still in one spot. A small growl escaped him at such a lewd subtle act her body was speaking to his and she didn’t even notice. Nothing was said from her since she was still thinking about her very serious circumstance. One that would forever take her virginity.

A part of her cherished it since she had it this far. The other part says, to hell with it!

“Please say something.”

“I...” She was laying in the same spot she did before while he was kissing her. Her eyes on him once again and a gush of that heat pushed through her. She was starting to realize it was just going to be him always. Why would she cherish her innocence? Not for someone else.

It was going to be him. That was why her body was burning because it knew what she didn’t. It was ready. Everything he told her before seems to be true. She hated to have this deep savage need continue to rise in her. When she wanted him in her. The filthy thoughts made her so embarrassed with herself.

It was him. She needed him. Right now she didn’t care what other features he had, except for the important ones. “Na’Kito...”


“I may want it but...” His eyes regardless were fixed on her hips movements. How hot she felt to squirm constantly. “I want you, Kito. I do. I just...” a shaky, needed breath of composure.

"You do not have to do it, we can survive passing this... I’m sure."

He didn't want to run away. He wanted to stay here.

He was still thinking about her. That was very touching and she understood that he was perfect to do this with. She knew that if she did this there was no going back, he already told her what would happen once she did. She may even become like the other humans that are so mesmerized by the other guys. The one to have a small cub like them. The cub part also stuck in her mind, “What about babies? You could... Get me pregnant.”

“You forgot what I told you about cubs?” He grins. He knew she was nervous. “Not the first time we’re in heat. Maybe the second time but not the first.” He reached out to place his hand over hers. She saw how much different they were just by their hands alone. “We will worry about that later.”


“Come here,” he tugs her hand towards him so the rest of her follows, something inside her even pulling her towards him. His other long arm naturally curls its way around her and lifts her slightly to place her on his lap the same he had imagined in his strange dream. “We should take it slow now, my Clara. First, take your tunic off for me so I can see you.”

That was the first timid instinct that finally came over her. She nervously laughs, “S-Someone might walk in-”

He was humbled by her attempt to stall. He didn’t think he could do that right now. “The door is sealed by a handle to keep it closed. Nobody can enter,” He had to take it into his own hands, his hands grabbing the hem of the tunic with the plan to slide it over her head.

Rough hands moved over soft skin to create tingles that nearly made her jump. She didn’t think she could be this sensitive. Her hands touched his arms when he nearly rose it over her thigh.

“Nobody has seen me naked before," She said it like an excuse for something. He didn’t stop moving it even when her words came out. No more stalling. It was going.

“Good,” if he thought he was too aroused before he was suffering now. His body now demanded it’s need for her. For this to be faster. He watched the tunic lift over her head and he threw it away so she couldn’t grab it. He soon drinks in the first sight of her bare body. Dia had taken her undergarments away, so the tunic was all she had. They argued over it, but Dia won.

His eyes didn’t miss a single spot, taking in the sight of her breasts and lower to where her heat came from the most. What his body yearned for. Just the thought of them merging there was enough to make his heart stutter it’s beating.

Before she could mutter another excuse his hands slid over her hips and over her rear to pull her forward so his mouth had access to one of her nipples. His warm, moist tongue slid over the nub, wetting it, a noise similar to when he bit her came out and she lost her words. The major sexual contact.

He lightly nibbled around soft skin, sucking, brushing over the tip with his fang to feel her shiver underneath his palms. His hand encloses her other breast to give it some attention, his thumb brushing over the pink tip. He moves his mouth to the twin to wet that with his tongue. His teeth sliding over the skin of her mound. It made the area between her much needier.

He was giving each her soft kisses on her skin above her breast, chest, and to her throat. He moved to slide his trousers down, but first, his satchel must go.

His satchel was the easiest to remove. Once gone, he shifts to take off his belt, but she stopped him. Shaking her head, she murmurs, “Can I?”

He moved his hand away immediately and watched her hands move to unfasten his belt that his dagger was even attached to. The way to remove it was similar to the way the belts she’s used to from her world except there were no metal pieces and it involved tieing. She took it off, sliding a section of it off of him that he had to raise slightly for her to finally slide it off of him. He put it beside the bed.

Now for the nervous part.

She swallows to prepare herself and staring at the shape of his manhood through his thin trousers. A wicked idea of touching it through his trousers crossed her mind to see how he would react. She had so many wicked ideas...

She was going to go through with this. She looks at him for permission, he was amused that she would ever feel the need to ask for one, but for her, he gives a silent look of his own, and she loops her fingers beside his trousers.

He stopped her.

“Dia... She had made these for me before. They untie above my tail to get them off easier,” his ears fell. “It was a gift to me a long time ago, but smart. She was smart.”

She grabs his face to catch his attention while her hands slid around him to do just that, leaning her naked body against him and regaining his interest when she noticed he blushed now with what she was actively doing. Dia was smart, She figured out about buttons. Two of them. “I think this is a pretty neat trick. I hate what happened to her,” now she moved away and sat down. “I am so sorry you lost a friend, Na’Kito. She was a good woman from what I’ve seen.” She wished their first conversation wasn’t the last.

Her words meant more to him than she noticed at first when he remained sitting and staring at her with a heartfelt gaze that forces her smile to dissolve away and her heart tighten. Not just tighten but pull in his direction. He felt his adoration for her all over again grow, his ears flat and a lump in his throat as emotion-filled him. She was comforting him. He found it emotionally attractive.

This was more than just pleasure for him, this second made him remember that. This was his being. His need to have her. His instincts. This is what the Goddess imprinted inside him when he was still in the womb himself. When they were crafting his soul. This woman before him was his other half, his beloved. His destined brought into this world for him.

This was his most vulnerable moment that all of his kind goes through. All with Lifemates. Giving himself to his other half. His mate. Her acceptance and comfort he longed to have for so long meant everything to him right now. It made leaving his bad habits behind for his unknown mate worth it. He understood now why Kai was so devoted to his.

They kiss more for a long time, learning each other more... And surprised that they already did know just how to move in sync. After the kiss, she resumes pulling down his trousers so she wasn't the only one naked anymore. He was not as she expected at all. This was the first time she saw the male parts of anyone older, and with her lack of knowledge of the human man other than little boys, she wondered if Sootaki’s were bigger than them.

She couldn’t look away and her body was pleased with it since it burned brighter with eagerness. She even felt herself clench and her womb quiver. That was her inner voice that must be her soul or something speaking.

The shy part of her was still terrified, but numb. She bit her lip and breathed deeply with the argument of two completely different people debating on in her head, one wanting to take this further and test it and the other too frightened to move.

She did speak after she cleared her throat. Gosh, she was a nervous wreck, “Are you sure humans can... Take your kind well? I mean... Not that your small,” she held out a hand as a stop signal but he was confused about what he was supposed to stop for. “I haven’t seen any other guys before so... No, no, let me rephrase. Uh, goodness you’re not small. I mean, is that full size? Like, are you done? Wait, well, I am not an expert at these things but I still know things like puzzles and... ” she better get straight to the point before she ruins this. “Will you fit?”

He laughs from her cluster of words, even slightly proud at them, “I’m sure if Mia and Kai could make things work between them with their differences I am sure we can too,” he tenderly touches her arm and encourages her to return to their original spot. “That’s why we need to make this easy, my little human. I don’t think I can take it any longer. Please tell me you wish to continue this too because I want to. Badly.”

She fell into his encouraging touch and slides closer, her knees positioned to his sides and sat up so that her head was near his and their nose’s skim each other. He purrs immediately at her closeness with no shred of clothes between them, his hand moving from the bottom of her spine and upwards to her shoulder. “Your little human? Your Clara? What strange things to say... Then again everything else is strange.”

“Because you are mine,” he may have said that fiercer than he intended. He looked in between her thighs and saw the evidence of her need for him. Male satisfaction seeped in. His hand was tempted to cup it.

Instead, he still kept his eyes locked onto hers while his hand moved in between them to grab his own painfully swollen length, his other hand making sure her legs were positioned right so he could press it against her, searching just to watch her shiver. She breathed a light feminine moan when his skin feels her. Especially in the right heated center. Her mind was cloudy. Her hips even begin swaying forward naturally on their own.

Her hands were on his neck when he looked down finally to see that he was about to enter with her. Her. His human. Just the tip of him resting against her entrance was enough to make her face make the strangest yet entrancing look. She peels down to see them, her mind trying to register that this was happening. She was doing this.

“Lower yourself when you’re ready,” he was panting hard already and still kisses her. She returned it instantly and when she prepared herself with large hands on her hips. Massaging tenderly to relax her, feeling her slight tense. Her body lowers. Oh, yes. She was going to do this. It just felt so right.

Her face contorts, the kiss that they had started broke with her moan as the feeling of him stretching her entrance and carefully sliding deeper inside her. Her readiness for him made it easy, her body wants more into him. Faster than she should. His grip on her hip cautiously to slow her down.

Her body was tight. He was making close mouth growling noises of his own, everything from whimpers to purrs added into the mix, the back of his head resting on the wall. He knew he should allow her control but her hips begged for more of him. His own needs obliged, loosening his hold so she took more of him in. She did. He watched.

Her nails lightly scrape the skin over his tattoo on his shoulder blade at the sensation of her body giving away to accept and surround his. He stopped her when he was sure he felt her purity. She was so close to having him fully seated in her.

He had to tell her why he stopped her through clenched teeth, his eyes looking between their almost fully merged bodies. Her noises made him want to let her continue but he knew that wouldn’t do good. He hated how this involves pain. Kai’s words run like the echoes of an annoying bell.

His voice was deeper than he never had imagined. Gruff. He let out a throaty noise afterward. “And I was told I was impatient...” Breathy laughter. “Go slow at this part. Don’t rush it.”

He released her hips and grabbed the wooden side of the bed tightly to center himself. Especially feeling himself stroke her inner walls with that little movement and throb. He watched her hips still. She heeded his warnings and waited, even taking another deep breath before she continued.

He wasn’t prepared for the slight hiss and moan that escaped her. She was not slow. She felt a pinch and he purrs deeply, fully seated, his hand massages her back and his head buried in her shoulder to nibble over a small space he somehow knew to find. He used his fangs to graze over the vein that was pulsing wildly there.

He did everything he could to soothe her while he was shuddering deep inside her. He wondered why it has to make him feel blissful when it was her that had to go through the slight pain in the beginning. He didn’t move, content to let her do everything, fighting against his hips. His hands only on her back now.

He waited for her pain to pass. Her body to adjust. Her heavenly walls massaged and clenched him. He thrums against her, and she shivers in his arms.

His hands grip her waist a second time, relaxing his back on the wall behind him so he could see more of her. His eyes took in everything, from her nude body to the place where he was snug in her. Perfect. She places her hands on his shoulder for leverage and no words were spoken when she automatically understood what he was doing. He was showing her what to do, how to move, by raising her hips to a certain spot and lowering it until he filled her again.

He admires the way her mouth parts and her eyes shut with her touching his chest now, his head looks up and he releases a louder noise himself when the rhythm that was perfect between them was found. Her nails scraped his chest slightly deeper to leave temporary white marks that faded away, she could feel with each time he was fully inside her, filling her, stroking the fire that was fed with each slow thrust.

“K-Kito,” she studdered after struggling to find words. “Oh... Oh, my,” her hand went through the golden strands of his hair and she couldn’t believe how soft it was. Her body gripping on to his. “...We are actually...”

Speech left them. He made mindless gentle motions with his hips but let her control the pace. His body naturally wanting more of her. He did notice how as time passes her breathing quickened and her moans were slightly louder and shaped into begs, her hips moving faster and her hands relaxed on his shoulder blades. He used this time to observe all he could even with his hooded eyes as he watched every detail of her body. Watch her temperature rise.

Humans were more sensitive than his own. He liked it. Loved it. He wanted her to enjoy herself first, to feel what his body could do for her. What only he would do for her.

She reached her peak and released all the build-up inside her. On him. She allowed her heat to overcome her she let pleasure override her. The feeling of him. Then clouded reality. “I-I’m so selfish, I-I-I’m so sorry.”

She didn’t even please him too. He was only halfway there compared to her and it made her feel horrible. Greedy. Selfish. His face wasn’t what she had expected it to be after her ungrateful action, instead the corner of his mouth was tilted up slightly and a mischievous glitter in his eyes made her wonder what he was thinking.

He put his hand on her back for support and shifting them to lay her on the bed without leaving the heat of her body, his action was quick enough that she had to adjust to the situation. She squirms to adjust herself under him. She sinks into the blankets.

He kisses her. His kisses were devouring her while his hips thrust forward to bury himself impossibly further. A cry left her lips against his. He lifts his head and gazes down as he watches how she handled deeper thrusts and paces. His view of himself sinking into her body was very sexually satisfying. Grunts left him. He growls lowly at the feeling of her body tightening around him from surprise and pulsing still after her first orgasm.

His growl covered the next two words breaths her against her neck, “My turn.”

She mewls when he continues to fill her just to withdraw repeatedly. She cries loudly and grips something to hold on to. The true feeling her body was begging for in her. Him. His body taking hers against the bed so deep. Her hips pressed to his so she could feel him enter again. And again. “You feel good....” Her head rolls back. The pleasure building. Another thrust. This time hitting a certain spot. “Ah...mmm...”

It was the closest to purring he has ever heard from a human.

She was the helpless one now, it was his arms she gripped onto rather than blankets. She wants to feel his skin on her palms. She wanted everything of him... more. What more could she want? He was the only person that existed at that moment.

He was nearing climax. He swelled and throbbed more within her as proof. He held out until she too was near her peak again. Almost there. Then he stops, remaining still and deep, and the sob that came out of her mouth was almost heartbreaking when her hands pat his chest lightly, perhaps meant to be slight pounding, after he lifts his torso with his arms to watch her body writhe, her hips moving more into his for more. Her throat convulses and she stretches out a whimper. “D-Don’t stop, please. Kito, not now... Please don’t tease me right now, don’t be a jerk.”

Laughter fills the hut. His chest vibrates under her hands, his purrs could be felt deep within her to soothe her again for the sudden pause. He satisfied his humor a bit longer. He restarts. Slow, long strokes this time. His face went into her neck, finding that sensitive spot he liked. The one close to her ear. He grazed his fangs over it, drawing attention to it. His gums over his fangs ached dreadfully sore again, this time a deeper pain to the root. He wanted to bite her here.

He couldn’t take any blood from her when she gave so much before. He wouldn’t dare. He didn’t have to take her blood if he didn’t want to. He could just bite her, brand her, and leave it at that. He already pissed Kai off by forcing her into heat, what more trouble could he get into?

He was close to his end. His release. Heat rose from his toes to where they were joined. It was it for him, there was no holding it back and he came with her. When she tilts her head like she was inviting him, he couldn’t help himself. She yelped when he sank his fangs in her skin and held her while she cries out in rapture.

His release encouraged hers. Her body clenched his throbbing heat and finished inside her.

“Kito,” he didn’t feed on her. He was too scared of hurting her for him to do that, and she knew it when she didn’t feel his soft sucks to gather anything. She did feel the pleasure stuck under him, she kept her head still when he seemed lost in his little primitive world. The bite didn’t hurt her. She felt compliant to let him.

He released her and licks over the small holes so that would only fade into small, pale dots.

Her chest heaves and she tries to regain her breaths, her hand covers her face as she tries to get the world back in order and her mind stable. She could still feel him inside her. He didn’t bother to move away and lay down as she expected. He remained in position and was busy kissing over the place where he bit her. With him doing that she could never get her breathing normally. “That was... actually good. I really, really liked that. ”

He was busy with the constant pounding that was in his head. Words that when he closed his eyes would not vanish as he was struggling with the burst of color behind his eyelids. She moved her hand away to see his face. His eyes were squeezed shut and he was growling. Well, more growling. She touched his face, “What’s wrong?”

He didn’t say anything back because for some reason something deep within him was fighting for control. He had felt feral before, that deep savage nature that always comes out at the worst of times. Always hidden. He didn’t know mating draws it closer to the surface, but this time it didn’t want to hurt. It wanted to claim.

His words were rough and strict when it finally won, he ceased pointlessly fighting it, he lost the battle, his eyes open and looked at her and she saw the serious predator in his eyes that almost startled her. Especially in a position like this. “My mate, my other half. I give you my everything...”

Her nails lightly scraped over his tattoo again, her eyes watching how it smoothed over his skin over his muscles perfectly and flexed with the movement he did. Somehow he didn’t seem finished with her. His words hit a part deeper than he could physically and it made her squirm. “What are you saying?”

“... My protection, my loyalty, my heart, and my body...”

The more he spoke the emotion deep within her begins to grow. He held her hands captive between his and the bed. His movements were leisure, making sure she listened to him rather than her buzzed by the rekindled passion. Which he did with slow, filling strokes within her body to resurrect it at the same time. Like he still hasn’t had enough. She looked at him with wide, captivated hazel eyes that he saw beneath the surface that she was feeling their bond. Deeper than even she realized before.

All she could do was let it happen and take her breath away.

I surrender my other half to only you,” he looks in between him after her body grips him to enjoy the sight of merging bodies. This would never get tiring to him. “You gift me color in a grey world, so I will become anyone you need. I will give you anything you desire.

He lowers his head and touches her lips with his so he could kiss her as he wanted. Overcoming her senses more than sexually. She felt it and was making sweet cute noises against his mouth. His kisses long and drugged to make her gasp for air that he denied her. She was overwhelmed by him and it somehow still wasn’t enough.

His words echoed in her mind. Stripped her bare. Attached to her. Too much feeling at once that has unaware of anything else but him. Nothing else certainly mattered to her now. Not his ears, his tail, this world, or hers. This was her Na’Kito. He had been hers from the start... And only he knew it then.

She made a noise of her own that would shock her later when she remembered back at this moment. She surely would never forget this. Especially when they came together again.

Because we are one.”

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