Savage Kingdom

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Thirty Two


And long. Both chapters are lol whoops

Clara found it much harder to get Kito off her behind than she thought. He had already warned her before that when they first mated that it would be hard for separation to be possible for a while.

He was always there. Always close, each time he never even felt awkward or invasive. It never bothered her that he was close but it did bother her that she did like his warmth and touch so much. Even during a situation of something evil that’s now lurking in this world he still had her stirring under her skin with blood that felt like it was boiling running through her veins. The thoughts of what his body could do to hers would make her feel the painful urge to cross her legs and torture herself.

She wondered if they were even allowed to be in public because it was already embarrassing enough to know that they could smell everything. All the Syriyans surely could. She couldn’t even face Kito’s mother while they were having a conversation. Zeta stopped to have a conversation because she just couldn’t be held back anymore.

Zeta even pointed such things out, and Clara was mortified that she could smell it. She was kind enough to assure her with soft words, “Don’t worry, it is a normal thing I can sense around here. Especially being a medicine woman. The only one that would be affected by it would only be Na’Kito.” She giggles and placed the tip of her fingers over her chest. “I am just so happy that he has a mate now. He will be more occupied with you than out causing trouble with Pippie. Those two have even nearly broken the patience of my Ruro, and believe me when I say he has much.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“Much,” she looked up and thought of the times. “Pippie and him have put birds in the women’s washrooms, made a group Ruchin tear down half of the market section when they broke out near the area of the Ruchin stalls, and drank too much Firewater and got in a fight that Pippie started at the Chayeene village. Those are only the first three that I wish to say, it gets much worse although Kito would always sweeten it because he cares for his friend.”

Clara blinked at the only three examples. She turned her head to see that Kito was finally occupied with something else Mia was telling him. It gave her the privacy to ask her questions. “You don’t like Pippie?”

She hesitated the question and thought about the answer carefully. “It is not that I don’t like Pippie, I know he has the potential to be... Better. He was never a good friend with my son and always did things that I knew Pippie had started. Like, well, he had caught all the birds and was sneaking into the washroom to release them, but Kito caught him staring too long at the naked females, and when he confronted him and argued during that event, and the fight with the Chayeene Warrior was Kito defending him when he was flirting with an already mated female and Pippie didn’t tell him until after he had his arm dislocated after the fight.”

She sighed and looked her son’s way, “but he was Kito’s only friend because my son was always jealous of Kai and his other friends were finding mates with and they turned their back on him because of his troublesome ways. Pippie and Pasha was someone he could turn to. I guess he felt like I was an enemy as well,” She covered one hand over the other on her chest. “He didn’t want me to repeat my pleas for him to stop these things that he was doing. I am just so, so relieved that he has someone that can give him what he needs and help him see how much Pippie is not the best one to have around.”

“Clara,” she used her name. Although she never spoke with her before today she always kept a close eye on who her son was with as long as they were in the village. She smiled in relief, “These Xutashi males- any male do not truly grow up until they are mated. Or if they simply meet them- like how I watched Kai mature so much even as a cub because his circumstances were different and I did my best to understand them. He had to grow up quickly to get everything ready for Mia. I know that Na’Kito will never be the same male he once was before he said those words to you. Which I know he has.”

She steps closer, “I just wanted to tell you that all the stories you hear about what he does will only be just that. Stories. He has gone through the punishment for each of them to untaint his name. I worry the next time he speaks with Pippie will be like he was speaking to a stranger, I truly hope you understand how important bonding is for these males. I know that he is going to think too differently for him. He can finally see the truth. I just wanted to tell you this now so you will understand when it happens.”

“When what happens?” Kito only caught the ending of her conversation when he strolled in. Just as she knew he would he stopped behind her and gently rubbed her arms. He lowered his head and press the side of his against hers and his dark illuminating blue eyes on Zeta. His eyes were something that brought a smile to her face when she saw how lively and vibrant the blue was instead of the darkness that she knew. It brought much relief to her.

She just wanted to squeeze his face and hear him complain about why she shouldn’t do that. He will still always be her youngest cute cub.

She smiled at him, “I was just speaking to her,” her tail curled and she stepped sideways to look at them. “I always thought you should have a longer nose than a tail. You sure do like to stick it in conversations it doesn’t belong in,” she giggles. “But I won’t waste any more moonlight for you two while everything is peaceful. How about you two go somewhere and we will deal with the situation?” she turned to walk back to Ruro. “Have fun, and don’t worry about Shi, he is still sleeping in our hut.”

They watched her walked back into Ruro’s arms and they left for a crowd of people. Kito knew he could feel a bit of her distress when he was speaking with Mia and wanted to come over quickly to make sure no damage was done. His hand even slide over her neck so he could feel her pulse, her chin lifted to allow him to do it. Alone with his thumb that moved over her arm and made her breath hitch in her throat.

“What did she say?” he murmured close to her.

“Who is Shi?” She murmured back. “Did she already give him a nickname?”

“Everyone seemed to have given him a little name from here to protect him,” he chuckled. “And also because they thought of Syriyan name is better.”

“Who thought Shi was a good name?”

“The elders,” he grins. “It is short for Shi’Ruro. Like I am Kito from Na’Kito. The elders thought it would be safer if he had the Chief in his name for future situations outside the tribe. You will be amazed who will refuse to harm him with a chief’s name.”

“And having the name Kane would get him killed in some way?”

He knew she wasn’t annoyed. He would have felt it in him if he did. “Does the name have personal value, my mate? If so then I will continue using his human name. I don’t think I can stop anyone else though.”

She thought about it for a moment or two. “Now that I think about it it was Richard who named him. I suppose it could stay. I guess Shi is pretty cute. Does it have a meaning?”

“Joy, if I remember,” he urges her to turn and walk in a direction. “Let’s go back to the washrooms. I want to get away from the others,” he couldn’t hold back the eager upwards tilt of the corner of his lips. “And I want to show you something I think you will enjoy it, and me too.”

His words always managed to make her change colors and he liked it a lot. Seeing her turn a shade darker than pink made him feel like he accomplished something. He would be a definite winner if he could get that dazed mindless look of pleasure on her face. Gods, just remembering that made him wish they were alone right now.

His pupils were too wide and the look on his face let her know what he was thinking. Her eyes widen, “in the washroom? Isn’t that... A public place?”

“There is a section for mates,” she knew that they shouldn’t be allowed in public with them like they were. Mating was strictly forbidden in the washrooms. She didn’t even understand anything about her body anymore. Everything in her was craving him and every little thing about him was so attractive. She couldn’t help but stare at him for hours... While other things.

Her mind couldn’t crawl its way out of the gutters.

“Don’t you ever think about the others who could have used those sections?” Her eyebrow raised and he almost growled in frustration with her obvious tease. He could sense with all of his senses that she would run back to the hut with him. He had another interesting plan. His grin was devious and a wicked shine lit his eyes. “Mating is not allowed in the mate washrooms. Tonilla never allowed it. But Kai has her out on a long scouting route.” He had asked Kai to do it himself just so he could have that chance. It was something he had always wanted to do.

“I don’t know who she is but I have a feeling that would piss her off. I don’t want my head torn away from my shoulders later.”

“She can’t touch you, Clara. You are mine and she is a female Warrior, her duty is to protect me and mine along with the others in my family. And my brother will calm her later,” he was becoming impatient. He tenderly grabbed her hand and urged her to follow him, and she did much too willingly, her heart pounding and her face like a cherry at the thought of what he wanted them to do.

In a usually public place.

He always thought it was adorable when she tries to talk herself out of things. Her voice would be higher and she stuttered a lot, it always made him just want to turn around and kiss her. He knew he couldn’t give her a small peck right now because that wouldn’t satisfy him. No, he would wait until they were alone. He wanted more than pecks.

“What if another couple comes in and sees us? I don’t think I could live with that kind of embarrassment.”

“It is empty right now,” they walk through the entrance to the path that leads to the washroom. “And it is too late for others to use the washrooms.”

She rolls her eyes, “but that’s weird. I don’t like the thought of anyone catching me. This is too risky.”

“We have days when the washrooms are open to all or not, and right now nobody is allowed until sunrise. They wouldn’t think to come here,” he turned his head. “Trust me, the last thing on your mind you should worry about is us not getting there fast enough.”

Halfway through his body was out of control and edging close to the word desperate. He made her squeak in laughter when he turned and swept her off her feet so quickly over his shoulder. Her hair flipped everywhere and she yelped when he bit an exposed part of her leg hard enough that she felt a slight sting from the tip of his fangs. Her hands touch his back to try to lift her head, the ground moving fast and she could feel his hard shoulder on her lower stomach. “I can’t believe you bit my leg! I bet you drew blood too, I felt you licking over it like you’re slick.”

He chuckles and hurries through the mouth of the washroom cave. She felt deja vu seeing all of this again. Even from this angle. “I know you liked it. I can-”

“I know,” she let out a feminine grunt of her slight embarrassment. “I don’t even recognize my body anymore, I can’t control it and I can’t shut it off. ”

“You don’t have to feel ashamed about it, my Clara, it is only us. Mating is the only time two halves can become whole and it becomes as normal as a meal or having a drink.” He knew she was still ashamed. Humans are not used to their body's urges, especially her who never had hers awaken until now. She never thought she was a sexual being until he came along with a sledgehammer for her walls. From the very start, it was turned on and grew more and more as time went by.

He strolls past the male and female washroom and forwards to where there were small steps that led upwards. “I thought you would have put me down right now,” she was surprised. “I would still like you to but it’s still impressive. And what do you mean by this being as normal as having a drink? I don’t see people jumping on top of each other in the village.”

Right after the words, he made it to the top of the stone stairs where the washroom spread out more, a private and secluded area that didn’t have that many rooms as the other washrooms had. This washroom wasn’t for everyone, mostly the Chief’s family and Warriors and their mates would come in here. Mating was never allowed. He placed her back on her feet.

She could hear the light relaxing mix of water falling on water. Her head didn’t turn. She was staring at him who was keeping her gaze captive with his predatorial look. She was shocked by how much more animal he looked than human at this moment, he appears more human when he was trying to be civil and kind. Yet when he was like this...

She smiles nervously and laughed, a little intimidated by the look and even fanning herself. When did she ever fan herself?

He answers her question that she had asked before his stalking gaze and his sinful smile. “You know what I mean, mate,” his chuckle was so deep it made her shiver and take a retreat back for space. She felt like her heart would explode. It was all very attractive and seemed to click every right switch. She even grabbed her tunic and bunched it in her fists and gave him a look that made her seem smaller and much more innocent than she was. He slides forward, “You still act like an innocent virgin, Clara,” he purrs. He did enjoy that reaction. “We know you’re not anymore.”

She didn’t even pay attention to the room around her. She didn’t pay attention to the large pool at the end of the washroom that was large enough to swim around in, it could even go deeper in certain areas. The sound of rushing water that she now could barely hear was the small waterfall the slopes through the cracks of the wall and filled the small pool. There were other smaller rooms for private areas, each large and filled with all kinds of things that couples could use.

She didn’t notice the wall closing in behind her until her back pressed against it, now trapped between his body and stone. She looks at him and with hooded eyes, he kissed her the way he wanted to. With nobody around, finally utterly alone, he sandwiched her body against the smooth stone wall. Her hands grabbed his shoulder blades like she didn’t want him moving away, small noises escape her that he wanted to make more of.

He let out a mixture of a purrish growl.

She broke away from the kiss, his nose still touching hers when she whispers, “Should... I find somewhere to lay down on the floor?”

Her heart stumbled when he was humored by her words and lightly laughs. It sounded better in her mind than it did out loud.

That wasn’t the reason why he was laughing. “No, I want you to stand here. Like this. I want to try some new things. I want to explore,” Her back was still against the wall when she saw him lower his head. First, he kisses over her mark, his mouth trailing down her neck to plant a kiss on her chest and moving lower to his knees.

She had seen this in a movie once. She knew what he meant and immediately reaches for his head to grab him, “Oh, no, no. Y-You don’t have to do that.”

“I was told women enjoy this,” his head tilts slightly. “We worship this way. And I wouldn’t mind. I already like the smell. I want to do it.”

“With me standing up? I...”

He switched ideas when a new one formed in his mind. He used his fangs to graze over sensitive from her inner thigh to her hip, the tip of his tongue tasting smooth skin along the way. He wanted to make her aware of his mouth before he sinks his teeth into her leg. Not sucking, just biting, wanting her reaction. It was great. Her fingers tangled in his hair and over his ears passionately trying to tug him off with her hips moving towards him in rhythm. He could sense the battle within her body.

She mewled while his hand positioned her leg to vulnerably expose herself to him while he bites her. Her words faded when her hips slightly moved when his hand moved up the inside of her leg. He lifts his head, licks over his wicked love bite, and raises to kisses her to try to keep her mind clouded, figuring that if he made her feel pleasure this way then she would be willing for the other things he wanted to do.

He wanted to try everything with her, in here, in every way. So that’s why he only relinquished her mouth only for her to gasp when she felt the tip of his fingers caress higher underneath her tunic and to the source of her captivating heat. She was so sensitive that when his fingers explored with his body close and her legs parted slightly on their own. The washrooms filled with her feminine groans as well as noises of different sounds tearing through her throat that reminded him even closer to a purr.

His finger eases through the folds of her womanhood and that made her squirm. He was hitting something there that made her react wildly, so he did a second time, making her fist the trousers off his thigh. He was observing. Testing. His deep thrumming in his chest that filled her made her senses go haywire. His finger lowers, his free hand lifting her leg slightly higher so he could find her entrance. He watched her face when his index pushes its way in, his movements slow and deliberate.

Her hand went down to grab his wrist, her grip wasn’t strong due to the feelings that enthralled her. Especially when his finger made motions that he wanted to do with his manhood. She moans, “E-naugh... ” she tried to make out words but it left her when she looks down and saw how his hand disappeared under her tunic and the movements of his wrists. It was a sight that she felt arouse her more and she tightened around his fingers. Her hips waving on their own. “I... Never thought I would let you do this...”

“I should have just taken you away sooner before,” he lightly growls and slides his hand away, seeing how her eyes wept when he stops. She couldn’t believe that his finger alone was wet. From her. “I did think of this. Take off your tunic so I can show you should be shoved against a wall.” By him.

She didn’t know how to respond to that except for what he asked for. Which shouldn’t be too hard since he saw her naked before. She slowly reached above her knees to grab the hem and lift it, he gave her enough room to pull it over her head and cross her arms to grab each side and pull it off smoothly. His eyes capture everything when she did, drinking in every inch of her now exposed to him. She drops the tunic to the side.

“I want to try so many things. First I’m going to taste you,” his voice was rough around the edges and he looked down and eyes lingered to see her. Every inch of her was perfect. Skin. Legs. He would give her some more to eat in the future to help her back to being healthy, her sacrifices would be done from here on out. He would make sure of that. “Afterwards we are going to mate until we’re satisfied. Right in this washroom. And you’re going to make so much noise they might send someone to investigate.”

“Oh my god,” she giggles almost uncontrollably, hiding how much his words turned her on and failing horribly. “Shut up, Kito. Don’t make me more mortified than I already am. Why am I even allowing you to do this?”

He lowers his head again, making sure he gave her body soft, tender kisses and nibbles on his way down to her lower stomach. Just when he halfway had her right leg over his shoulder he looked up from his position unmoving when a frightening noise left her. “Y-You’re considering that? I should take a bath first or-”

“Relax,” he went back to his eager journey, her leg finally placed on his shoulder and lowers his head further. “I heard good things about this.”

Moments later her face went from worried to blissful when he begins, the back of her head touching the wall with her eyes shut and his fingers mindlessly grab his hair behind his ear. She went from nervous to making sounds that echo, he was using everything he learned from his hands moments before. He soon learns how he could make her cry louder. That was always his goal. Whatever made her mind numb and sated her heat.

He didn’t allow her to finish. He moves his head away before she did and interrupted her progress. She whimpers, her chest heaving in pants and her body even glistening, she shook with the power of her unfinished ending. She whined, “I hate it when you do that... Why did you stop?"

“I want you another way when you release,” he looks up at her and smiled. She could see herself on his face and she didn’t know what to feel at that second about it. Ashamed? Shame couldn’t concern her body with her still buzzed from being so close. It would drive her insane one way. “W-What way?”

“The ground is hard so I will go into one of the washrooms to do this for your comfort,” he lightly rubs her thighs. “How about on your hands and knees? Will you do that for me?”

She always found it sweet that he asked her in the kindest way possible. It made her feel like she could say no and he would accept the response and do whatever she wanted to do her way. “You’re tall,” she noted.

“That shouldn’t be a problem, all I wish for is an answer. If not we can do what you want. I can still do this and pin you against this, which we will do once before we leave.”

“Jeez. As long as you stop if I think I don’t like it,” she felt something deep inside told her that it was exactly what she wanted. Or what that part inside of her wanted. That deep feeling that always felt like was attached to him. She nods during her final answer, “And if I do like it then you better not stop, jerk. But I will try it if you want to. It couldn’t hurt to find out.”

A wicked thought ran across her mind about what it would be like if she went down on him instead. Her mind was even betraying her now. It always had.

He likes her response so much that it made his tail lay emotionless and purr slightly louder. He stands up and went to the nearest washroom, opening the light red silk curtain instead of a blanket. It made the space more elegant. “This one is the best. It has its little waterfall and a lot of blankets that we will need.”

She steps inside and saw what he was talking about instantly. It was like a shower mostly with water coming from the ceiling and filling the pool that was equally losing water from a hole at the bottom. Kito explained that this part was man-made by them so it instantly cleans itself out using the water from the cave that comes from a river that’s then cleaned by the rocks. It’s this water that’s used to refill the other pools in the cave to keep them clean. Tonilla must keep track of it.

She was impressed that they had their plumbing in a cool way. To keep their bathing sections clean and the water was so clean one could drink from it. She wouldn’t recommend it after they were done. This woman Tonilla was probably going to kill them.

There were unlit candles and different kinds of bottles around the room filled with different kinds of scented soaps for hair and body. She stood by however and watched him bring most of the blankets laying around and putting them together to keep them from feeling the hard ground and put cushioning between them. He also grabbed some pillows, turning to offer his hand. “Come here and I will put these pillows under your knees.”

She trusted him enough to take his hand instant and let him help her on the blankets with her hand and knees touching the soft fabrics. He instructs her to allow him to position pillows under her knees, he did this from behind her. Right now he was more concerned with her comfort than the beautiful view he had, which he didn’t mind taking small looks now again while he made sure she's comfortable. The cave floor would be painful on one’s knees he was sure. Finally, his hand glides over her back and he watches his large hand span, feeling the smooth texture of her skin and her hair.

“Are you ready?” He made sure to watch her movements. She was looking at the ground, and without ears and a tail like his it was hard to read the signs.

She lifts her head, “It’s okay. I’m just nervous. This... This is very vulnerable. As always,” she tries to make it a small humorous joke. She was relieved when he laughed too. She could feel his warmth behind her to know he was close.

“I’m going to do this now,” his hand continues to stroke her back while his other one was on him to guide himself. “Just tell me to stop and I will, or keep going. I like the second option more.

She rolls her eyes, “You should have left that male ego at the... Ahh...” Each of them moans while she feels how he fills her slowly. He didn’t have to be too slow, her innocence was already taken before. She was no longer sore. He knows just by how her body squirmed under his hand when he pushes deeper. He covers her with his body when he was fully sheathed, his front brushes her back and she felt a spine-shivering thrill.

A thrill of the way his body covers hers and his arms beside hers, over her. This was a way that was primitive. Of course, he would like it.

She did too. He always listens to her when he began to move. He slowly rolls his hips back and pushed forward and her noise came more frequently. Louder now from the heat building from her womb. She could feel his purr vibrating through her spine and in her along with how his body took her differently from what they did in a hut. Her body thrusts with his and it was a moderate tempo at first, one that had her hips move back into his and her head exposing her throat where his mark was.

To test her he did it slightly harder, longer, watching her grab the sheets as she bent her elbows and lower her shoulders. She cries out his name with her eyes tight shut. “Uhn... K-Kito, you’re...” The words fade from her. It intrigued him too much to let her forget her sentence to he slowed down and returned his head near hers, “What, my little mate? What did you want to tell me?”

“I...” She instinctively rolls back against him, her movements made him growl at how sexy she looks doing it. Desperately yearning for him. “P-Please... Nnhh...This feels good. C-Could you...” She couldn’t finish when he thrusts forward again. Her words turn into a whimper with how purposely slow he was being. Her body was aching too bad for it. Something inside of her came out and she started shamelessly begging. Something she never imagined herself ever doing, especially for something like this. “M-More... Please more...”

There it was. She finally asked it from him. His gentleness just wasn’t enough anymore and her body craved his too much. He chuckled near her ear and he didn’t say anything else when he gave her exactly what she wanted. He had no complaints as he moved his hand between her legs to stimulate her pleasure to rise much more significantly.

Her groans bounce off every wall and he wonders if anyone would seriously send someone to investigate. It wasn’t just her neither, he couldn’t hide any of his sounds of pleasure with every grip her body made around his and he was finding it harder and harder to hold on. He held onto her so he could give her the more she begged him for.

She crashed first. The build-up was too much too soon, she came loudly. She triggers him, and his explosion she could feel even when his body covers hers and he bit into her shoulder a second time just to stretch out her high.

He fed this time, a little. She has had enough time to regain what she lost but not excessively. This time with her he knew that he wouldn’t worry about not being fed. He didn’t take much with the fear of her not having enough in his mind and healed the bite quickly. He kisses down her shoulder, touching her in every way that was meant to be affectionate and soothing, arms caging her in. He wants her to feel secure. Something that he didn’t understand before but could now.

He wants to let her know that she was safe with him. Something deep in him wanted her to know that even after he left her body.

As she was laying on the ground under him and accepting all of his tender caresses she felt deep within her. She knew that he wouldn’t hurt her. He would graze his fangs over her skin a million times and he would never use them to cause any pain or real damage.

She lays on the ground and just enjoyed the silence, peace, and security with a smile.

She even had her eyes shut for a time when he rubs her, his mouth moving up her spine and to her shoulder blade. His face softened along with his posture. His mouth still on her. He could feel it deep inside of him that he did. It was like a fist around his heart and squeezing. He would do anything for her. His ears lowered at his next words, a saddened sound escaped him. “Stay with me.”

It was his beg. She opens her eyes that was looking at the wall a little blurry. How could she feel it too at the same time? The way he felt? She never felt so safe around anyone else before it was a big relief. She was tired of being scared around everyone. She wasn’t scared here. Somehow even with a flying killing machine on the loose, she still felt safe here. Because she had him.

She couldn't explain this... But everything in her wanted him. She couldn’t imagine not waking up to him. Her mind took time to register that idea... The future. How she will turn out to be if she stayed here. Who Kane could become.

“I couldn’t go back if I wanted to. I thought about that a lot here, more than I mention,” she turns her body around so she could face him. He was positioned up on his arms and looking down at her, his blue eyes did dazzle her. They were just so beautiful really. Glowing. She couldn’t get a view like that back where she came from. “I have nothing there to return to. Kane is also happier here. I see that,” her hand went to his chest. Over his heartbeat. It matched hers. “And you kind of grew on me. Ears, tail, and all.”

“I just want to ask. We must all ask the humans this question.”

“It’s weird... but I feel it. This connection. That’s also strange. Everything that you told me before. I love you a lot better that you’re not human, but I reckon I can handle you,” she giggles and massages his chest. “But I don’t come alone. I have a kid.”

“A cub brother,” he was certain she was only going to say that about their cubs. “But I will raise him as my own. Or my mother and father will,” he chuckles. “They have taken a liking to him anyway, my mother is desperate for grand cubs.”

“At the rate we’re going that could happen.”

His head perks and tilts as his mind registered what she said. He wants cubs. He wanted a piece of both of them. His face melts with his purr and he looks down at her bare body. “Not for a time, no. But I don’t mind the practice. ”

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