Savage Kingdom

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Yay, this is the end of book two. Did you like it?

This book is actually shorter than the first. I was going through a rough time writing it so if anyone sensed that during it I apologize. I did enjoy writing Kito and Clara, they always melted my heart with their conversations. The next book though I really poured my heart into when I was in such a stressed, sad time. That is why the next character that will go through their challenges will be Caji.

Caji. He has to be one of the most emotional characters to exist in my mind. He DEMANDED the spotlight and shoved another character out of the way for it. Me being the great author that I hope I am, I gave it to him. In 190,000+ f*cking words. (AK is 140,000 and SK is 120,000) sometimes I wonder if I overdo it lol.

The first book also has 4,300+ reads when this one has only 350+. Six readers however stayed through it all (THANK YOU IF YOU ARE READING) and that is why I kept posting. I meant what I said, if at least one person is still reading I will still post twice or three times a day. There when I’m productive, or someone nicely asks. I'm such a softie.

Pfft... I’ll still continue if nobody is reading (but please continue to if you still enjoy it lol). I want to put something I worked hard on somewhere.

The outcome of the next story is so beautiful and heart altering... It felt like I wasn’t writing. It was like he was living out his story. No, HE wrote his own story. It was so natural. He helped me through my own tough times then with his. That is why it’s called


I even already have the cover made, might make some alterations.

It is emotional and different. It explains a bunch of things that aren’t explained in the first two. The world is bigger, the villain is darker without the need of fangs and claws, and Caji finds himself now caught in a Tether of his own.

And of course, Mia and Kai’s little new addition.

Please show this story some love while I begin editing the first couple of chapters to post soon, which I will announce on my wall when I will start publishing. Want to know when that'll be and if it's not in the future when it's already out? Please follow me. I made a silly deal with myself that I will follow back the 30th follower and I have 20 now, the 20th person which I followed. Just to see if I'll make it 😂 Ya know, cuz I like to make silly deals with myself. Is that weird?

Then again I write about people with tails, I guess I'm not exactly sane.

I'll go now before I talk to myself on this.

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